When and How To Mix Fabrics in a Living Room

When and How To Mix Fabrics in a Living Room

An expertly crafted fabric, whether it’s covering a pillow or acting as your blinds, instantly impacts a room’s atmosphere. As a result, ensuring the material makes the right kind of impact is key to making your home feel inviting. Thankfully, anyone passionate enough can learn the ropes quickly. Use the tips below to understand when and how to mix fabrics in a living room.

Make the Most Out of Sofas

One of the best platforms for creating visions is the sofa in your living room. On its own, a nice sofa is attractive and cozy. However, thanks to throw pillows and blankets, you can bring more dimension to your sofa. In this case, “more dimension” means adding layers of aesthetic value.

For example, a leather couch is smooth and luxurious, but adding a warm wool throw pillow to the mix creates a more dynamic, inviting design. So, if you want to introduce a nice fabric to the living room, look at your couch and determine which material would pop the best. Whether you need sleek leather or a comfy African mudcloth pillow cover to bring the room to life will depend on the overall aesthetic of the space.

Draping Beautiful Blankets

Along with sofas, large chairs are commonplace in living rooms. Since chairs and couches are typically meant for relaxing, they should have an extra layer of fabric to make them more welcoming. For this reason, throw blankets are the perfect décor to toss onto chairs and couches lacking in the aesthetic or comfort departments.

If your seat doesn’t feature the same fabric as your blanket, allowing the latter to flow over the former creates a uniquely lived-in yet elegant appearance. Instead of guests walking in and wondering where the most comfortable place to sit is, they can move directly to the coziest spots in the room, which you have expertly highlighted with a lovely blanket or two. In other words, throw blankets give your sofas and chairs a more distinct identity.

Find the Missing Link

This helpful guide teaches when and how to mix fabrics in a living room, so let’s discuss a vital tip for figuring out when to make the change. Not every homeowner realizes what’s wrong with their living room, even when they feel something is off. So, if you find yourself in this position, analyze every aspect of the room and consider what’s missing on an emotional level.

Do you want the room to feel warmer and more inviting? Or, on the other hand, does the room lack the serene atmosphere you desire? Thinking about emotions like this is helpful because fabrics, like colors, can influence how we feel in any given living space. For example, thanks to the warm feeling you get when wrapping yourself in a wool blanket, nearly any décor with that fabric can evoke that same emotion. Now that you know the ropes, you’re ready to begin mixing fabrics in your living room today.

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