Authentic African Mudcloth Pillow Covers

The African mudcloth pillow covers available at One Affirmation use handmade, hand-printed textiles from Mali. All our textiles for these pillow covers are ethically sourced from local Mali artisans. With every purchase of African mudcloth pillow covers from our online shop, you’re helping us support our network of artisans and weavers around the world. 

At One Affirmation, we provide authentic mudcloth pillows in a variety of colors and sizes. This allows you to fully customize your look without sacrificing on sizing or design. Take a look at our entire collection to find the perfect pillows to add to your home. 

Mudcloth Pillow Cover | Cream | 12x24 | No485
$ 59.00
Mudcloth Pillow Cover | Cream | 14x20 | No485X
$ 59.00
Authentic African Mudcloth Pillow | Cream | No59
From $ 55.00
12x48 Mudcloth Pillow Cover | Cream + Black Lumbar | Authentic African Mud Cloth | No113
$ 95.00
Uroko Ink + Cream Mudcloth Pillow Cover | Designer Pillow | NoZFUIM
From $ 85.00
Vintage Green + Mudcloth Pillow Cover | Designer Pillow | No4051x
$ 79.00
Vintage Green + Mudcloth Pillow Cover | Designer Pillow | No4051x
From $ 79.00