Best Outdoor Throw Pillow Options - Complete Guide

Don't worry about buying new furniture if your outdoor space is starting to look dull or worn out. Adding designer outdoor throw pillows can easily perk up your space. These nifty additions are not just budget-friendly; they're a convenient way to revamp your outdoor space. Whether you’re working with a small balcony or an expansive deck, these pillows, available in various colors, sizes, and patterns, can easily infuse personality into the most modest places. 

Best Outdoor Throw Pillow Options

Selecting outdoor pillows for your space to suit your style is often an arduous process. To help you pick just the piece, we’ve curated a list of meticulously crafted pillows designed to withstand the elements. From vibrant colors to intricate textures, explore the list below to find the perfect accents for your space. 

Rough 'N Rowdy Pillow

This designer pillow features a timeless solid gray hue with an interesting linen texture, making it a perfect fit for all sorts of themes and arrangements. Rough 'N Rowdy Pillow is made of superior, fade-resistant, and mold-resistant fabrics. You can easily ensure the cleanliness of this piece as it can be spot cleaned or bleached.

For increased durability, it is recommended to go for a double-sided variant while using it outdoors. It allows you to switch between two complementary looks and ensure durability. With this elegant designer pillow, you can choose from 3 sizes— 14x20, 20x20, and 22x22- to curate a perfect aesthetic. 

Tatton Stripe Pillow

The Tatton Stripe pillow is just the pillow to revamp your outdoor space. This fabric can withstand UV rays, mold, mildew, and staining. It is best to choose the double-sided option. It is available in various sizes to effortlessly fit your vision: 14x20, 20x20, and 22x22, each crafted to perfection. 

Tatton Stripe Pillow has two distinct personalities: the front is dressed in 100% solution-dyed acrylic, embodying sophistication and resilience. On the back, it's the incredible Perennials NanoSeal Fabric. You can treat this pillow to a natural soap with lukewarm water.

River Mist Stripe Pillow

This classic pillow cover dons simple chambray and sky-blue stripes on a crisp white background. Its versatile design seamlessly complements any outdoor setting. River Mist Stripe Pillow is designed keeping durability in mind. It is fade-resistant, stain resistant, and can withstand harsh outdoor elements. Besides, caring for this piece is a breeze. You can swiftly address occasional spills with spot cleaning. For stubborn stains, you can simply bleach it. 

Bowood Tweed Pillow

This pillow is the perfect blend of sophistication and durability. With unique texture and design, this pillow effortlessly complements any interior setting while standing strong against outdoor elements like sun, rain, dust, dirt, mold, and mildew. Bowood Tweed Pillow is easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor setting. 

Sonora Stripe Pillow

It flaunts coastal charm and contemporary flair, infusing rich watery blue tones that transition from indigo to aqua. With its unique texture, this piece truly transforms any outdoor setting. Sonora Stripe Pillow uses high-quality fabric to withstand different weather conditions. It is durable and easy to clean. Whether it’s a spill or tough stains, you can easily get rid of it using either soap or bleach.

Ryder Pillow

This pillow is a sensory delight that adds a touch of luxury to your surroundings. The perennial fabrics used in the Ryder Pillow are the superheroes of the textile world. Its denim blue color is like slipping into your favorite pair of jeans but for your furniture. It is classic, versatile, and just the right amount of casual cool. Also, this shade plays well with others – it is the perfect companion for any color scheme, but it knows how to make white pop!

But what sets this pillow apart is its secret weapon – the all-in-one performance InsideOut® fabric. It's not just a fabric; it's a lifestyle. Fade resistance? Check. Stain resistance? You got it. Durability? Absolutely. Anti-mildew? Of course! Cleaning this pillow is practically a breeze – soap and water do the trick.

How to Choose Outdoor Pillows

As you search for the best outdoor throw pillow options, consider a few factors: design, durability, and materials. Here’s a guide to steer you in the right direction:

Size and Shape

When purchasing new outdoor pillows, the first thing to consider is the size and shape. The right dimensions and shape ensure that the pillows provide adequate support and perfectly complement your outdoor seating arrangement.

The most popular shapes of pillows are squares and rectangles. It is essential to consider pillow size for the functionality of your designed space. A rectangular pillow is more suitable if you intend to use a pillow for back support. But, if it is just for decorative purposes or added comfort, then square pillows work better.

The size of the outdoor pillow depends on your preferences and the quantity of space available. You can find them in different sizes, with most square pillows ranging from 20x20 inches to 22x22 inches and rectangle pillows of 14x20 inches.


The outdoor pillows can be manufactured using different fabrics. Some in-demand materials for pillows are vinyl, cotton, and textile. Vinyl is one of the least expensive and durable options available. It is not only fashionable but also quite simple to clean. When exposed to sunlight, vinyl materials do not perform well. Their color may fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Polyester is one of the most popular fabrics for outdoor pillows. It is soft to the touch, resists stretching, and is entirely waterproof. Meanwhile, textile is a woven mesh material composed of polyester fibers and vinyl. They are far more durable and water-resistant than vinyl.

Another common material for outdoor pillows is cotton. This cloth is inexpensive, fashionable, and generally long-lasting. Cotton's biggest disadvantage is that it does not handle water well.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance matters greatly, especially when it comes to outdoor throw pillows. While putting any indoor cushion outside may be tempting, it may not be ideal for prolonged exposure to external elements such as rain, sun, dust, and dirt. As a result, your throw pillows must withstand different weather conditions.

Some highly preferred outdoor pillows are made from vinyl, cotton, and textile. These fabrics are built to withstand various weather conditions. They can handle mildew, water, and UV rays and ensure the inserts remain fresh for a long time. Regarding inserts, 100% polyester batting is the best option, allowing water to drain out quickly. 

Color Design

Before buying any throw pillow for your outdoor space, it is a good idea to consider the color and design. The importance of considering color and design goes beyond mere decoration. These elements are more than just aesthetic choices- they are crucial in defining your space's overall look and feel.

Your outdoor space is an extension of your style. The right choice of color and design can turn your patio, deck, or garden from an ordinary to an extraordinary space that embodies your style.

Whether you opt for bold patterns, intricate designs, or simple textures, the design of your outdoor throw pillows reflects your taste. It's a chance to inject your personality into the outdoor space, making it an extension of your indoor decor. Stripes, florals, geometric shapes – each design choice tells a unique story and adds visual interest to your seating area.

Furthermore, color and design are powerful tools for creating visual focal points and defining zones within your outdoor space. Placing a pop of vibrant color against a neutral backdrop can draw the eye and highlight a specific area. Coordinating patterns and hues can also establish a cohesive and harmonious look, ensuring your outdoor setting feels well-put together and inviting.

Darker colors and patterns can be forgiving when hiding stains and dirt, making them a smart choice for high-traffic areas. Conversely, lighter shades may require more maintenance but can make a space feel open and airy.

Number of Pillows

The final thing to consider is the number of pillows in the set. Before purchasing, consider your demands and how many pillows you require. Rather than buying them separately, a set of pillows will give you a more balanced aesthetic and frequently cost less. 

How to Take Care of Outdoor Throw Pillows

Outdoor pillows often come in contact with dirt and dust more frequently than indoor pillows. For occasional spills, you can simply spot-clean it by mixing mild detergent with water and using a soft brush for cleaning.

Using diluted bleach is suitable for cleaning tough stains and rinsing thoroughly afterward. After that, always remember to spot or air dry your throw pillow. When the warmer weather hits, you can opt for nice spring cleaning. Remember to vacuum the cushions, remove leftover stains, and dust them off. If your pillows are machine washable, follow the care directions on the care tag to avoid damaging the fabric or stuffing.

With the knowledge of choosing and caring for your pillows, you can confidently start shopping for outdoor throw pillows to transform your space. You can experiment with colors, patterns, and arrangements, mix and match designs to create a unique space representing your style.

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