Beautiful Ways To Restore Your Old Sofa

Beautiful Ways To Restore Your Old Sofa

One of the first pieces of furniture anyone obtains when moving into a home or apartment is a sofa—it’s a must-have for any living room. Although your couch might look great on day one, its appearance can diminish over the years. Before deciding to throw it out entirely, consider using these simple and beautiful ways to restore your old sofa.

Thorough Vacuuming

The first method is one of the most straightforward: take some time to vacuum the couch. Make sure to equip your vacuum with an attachment for cleaning upholstery effectively. Vacuum every nook and cranny—the sofa’s back, sides, front, and armrests. You’ll likely find a collection of crumbs and debris below the cushions, so don’t neglect to check there. For those hard-to-reach places, equip your vacuum with a crevice attachment.

Your sofa’s texture should add atmosphere and style to the room, which will be difficult if the sofa is covered in food crumbs from eight years ago. A good, thorough vacuuming session can provide you with the attractive blank slate you need to begin using the two methods below.

Brand New Legs

Filling empty space is beneficial when it comes to interior design, but so is adding space. It’s a tricky balance to achieve; you don’t want the room to feel overly cramped, but having excessive space isn’t very attractive or comfortable, either. A subtle way to make rooms feel more spacious is by updating couch skirts and legs. If your sofa has a skirt at the bottom covering the legs, remove the skirt entirely. With the sofa skirt out of the way, you can replace the old, worn couch legs with something more presentable.

Luckily, installing new couch legs is easier and more affordable than you might expect. Find a set of legs that mix with the room's aesthetic while still delivering that “good as new” feeling. If you remove the couch skirt but are happy with the legs, that’s totally fine, but don’t be afraid to seek a better set.

Stylish Throw Pillows

A nice couch is still nice, but some stunning accessories can make it even better. A great way to fill up that empty sofa space and make the area feel more welcoming is by adding a few throw pillows. Throw pillows add comfort as well as a distinct visual appearance. You can easily weave throw pillows into your color scheme, especially as a contrasting element to your couch.

For instance, if you toss some white throws on a black sofa, you’re creating intriguing visual contrast while remaining within a neutral color palette. As you can see from our eclectic selection of vintage pillow covers, they come in many different colors that go well with various color schemes. If you do enough digging, you can find the perfect throws for tying the whole couch together brilliantly.

Each of these beautiful ways to restore your old sofa can help you breathe new life into whichever room the sofa sits in. It might be an eyesore today, but tomorrow it can be a fabulous focal point visitors will flock to.

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