How To Care for Throw Pillow Covers

How To Care for Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillows are comfortable, convenient, and creative tools for sprucing up relaxing areas. Although they’re not high maintenance, throw pillows do require a certain level of care to remain attractive and cozy. Luckily, the simple guide below will help you learn how to care for throw pillow covers successfully.

Wash When Necessary

It’s understandable for newcomers not to know whether they need to wash pillows, vacuum dust off them, or just let them sit there without worry. However, throw pillows do require washing, just like your clothes, bedsheets, and other fabrics. So, if you spill something on a pillow or notice that it looks unkempt, swiftly get it back to its former glory with a good wash. As you’ll learn below, there are crucial details to know regarding how to clean this décor correctly.

Learn How To Wash

Throw pillows come in various colors and fabrics, meaning each one has a particular set of cleaning instructions. So, when you need to clean your throws, you should always consult the manufacturer’s care label. The designated care label will list proper washing techniques, just as the tags on clothes detail proper cleaning requirements. For example, some covers require drying cleaning, while others need hand washing now and then. Thankfully, the manufacturer’s handy instructions will help you find the right approach.

Know the Difference

Another easy mistake is assuming that cleaning the pillow insert and cleaning the cover achieve the same thing, but they do not. Of course, pillow inserts require washing, too, just like your covers. However, you should clean inserts and covers separately. You shouldn’t put a throw into the washing machine without removing the insert, nor should you remove the insert from the cover and throw them both into the machine together.

Like the pillow covers, your insert has a special set of requirements for cleaning procedures, so be sure you know the right steps to take before washing either item. After all, the comfort of the insert is just as important as the intriguing beauty of the exterior cover.

Now that you know how to care for throw pillow covers, you can prevent this décor from losing its sparkle too soon. For instance, our long lumbar bed pillows come in a variety of colors and patterns. That said, no matter how unique a pillow cover looks, they always need routine cleaning at some point, so be sure to learn the proper washing techniques for covers on day one and prepare accordingly. Of course, this is far from hard labor, but it is an important part of owning beautiful, elegant fabrics.

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