10 Amazing Outdoor Rugs - Ultimate Guide

Who doesn't love a cozy, beautiful rug? A good rug will turn a bare room into a lavish den. A properly selected rug elevates any room, any area that it is placed in. It will add dimension to your room, turning a drab, dull place into a lively, cozy area. 

But how do you make a decision on which rug to choose when there are a plethora of options available? There are many options available that can confuse even the most hardened shoppers amongst us. 

To help you make a wise decision, we have selected some of the most beautiful, well-made, and durable rugs available for purchase and have listed them here, hoping we can make your rug shopping easier and hassle-free. 

Isabella Blue Outdoor Rug

Isabella Blue Outdoor Rug is a beautiful blue rug with a free spirit and vibrant patterns as its main highlight. This 100% Polypropylene pile power-loomed rug is a great fit for indoors and outdoors, and it can add a touch of sophistication to any area. 

The made-in-Turkey rug is available in sizes ranging from 2’2” X3’9” to 9’2” X12’2”, allowing you to choose a size that fits your needs. It has a pile height of .25”, making it a lush and luxurious option.

Not only is this Turkish rug is beautiful, but it is very durable as well. It can withstand rain, sunshine, and many other weather elements. Is your rug dirty? Simply vacuum it in a low setting or use a garden hose to wash it and hang it to dry. Isabella Blue Outdoor Rug is a great choice for your next decor idea!

Isabella Tan/Black Outdoor Rug

Isabella Tan/Black Outdoor Rug is a fashionable outdoor rug with a beautiful black herringbone pattern on a tan background. The rug's design stands out due to its intricate geometric patterns that are very pleasant to look at.  

The rug is made with 100% Polypropylene pile and is available in various sizes from 2’2” X3’9” to 9’2” X12’2”. It gives you options to pick a size that suits your area. It also has a medium pile height of .25”, giving it a luxurious feel. 

It is a made-in-Turkey rug durable enough to be used indoors and outdoors. A simple vacuum on a low setting or a quick wash with your garden hose will ensure you use this rug everywhere without worry. Isabella Tan/Black Outdoor Rug is a beautiful, sturdy rug you should consider if you want a new one. 

Luca Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Luca Indoor/Outdoor Rug is a patterned rug in a beautiful Charcoal and Ivory color that will surely be the highlight of your decor. The rustic vibe of this rug is simple yet intriguing. This rug is available in an 18” X 18 “ sample size and large sizes of different ranges. 

This lovely 100% Polypropylene pile rug is made in Turkey. It has a pile height of .25". It is available in various sizes to fit your room and budget.

Luca Indoor/Outdoor Rug is pleasant to look at and ruggedly built. It is easy to clean using a simple vacuum or a garden hose, is suitable for use in various conditions, and can be exposed to elements without worry! You will go right with this sturdy, low-maintenance, and beautiful rug.

Sarah Light Grey Outdoor Rug

As its name suggests, Sarah Light Grey Outdoor Rug is a simple, sturdy rug great for outdoor use. This simple yet compelling rug has a beautiful geometric pattern that is a sight to behold. This rug will provide a natural charm to your decor space. 

It is a power-loomed Turkish rug that is 100% Polypropylene with a .25” pile height. It also has a polyester mesh backing making it a sturdy choice for outdoor use.

This beautiful rug is easy to clean as well. A quick vacuum or a wash from a garden hose will keep this rug looking pretty for your everyday use. Sarah Light Grey Outdoor Rug is also built sturdy to handle the elements your outdoor space faces daily, so you can enjoy the rug without worrying about nature.

Available in various sizes to suit different budgets and surface areas, you can find one that fits your needs.

Isabella Tan/Blue Outdoor Rug

Isabella Tan/Blue Outdoor Rug is a specially designed outdoor rug. Its blue herringbone pattern on the tan background stands out in outdoor settings. It is a great match for your patio furniture and outdoor entertaining space. The traditional design is built with a hint of contemporary style that can be a great match for your outdoor space. 

This 100% polypropylene pile is weaved using a power loom with a .25” pile height making it a sumptuous addition to your choice of surface. This made-in-Turkey rug can withstand rain, sunshine, and other weather elements that a garden hose can easily wash. Its versatile sizes and great prices ensure this rug fits your requirements and budget. Isabella Tan/Blue Outdoor Rug is a low-maintenance, great-looking rug that will elevate your outdoor setting. 

Luca 6 Indoor/Outdoor Rug

It is an exceptionally designed rug with a beautiful tribal design and a vivid ivory/copper color pattern. This sophisticated design in a modern color palette is a perfect area rug for today's modern decorative style. 

It is available in different sizes and price ranges, making it ideal for different surface sizes and budgets.  This made-in-Egypt rug is power loomed. It is a 100% polypropylene pile with a height of .25”. It has a dense and sumptuous feel that you will enjoy.

This rug was built with durability in mind and can easily withstand sun, rain, and other elements. To clean it, simply vacuum it or wash it with a hose. Luca 6 Indoor/Outdoor Rug fits your needs whether you use it outdoors or indoors.

Luca 5 Indoor/Outdoor Rug

It is an elegant rug with bold and vivid multi-colored granite hues that will highlight any area. It is also a great addition to any setting. Its contemporary geometric square design and repeating color patterns will captivate your eyes. It's a bold, eye-catching addition to your existing interior decor. 

This Turkish rug is power loomed using a 100% polypropylene pile. The lush medium .25” height pile feels luxurious and lush. Luca 5 Indoor/Outdoor Rug is available in small and large sizes to fit your requirements and budget. It is designed to be easy to clean and maintain and will feel beautiful and soft year after year!

Isabella Teal Palm Outdoor Rug

Isabella Teal Palm Outdoor Rug is a great rug for outdoor use. This timeless rug is all about great textures, warm, vivid colors, and smart designs that suit your decor needs. 

The bold and oversized leafy green print on this beautiful carpet and the choice of color that stands out will be a great addition to the balmy sunny days you enjoy outdoors sitting on this soft and supple rug.  Isabella Teal Palm Outdoor Rug is made in Turkey, and power loomed with a 100% polypropylene pile that will feel soft and beautiful year in and year out.

Isabella Smoky Mocha Outdoor Rug

Isabella Smoky Mocha is a free-spirited and vibrantly colored outdoor rug with lovely contemporary motifs on a classic rug design. It has a trendy design that will be a topic of conversation every time you have guests over. Isabella Smoky Mocha Outdoor Rug is a rugged, durable, yet comfortable rug that can be used without worrying about the elements. This rug can easily handle rain, sun, and other weather elements. 


It is a power-loomed Turkish rug in various sizes that fit your requirements and budget. Its lush .25” medium pile is a comfortable addition to your outdoor setting.  This abstract rug with harmonious hues conveys a warm, welcoming environment for everyone. 

Isabella Palm Outdoor Rug

Isabella Palm Outdoor Rug is a power-loomed 100% Polypropylene pile rug that is timeless, rugged, and comfortable. Its beautiful and sophisticated palm leaf motif in a soft color palette makes it a great choice to add to your decor. 

It is a durable rug that fits your lifestyle. Easy to clean with a vacuum or a garden hose, it will last you years looking and feeling beautiful year in and year out. 

Isabella Palm Outdoor Rug is available in various sizes and price ranges and adds a rich texture that will surely be a centerpiece on any surface. Its .25” medium pile makes it a comfortable rug for your day-to-day life. 

Rugs are a versatile piece that is a great addition to any home decor. The above options are meticulously woven pieces that boast great craftsmanship and construction. You can easily swap the rugs to change your room's design and feel drastically. Whether you are using the rug as a functional piece of furniture or as a centerpiece of your area decor, these rugs, with their unique designs, comfortable build quality, low maintenance, and ruggedness, will be a source of long-lasting joy for you and your family. 

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