Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

Whenever you’re designing a home from the ground up or renovating a current one, it’s key to consider what’s trending. Each year, a new set of popular trends emerge while others exit the limelight for a bit. These top interior design trends for 2021 will help you learn what to expect from the industry this year.

Emerging Earth Tones

Thanks to everyone being consistently cooped up at home over the course of 2020, there’s a good chance that earth tones will be a more popular interior design theme this year. Earth tones include shades such as tan, brown, and green. These colors can be successfully combined to create a functional, relaxing living space with a natural touch.

For example, as you can see from our throw pillow cover sets, you can easily find décor that sports either earthy or neutral tones. With something as simple as the right set of pillows, you can blend these colors in a way that offers visual appeal and balance to any space.

Delightfully Detailed Designs

Not everyone is an expert in interior design, which is why some homeowners go for a minimalist look. They don’t always want to worry about small details and pay for an extra touch of class or style, as beneficial as it is.

As a result of so much time at home during 2020, expect to see those minimalist design choices disappear in 2021. Instead, you’ll most likely see many interior design choices with a particularly personal touch.

From textures recalling a calming place they previously visited, to color schemes imbuing a space with the energy and emotions they want to experience when they enter it, homeowners will likely want to spice up the living space they’ve been in for the past year. In short, don’t be overly shocked when you see more homeowners with a keen eye for home design this year.

Move Over Mid-Century Modern

When it comes to the top interior design trends for 2021, you have to consider what’s moving in and what’s moving out. The mid-century modern design calls back to the décor of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. It’s certainly an intriguing, nostalgic design choice, but it seems that a trend moving forward into 2021 will be minimizing the presence of mid-century modern styles.

Online, you can find countless articles and comments from industry experts over the last year detailing how mid-century modern is moving out of the spotlight. It might have been popular a few years back—but entering 2021, if you have a mid-century modern interior, it’s time for an upgrade.

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