Guide to Picking Throw Pillows for Your Couch

Guide to Picking Throw Pillows for Your Couch

Throw pillows can be a quick and easy way to revamp the look of your couch and add personality to your living room. They’re a nice opportunity to add a dash of color or pattern in your room that can interact in interesting ways with the rest of your decor. But once you decide to start shopping for a fresh set, you will be quickly overwhelmed with many choices. 

Before you’re beset with analysis paralysis, though, we have a few simple considerations you can keep in mind that can help you make your choices easily. Throw pillow designs seemingly have no end, but knowing what effect you’re looking for is key. Here’s a quick and easy guide to picking throw pillows for your couch. 

Know the Basic Elements

Let's dive into the delightful world of throw pillows and discover the key elements that can make them truly stand out! By consciously considering these elements, you can make informed choices and transform your couch into a beautiful style haven.

First and foremost, let's talk about color. Ah, color – the magical ingredient that can work wonders for your throw pillows! Choosing the right color scheme is paramount. You have a couple of options: select colors that complement your couch and existing decor, or go for a bold approach by opting for contrasting shades that make your pillows pop. You can even take inspiration from a trusty color wheel to guide your color selection. Opt for colors close to each other on the wheel for a harmonious and cohesive look, or go for colors opposite each other to create a visually striking effect.

Now, let's explore the exciting world of size and shape! It is where you can truly unleash your creativity and add a dash of intrigue to your couch. Instead of sticking with the same standard sizes, why not mix things up? Experiment with different sizes and shapes to create an ensemble of throw pillows with charm and character. Imagine the possibilities! Picture a solitary circular pillow nestled amidst a collection of square pillows, each boasting unique dimensions. This clever combination can infuse your couch with a delightful energy that will catch the eye of anyone in your living space.

You can then look at the texture of the pillows. A single tufted pillow can add depth and personality to your design. So, don’t be afraid to look at those embroidered pieces and pillows made of interesting textiles — it doesn’t mean you will be limited in your choices. Rather, they will make for an interesting highlight piece to your couch. 

You should also realize that the fill impacts how a pillow looks. Down fill can give pillows a softer look and feel, making for a more relaxed or luxurious effect. One of the best options is an alternative down which can have the best effect on your pillow’s comfort. 

Finally, think about how your throw pillows interact with the room. Balance is the most important thing when picking them. So, you want to strike the right effect when the couch is also considered a part of the living room. Now, let’s get started with some basics: 

Choose an Aesthetic

Before considering individual products, you must decide what effect to create with your throw pillows. Do you want a high-impact set that feels artistic, or are you looking for muted, harmonious colors? Does the room demand a traditional or a modern style? You need to know the answer to these questions before proceeding forward.

Much of these effects will be realized simply with the colors you use. It is good to begin hunting for throw pillows with some colors in mind. If you want that eclectic look, you already know you want bold, vibrant looks. However, if you want something more toned down, you need to know exactly where you want to land. Pastels and cotton will help create a rustic atmosphere, while gold and silk craft a more elegant outlook. 

Start With a Bold Centerpiece

Picture this: you walk into your living room and immediately draw your eyes to a unique throw pillow that commands attention. That's the power of a bold centerpiece! To create a harmonious contrast, go with a captivating print that screams, "Look at me!" This eye-catching piece will serve as the focal point and set the tone for the rest of your pillow ensemble. So go ahead, choose something vibrant and visually captivating!

Add Simple Prints that Work Together

Think of this step as putting together a delightful puzzle. Start by selecting a solid-colored print that complements the bold pillow. It will add balance and create a visually pleasing contrast. Next, introduce a simple print that effortlessly blends with the other two pillows. This combination of prints will bring immediate variety and liveliness to your living room setup. And hey, if you need more than three pillows for your couch, feel free to double up on these complementary pillows for a cohesive set.

Use Multiple Shapes and Sizes

Before you finalize your shopping list, take a moment to see if you have integrated some variety in the shapes and sizes of your pillows. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one shape variation. A choice that never goes wrong is to have one boudoir or deco pillow alongside others that are medium-sized squares of 20 × 20 inches. A small, round pillow works equally as well. It is often a fitting choice to choose the stand-out shaped pillow in a bold color, making it the centerpiece. 

Compliment the decor

Consider this an important checklist during your pillow shopping. The pillows you choose must complement the room where they will be placed. Of course, this refers first to the colors: you want your pillow colors to have a complementary relationship to the room's colors. Otherwise, even the best and most vibrant colors will look muddled up when taken in with the rest of the room. 

More subtly, though, it is equally important to ensure that the patterns of your throw pillows also have a harmonious relationship with the patterns of your room. Since they work as effective accent pieces, you want to ensure they stand out. That means choosing the opposite of the room’s prevailing patterns. 

If the room has busy textures, you want solid colors and simpler textures to offset the visual clutter. Conversely, you can liven up the spirit of a blandly textured room. Then you can choose pillows with strong textures and bright colors.

Use Layering

Once you have chosen your throw pillow set, the next step is to plan how to arrange the pillows. Layering is the first thing you should think about, with a couch pillow set the arrangements add dimension to your couch. You need to start with bigger pillows at the back and stack smaller pillows in front of them. If you have planned out a layered arrangement early on, a good lumbar pillow at the front will be a nice touch for comfort. 

Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical

You will find many people recommending a symmetrical arrangement of throw pillows. The recommendation is popular because it works well, especially if you layer your pillows. However, the right collection can look fantastic in an asymmetrical setup. Layer most pillows to one side of the couch based on where it is placed in your room, and watch as it comes to life. 

An asymmetrical throw pillow arrangement immediately radiates a cozy atmosphere that can make you feel right at home. However, this should only be a choice if you want a modern, homely feel. A traditional look can only ever be achieved through an asymmetrical setup. 

Happy pillow hunting, and may you find the most fabulous throw pillows that will make your couch the envy of all!

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