Ways To Use African Juju Hats in Your Home Décor

Aside from their use by African royal dancers during ceremonies, African Juju hats are symbols of prosperity that simultaneously act as an incredible piece of home décor. If you want to create a stylish, warm living space, you should consider using these wall decorations that will both capture the eye of anyone nearby, as well as provide you with an interesting piece of culture to explain to guests who are unaware. However, if you are unaware of how they can improve your humble abode, we’ll introduce you to effective ways to use African Juju hats in your home décor.

Establish a Stylish Focal Point

The stylish design of African Juju hats—from the color to the patterns and even the texture—are what make these wall decorations the perfect focal point for areas in the house such as a bedroom or living room.

This will be especially useful if you’re trying to design a room using radial balance, which requires a focal point for you to design a certain area around. Walls with ample amounts of empty space can be completely transformed into a centerpiece with the help of the right African Juju hat. Below, we’ll address more specific ways to use these wall decorations for creating a welcoming, stylish atmosphere for both you and guests alike.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

If you take a look at these African Juju hats for sale, you’ll notice a commonality among them—their fuzzy texture. We’ll dive deeper into specific ways to take advantage of that texture in the next step; but first, we want to address the atmosphere a fuzzy texture can imbue into a bedroom, living room, and other areas around the house. Fuzzy textures create a sense of warmth, comfort, and coziness, which is why they are perfect for areas in which you want to relax. If you feel as though your home lacks a sense of warmth in a certain area, then one of these African Juju hats should do the trick.

Add a Unique Texture

Using a fuzzy texture isn’t as simple as throwing it randomly in the room or surrounding it by other fuzzy objects. One of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to use African Juju hats in your home décor is to use it as a contrasting element.

For example, placing a brightly colored Juju hat on a wall that you have stylishly painted a different color will make it stand out both due to the color and due to the texture, which immediately catches the attention of any passerby. That being said, if you place a white African Juju hat on a white wall, that fuzzy texture will still add a unique, eye-catching element to that area of the room. Unless, of course, the wall itself is fuzzy, which is certainly unique, but we’re not judging.

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