A Deep Dive into the World of Contemporary Pillow Designs

Decorative throw pillows present the perfect opportunity to add contemporary flair and your unique style perspective to any living space. With the array of modern designs and fabrics available today, throw pillows can transform the look of a room with minimal effort. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of contemporary pillow designs.

The Allure of Contemporary Pillow Designs

Contemporary pillow designs feature modern geometric prints, abstract patterns, motifs, vivid colors, graphic black-and-white schemes, natural textures, and handcrafted details. The contemporary pillow covers, like Rust and Beige, have clean lines and artisanal textures. They are an eclectic fusion of cultural designs and solid visual contrast through color and pattern. These styles range from minimalist to bohemian in design. 

They utilize natural, tactile fabrics like linen, velvet, cotton, wool, and silk to add cozy dimension and textural beauty to living spaces. These pillows feature detailed embroidery, mono-tone organic patterns, and intricate detailing, providing an excellent visual impact. The contemporary pillows infuse the interior space with modernity and your distinct creative perspective. 

Pillows with Modern Geometric Lines 

The sharp geometric lines and shapes add a contemporary flair to your decor. Add a few throw pillows with modern geometric lines to your living space to give it a modern touch.

The Luca Noir linen pillow cover stands out with its hand-block printed geometric design featuring an intricate pattern. This graphic black and white pillow cover adds a contemporary style to your decor. Skilled artisans in India craft the fabric, and the design is hand-block-printed. It has an eye-catching design that adds to the visual contrast wherever you place it. 

The Aegean decorative pillow cover also features a contemporary geometric style with lines and angled shapes. It has a neutral color palette that gives this design a cleaner, more subdued, modern aesthetic. This pillow cover is constructed using 100% linen fiber, which gives it a luxurious feel.

The Raga Mustard Designer pillow cover features a striking mustard and white geometric pattern. The modern fabric is sourced from skilled artisans in India, and we custom-make the pillow in the USA. Its intricate hand-block printed design stands out in any decor theme. 

The Indian Wool pillow cover is a hand-loomed pillow woven with natural dyed wool. The neutral slate color and the striped geometric pattern give it a contemporary look. Each piece of this pillow cover is unique due to its handmade nature. 

These pillows are great decor pieces and add comfort to your living space. They are a durable addition to any surface. The back of the abovementioned pillows uses a natural cotton and linen blend. It gives these pillow covers a breathable and airy quality. They have hidden zipper compartments that add to their contemporary, sleek look. 

These pillows are available in different sizes to layer them for modern aesthetics. Select one according to the size of the area you are decorating for a perfect match.

Pillows with Vibrant Floral Themes

The modern, minimalist floral design adds a delicate beauty to your contemporary decor theme. This style is famous for its soft lines and vivid color palettes highlighting your room. Their clean lines and bold forms will upgrade your room's interior design.

The vibrant coral and green floral print of the Valencia Floral Designer pillow is an excellent example of a contemporary pillow cover. Its almost painting-like floral pattern in vivid color and bright tone will highlight your decor theme. Skilled artisans in India craft the 100% linen fabric used in the pillow. You can get it in a 14x20 lumbar size or 20x20, 22x22, and 24x24 square.

The Margot Floral cotton pillow cover's yellow mustard and white mini floral print adds contemporary charm and a welcome pop of color through its delicate pattern. The intricately destined floral motif of the pillow brings an organic aesthetic to your decor. It uses 100% cotton fabric crafted in Thailand. Available in 3 sizes, a 14x20 lumbar and a 20x20 or 24x24 square, they can be a good fit for a small couch or a large bed.

The gorgeous blue palette and hand-printed floral prints of the Vintage Blue Floral linen pillow cover offer a modern floral rendition that feels quietly elegant. This hand-crafted and hand-dyed pillow has a beautifully saturated color highlighted by the intricate pattern on the cover. It is available in 2 more color palettes, a subtle green and vivid rust color. This cover is truly a central piece in any decor theme. Select from one of the available five sizes according to the area of the surface. 

The reverse of these pillow covers uses a linen and cotton blend. The hidden zipper gives it a seamless look, which adds to its contemporary vibe. You can spot-clean or dry-clean these low-maintenance pillows as necessary.

Modern Monochromatic Pillows 

Crisp tonal pillows in muted neutrals, rich solids, or graphic black and white celebrate contemporary aesthetics through simplicity and strong visual contrast. These contemporary options are versatile and add a dramatic look to the room.

The Verona Pillow Cover in the muted olive color ties any space together with its earthy neutral shade. The contemporary monochrome tone gives you a plain palette to mix and match your desired look. The front of the pillow uses a handcrafted linen and cotton blend that gives it a great texture. This same pillow is also available in sand, cream, and white. Pair them with some vivid hues for a modern look.

The 100% cotton Ikara Pillow cover stands out due to its creamy ivory palette. This cover is hand-crafted on a traditional handloom. The solid color gives it a modern yet warm and inviting look. It is available in four sizes, and you can find one that easily suits the dimensions of your room. 

The Dylan pillow cover will surely draw attention with its slight reddish hue. The 100% heavyweight designer linen fiber makes this pillow a robust addition to your decor. You can choose from six versatile sizes to fit your living space perfectly. 

Apart from the aesthetic feel, the back features a linen and cotton blend for added durability. You can handle minor spills with a quick spot clean.

Timeless Stripes

Broad stripes are a trendy and modern style that fits different decor themes. These modem stripe motifs are the perfect addition to your bed or couch. Mix and match them with other patterns for an exciting and eclectic look.

The Dark Grey Stripe pillow cover is a minimalist design for your contemporary decor. It has a stripe design that gives your room a modern, trendy look. The surged edge of the pillow adds to its contemporary look. Like the design, the material used in the pillow cover construction is a modern blend of cotton, rayon, linen, and polyester. Combining these fibers gives the cover durability, breathability, and excellent texture.

The Stefanie Stripe pillow cover is a cozy linen pillow cover with a timeless look. Equally at home in vintage and contemporary design themes, they stand out due to their muted color and vibrant stripe design. Its natural tan and faded black color give the room a chic vibe. The reverse of the pillow cover is a linen blend with a hidden zipper compartment that gives it a sleek look.

The first thing you notice about the Sonora Stripe Indoor/Outdoor pillow cover is its lovely texture. The subtle design in the neutral color palette has a clean striped look. It uses a blend of high-tech fiber olefin and polyester. This versatile pillow can be used indoors and outdoors as the durable, high-tech fiber can resist fading, mildew, and mold. It is a low-maintenance cover and can be bleached without worrying about fiber damage.

Modern Abstract Pillow Covers

Abstract patterns are an easy way of adding drama to your living space. We have some excellent examples that feature globally inspired, abstract designs. 

The Onyx pillow cover is a fine example of a modern, abstract pillow cover. The tan details stand out on the black background. It gives the cover a unique and interesting look. Made with durable InsideOut polyester fabric, you can use this pillow indoors and outdoors. They are very low-maintenance pillow covers that can easily be cleaned with soap, water, or bleach. 

The unique Hmong fabric and the abstract print of the Hmog Batik pillow cover is a work of art. Its fabric is sourced from Chiang Mia, Thailand, and the cover is handcrafted in our shop in the US. The pillow cover has a contemporary look thanks to its hidden zipper cover and surged edges. Since this is a custom-made pillow cover, we can make it in any size you desire. This durable and beautiful pillow cover will be a lovely attraction to your room.

The earthy, natural tone of the Kidara Earth pillow cover is luxurious linen with a beautiful dotted pattern. It brings a modern sophistication to your living area. The batik print style gives elegance to your interior design. 

Textures that Bring Modern Vibes

Textural pillows bring an excellent tactile feel into your living space with an eye-catching contemporary vibe. The choice of fabrics helps add a new dimension to your design choice.

Velvet is a fiber known for its sheen and lux feel. The Champagne Velvet pillow cover and Carmel velvet pillow cover are great ways to add them to your living space. They are a durable, luxurious pillow cover with a 100% cotton velvet front and a linen blend reverse. It adds a lovely hand feel to these covers. The hidden zipper in cream adds to its sleek and contemporary look.  

The gorgeous Alpaca Buff designer pillow is a delight to your sense of touch. It uses a blend of alpaca, wool, cotton, polyester, and nylon fibers, giving it a unique texture. You can choose from one of the three colors available, buff, black, and white, to quickly add a soft and warm vibe to your decor theme.

The Nepal plaid pillow cover is named after the exotic Himalayan country of Nepal. The pillow cover is known for its rustic yet refined feel. This classic wool pillow cover has a light gray palette with subtle blue and charcoal lines. It is constructed using wool, polyester, nylon, and acrylic fiber. The serged seams give it a sturdy quality. It has hidden zippers that make removing and adding inserts a breeze. 

Modern Minimalism with Black and White

If you want a contemporary, modern minimalism in your decor, black and white color palettes are the way to go. The simple look and high contrast give you a sleep and clutter-free look.

The Black and White Woven pillow cover is a modern design made using a traditional method. This hand-loom fabric is sourced from Chiang Mia, Thailand, and the pillow cover is carefully crafted in our shop in the USA. It uses 100% linen fiber for the front and a blend of linen blend on the reverse side of the pillow. The hidden zipper enclosure and surged edges complete the contemporary look of this pillow.

The Buffalo Check pillow cover is an exciting combination of three monochromatic colors: black, gray, and white. This neutral combination means you can pair this cover with different color themes and decor ideas without clashing. The 100% woven cotton front and the linen cotton blend reverse have a rich texture. It can be spot-cleaned with a wet cloth or dry-cleaned to keep it looking fresh. 

The range of contemporary throw pillow options allows you to match and express your unique style perspective. Whether you lean towards graphic black and white prints, globally inspired designs, vibrant colors, natural textures, or handcrafted elements, decorative pillows make it easy to express your unique style. Their emphasis on clean lines, tactile fabrics, handcrafted charms, and versatile aesthetics usher in an effortless style and lasting comfort to modern interiors.

Our versatile contemporary pillow covers will add a modern vibe to the interior. You can shop from our curated collections to bring aesthetic design choices into your home.

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