Tips On How To Easily Put Pillow Combos Together

Tips On How To Easily Put Pillow Combos Together
The one question we get asked the most by our customers is how to put pillow combos together. This can be tricky one if you are anything like me and know nothing about design (luckily my sister and business partner went to school for interior design, so she knows a thing or two about this stuff). I asked her for her tips on putting together pillow combos and here is what she said:
Tip #1 - You always want to start with a color palette. You can draw colors from your rug, curtains, or sofa and work off of those. 
Tip #2 - Use different sizes and colors to add layers to your room. Don't be afraid to use larger pillows behind smaller pillows and a lumbar in between. You can never go wrong with a mix of 22x22 and 20x20 for your sofa, with maybe a 12x24 mixed in. Layering is fun and your friend!
Tip #3 - Prints can be tricky so here is a good rule to stick with - mix small prints with big prints to avoid competing patterns. 
Tip #4 - Add in neutrals or solids to tie everything together and balance out the room. 
Tip #5 - Numbers are your friends. For a more traditional look, use an even number of pillows. For a more modern or eclectic look, use an odd number of pillows. 
Here are some pillow combos we put together. The possibilities are endless! x


  • Tash -

    I am reinventing a room and this is very helpful when completely changing things.

  • Belinda Lundie -

    Exactly what I’m struggling with right now!

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