How to Style a Console Table that Looks Elegant

How to Style a Console Table that Looks Elegant

1. Add Storage Underneath

One of the easiest and best ways to style a console table is by adding storage underneath. This can be done with baskets or trays, but you want to avoid stacking up books as it will make your console look heavy and bulky. Make sure that whatever you choose blends in well with the color scheme of the room of your home, so there's not too much attention drawn to the underneath storage items.

2. Create An Exciting Top Arrangement

Don't just plunk down your console table and leave it with a boring top arrangement. Instead, you want to create an exciting focal point on the tabletop that will draw in the eye of everyone who walks into your home. This can be done by using interesting objects, trinkets, or art pieces. Just make sure they are all different heights so that you avoid a monotonous look.

3. Use Color To Your Advantage

One mistake that people make when styling their console tables is not using color effectively enough or at all. This is important because you want your console to stand out and be the center of attention, but if it's not colored correctly, it will blend into the background instead of becoming a focal point in your home decor. Using color can also help make up for any design flaws that might otherwise have been noticeable on the table itself.

4. Add Accessories To The Console Table

The best way to style a console table is by adding accessories. Adding in books, trays, vases for flowers, photos in frames, or gorgeous table lamps will make your piece of furniture more interesting without too much clutter or disorder. Don't go overboard with the extras, though; you don't want it to look like an accessory itself.

5. Place Art Behind The Console Table

Another way to style a console table is by adding art or photos behind it. You can choose a complimenting or neutral color, like this beautiful Code Gray wall art or something a little more colorful. Just make sure that whatever you choose coordinates well with the rest of your home's color scheme and design elements so that it doesn't look like it's competing with your console.

6. Avoid Adding Too Much Clutter

Finally, you want to avoid adding too much clutter or distracting elements to the top of a console table. This will help keep its style clean and simple so that everyone can admire all of its beauty without being distracted by other items on top of it.


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