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We have been lucky enough to work with some incredible designers and are constantly inspired by them, which is why we have decided to launch our monthly Designer Spotlight Series. Meet designer and real-estate agent Shirley Slee. We love everything about the aesthetic she creates. Dreamy California coastal at its best! 

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

Hello my name is Shirley Slee I wear a lot of different hats as a mother of four, wife, designer, business owner and real estate agent. I build, design, sell, and buy homes....
Bought my first home at age 19 and have since owned and designed 17 more of my own homes! I’ve always loved design as a little girl I’d paint, rearrange my room, buy thrift store furniture and refurbish. Thus, I decided to make a business of it, not only for myself but for others as well. I believe your surroundings should be a place of refuge to be inspired, comfortable, and inviting to others. 

What are some things that inspire you?

Nature and travel inspire me.

What challenges have you come across running a business?

Being a business owner is both amazing, and challenging at times. Amazing in that I get to be creative every day, and think of beautiful design ideas, that my contractors have to make into reality! Seeing how good design can improve, and change the way people live for the better is so rewarding! Challenges I face are juggling it all. Being pulled in a million directions, making so many decisions daily can take a toll, I carve out Sundays to be my day of rest, I stay home all- day light candles, swim, sauna, read books, make a delicious meal, spend quality time with my family. This one day a week for myself revitalizes me for the following week.

If you could give any advice to a person dreaming of starting their own business, what would that be?

Advice I would give for anyone wanting to get into the design, building world would be have thick skin, delegate work to people you trust, this year I hired two awesome women, one assistant, my husband, son and daughter! Give thanks, be grateful, show love, and give it 100% all of the time and you will succeed!

Some of Shirley's most recent work:

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