How Often You Should Wash Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are great for decoration and comfort when you’re relaxing on a couch or bed. Some people use throws for the coziness, while others have them mainly for display. Whichever camp you fall into, you’ll need to clean your throw pillows at some point. This guide will help you understand how often you should wash throw pillows and how to determine the right cleaning methods to use.

Setting up Your Schedule

Generally, you should wash throw pillow covers once a month, while the filling within the pillow requires washing every other month. You can push the cleaning schedule back slightly if you don’t interact with the pillows often, but you should try keeping it within this time frame.

If your pillows see a lot of use, you should wash the covers every few weeks. The exact time frame will alter from household to household, but don’t go more than a month without washing covers, or two months without washing fillings.

How To Wash Your Throw Pillows

Aside from knowing how often you should wash throw pillows, you must know the procedure for cleaning them. As you can see from our eclectic selection of decorative pillow covers (22x22), throws come in many variations with a diverse array of fabrics. Due to the versatility of throw pillows, cleaning processes will vary.

For instance, you can clean mud cloth throw pillow covers in a washing machine, but only under specific conditions—put it in a lingerie bag, use cold water and mild detergent, and always select the gentle cycle. Since the water will turn dark during machine washing, you’ll also need to rinse it out before cleaning anything else in there. Don’t worry, rinsing out a machine post-mud cloth is a fairly swift and simple process.

However, not every throw pillow will call for the same cleaning conditions. Materials like throw pillows come with care labels for this very reason. If you’re unsure of how to wash pillows, always read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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