Color Splash: Infuse Vibrancy into Your Space with Bold Throw Pillow Covers

Color Splash: Infuse Vibrancy into Your Space with Bold Throw Pillow Covers

Adding that finishing touch to your pillow collection can seem like chasing a rainbow. The right cover holds the key to unlocking your style potential. That’s why we’ve prepared this blog post for the pillow covers with boldness and vibrancy.

Understanding Bold Colors

It is important to realize that colors aren’t bold on their own. You must look at the larger picture to see what’s happening and how to add a splash. People may deem a pillow bold within a specific context and boring or subtle in another. It depends on the style of your space, mood, season, culture, etc.

You must use the pillow covers with a good understanding of your space's existing style. Generally, the commoner defines bold colors with pure hues and high lightness. But you will see that any pillow can be bold. It depends on your choice. Let’s look at some covers that you can boldly use with ease.

Terry Pillow Cover

Our list starts with the Terry pillow cover with distinctive white and orange stripes. It tries to overstep the boundary of styles and convention, but it doesn’t veer off the track too much. You can use it to add stylistic flavor to any pillow combination.

The bright orange is a bold color that looks even better when sunlight reflects off it. It will work well with subdued furniture and decor elements.

Gold Velvet Pillow Cover

Even though the Gold Velvet pillow cover may look a bit Nouveau Riche at first glance, it has a bold style and depth if you can use it within a certain context. The gold color is so incomparably bright and bold that it cannot be used subtly.

A color outside a screen is heavily influenced by the material it dyes. The velvet attempts to soften the boldness and power of the gold in this cover. The result is a fusion of brightness, softness, and comfort.

You should use this in well-lit areas to make the color more prominent. It will distinguish itself in a muted or vibrant space. We designed it as a go-to highlight for your collection.

Sorrento Floral Pillow Cover

The Sorrento Floral pillow cover has patterns like the Gold Velvet cover has its gold color. The patterns look like they belong in a colorful naturalist art piece. In the current minimalism and solid colors world, something bursting with unrestrained red, green, and cream stands out like fresh air.

The cover doesn’t hesitate to use its expansive patterns that unrestrainedly cover the front to speak to you, to infuse its wild beauty. It is a unique piece even in this list. This cover doesn’t hesitate to dominate the furniture or overpower all other decor elements to capture your attention.

You should use this cover to spice your minimalist spaces. The rich patterns don’t look like they belong in a world of white and gray. It refuses to be subtle. It is powerful. It is bold.

Alpaca Black Pillow Cover

You may not picture a fluffy piece made of alpaca and wool when you hear the word ‘bold’. But since when have conformity and predictability defined boldness? The Alpaca Black pillow cover thrusts what is normal and supposed to be familiar into the limelight, making all the difference.

You can use it in the summer to bring out the chaos in your collection. It will break all order in the carefully curated list of complimenting pillow covers. A carefully placed cover in a modern home or among a colorful collection will unleash the chaos of each element.

We recommend using this cover to transform your pillow arrangement's style completely. It helps the individuals to stand out by providing contrast and conflict.

Green Chiang Mai Pillow Cover

Green is a color associated with nature and the outdoors. It is the explosion of the wilderness and the uncharted. It is the sight of green trees with their weathered trunks and flowing leaves.

The Green Chiang Mai pillow cover brings out the joy in our hearts we experience when we feel the beauty and enormity of nature in the confines of our home. What can be bolder or more vibrant than nature? It uses the same principle to stand out among our collection of unique pillow covers.

You should use this cover in spaces that lack vibrancy and earth tones. You can even pair this with the Sorrento Floral pillow cover to infuse any space with the grandness of nature. It expresses the familiarity of green trees with the strangeness of the wild forest.

Vintage Blue Designer Pillow Cover

The Vintage Blue Designer pillow cover has a cool and sharp boldness. The color palette is refined and brings the coolness of the ocean to your space. The style is very calm and lacks the characteristic chaos that has been plaguing our pillow so far. You should add this cover to a
place lacking a highlight.

The ocean hides a chaotic depth with its serene blue surface. This pillow hides the same depth in style and color. It doesn’t define its boldness by trying to overshadow other pillows. It complements them, completes them.

River Mist Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Cover

The river flows between hills and valleys as the mist flows over the river. The two layers are incomparably grand elements of nature. The River Mist Stripe pillow cover tries to capture the same awe and grandness and presents a loud yet subtly patterned color palette. It derives its boldness from the contrast and harmony.

Only some pillows can suit this nature-inspired cover. The Vintage Blue designer pillow cover is a perfect match for it. These two covers completely dominate the style of an entire collection and your space when they are matched with each other.

Nyla Woven Designer Pillow Cover

We’ve been attacking the modern design with our list of bold pillows, but boldness has its modern variety, too. The Nyla Woven designer pillow cover finds it in its simplicity. It creates it with depth, precisely placed patterns, and a very subtle weaving.

It may look squarely in place, unable to catch your eye, among white and gray pillows on a white couch. But use it on a leather couch near a burning fireplace adorned with red bricks and see for yourself how context matters. It is incredibly bright in a well-lit environment. It appears to bend modern minimalism while remaining inside its confines. Use it to add a bit of spice and flavor to your modern space without breaking the style.

Faux Leather Pillow Cover | Cognac

The Faux Leather pillow cover will break the momentum built in this article. It shows boldness is an unstoppable tide of spicy colors and wild freedom. You can find boldness even in the earthy colors of cognac. It doesn’t care about the impressions of other colors.

The faux leather accentuates the reddish-brown hues. The way light reflects from the faux leather makes it suitable for use in a well-lit space. This cover can’t coexist with other pillow covers. It finds solace among classic furniture like armchairs, swings, and smaller couches. You will find it to stand tall with its faux leather and real style and invite the world to see it for what it is.

You should try a few of these pillow covers to gain a feel for how they use colors for a bold style. Look into our expansive collection for a detailed collection. Most importantly, keep experimenting and having fun.

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