Transform Your Bedroom with These Throw Pillow Ideas

Your bedroom is your happy hunting ground to relax and recharge after a long day. It should be a pleasing sight that silences the outer world. Throw pillows are inexpensive and creative ways to transform your bedroom. This guide will explore the throw pillow ideas to take your bedroom decor to the next level.

Mix Textures for Visual Interest

The interplay between smooth and coarse textures is an important decorative technique that adds depth and dimension to a space. Apply this approach to your throw pillow selection by combining different pillow covers. Choose sumptuous velvet pillows like the Lake Blue Indigo Velvet cover, and add variety with linen pillows like Brown Linen pillow cover.

Try pairing velvet pillows in rich jewel tones with pillows in neutral creams and taupes. The velvet adds a touch of luxury, while the breezy linen and cotton provide a comfortable, relaxed complement. This contrast provides visual interest while giving your bed an ultra-inviting look and feel. 

Play with Pillow Shapes and Sizes

While the standard square pillow is a decor staple, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. For example, a few lumbar pillows like the Chiang Mai Green Lumbar Pillow Cover at the right place create an exciting look and add comfort. Pillows of different shapes create a visually dynamic focal point, giving your space a modern, contemporary edge.

Apart from the shape, play with the size of the pillows. When selecting your mix, choose a range of sizes and dimensions to add interest to your bed. Larger 22 to 24-inch pillows will serve as foundational pieces, while medium 18-inch pillows and smaller 12 to 14-inch pillows provide colorful accents. The mix of geometric and organic shapes creates an artful arrangement that brings sweet dreams.

Add Personality with Patterns

Patterns allow you to add more personality and flair to your pillow palette. A punchy and whimsical floral design, such as the Isla Floral Designer Pillow Cover, infuses your bed with cheer and charm. You can choose a Green Batik Designer Pillow Cover for its lovely handprinted patterns or a classic striped Dark Grey Stripe Pillow Cover design. Play with floral, stripes, and geometric prints to create balance in the mix. 

Limit the choice of different patterns to keep your arrangement feeling cohesive. As a general rule, choose no more than three coordinating patterns. Anchor louder prints like florals with more subtle patterns like plaids, stripes, or solids. The simpler patterns give the bolder ones room to shine. Stay within a cohesive color family so patterns don’t compete. 

Balance the Color

Tying your pillow colors to the existing hues in your bedroom is the key to creating a harmonious, well-dressed look. Choose two to three primary pillow colors that complement your bedding or wall color. For example, if you have neutral bedding, bold pops of color from our Rust Orange Designer Pillow Cover make a vibrant accent. 

To add variety, you can introduce more pillows in shades that create a harmonious look or a contrast. For example, you can choose a single color and create a cohesive look with different shades of the same color.  If you want to create a contrast, select color schemes that stand out vividly, like the bright rust color of the Tuscany Pillow Cover. Avoid overwhelming your senses by not going overboard with the colors.

You can continue your bed’s color theme throughout the rest of the room by repeating accent pillow colors in artwork, area rugs, and accessories. It helps create a unified, cohesive environment for relaxation. 

Create a Focal Point

Make a statement with a single oversized throw pillow in a bold color or vibrant pattern, such as the Savannah Floral Pillow Cover in blush color. This eye-catching piece provides the focal point around which the rest of your pillow arrangement takes shape. It commands attention, serving as an artistic anchor that defines the overall palette of the bed.

A focal point helps you decide on the decor theme of your bedroom. Try a large pillow in an exotic color like the Ikara Pillow Cover for bedrooms with a colorful, bohemian vibe. The Bogo X Designer Pillow Cover can be the perfect choice if you want a modern vibe. Use the vibrant colors and intricate details to create a striking focal accent for your bedroom decor. 

Arrange Asymmetrically

An asymmetric, non-uniform arrangement adds a casual elegance and a sense of modern sophistication. Angle pillows diagonally rather than stacking them squarely. Vary the spacing between pillows for an artfully tossed-together look. Let some colors and patterns overlap for an intermingling effect. The asymmetry feels organic and inviting, like a thoughtfully curated gallery wall.

Pillows in odd numbers are all the rage right now. Go for a set of three, five, or seven pillows per the size of your bed. If you have difficulty deciding on a theme, you can go for our pillow sets. We have carefully curated these covers to help you create a dynamic look easily. 

Add Some Metallic Accents

Metallic pillows add a glamorous element to bedroom decor. The touch of shine contributes a feeling of luxury and complements most color palettes. Incorporate a shimmery velvet pillow like the Gold Velvet Pillow Cover or our Champagne Velvet Pillow Cover. You can pair these pillows with neutral solids like the Astor Designer Pillow Cover in grey or the Checked Chiang Mai Woven Pillow Cover in ivory. It allows the metallic details to take center stage while keeping the overall look serene. A little metallic sparkle goes a long way in dressing up a bedroom.

Update Your Throw Pillows

As trends and seasons change, periodically replacing your throw pillows keeps your bedroom looking fresh and stylish. Redecorating your bedroom every season would be an expensive endeavor. However, switching out your throw pillows provides an easy and affordable update. Light, airy linen pillows work well for summer, while warm velvet pillows create a cozy winter vibe. 

Come spring, freshen your space with floral pillows in cheerful colors and patterns. For fall, trade your pastel-hued covers for more vivid textures in deep orange, maroon, olive, mustard, and rustic neutrals inspired by the changing leaves. Refresh as needed, and let your pillows reflect the changing seasons and your evolving design language.

Don’t Forget About Comfort

While it’s tempting to focus solely on aesthetics when decorating with throw pillows, comfort is also paramount. Pillow covers made of linen or cotton are excellent for bedrooms as they naturally regulate temperature and are hypoallergenic. Velvet provides warmth, whereas polyester covers are easy to maintain. 

Select a durable pillow insert according to your preferred size.  We have a selection of ultrasoft alternative down pillow covers that are hypoallergenic, odorless, lint and dust-free, and free of flame-retardant chemicals. Resist overstuffed pillows, which can lose their shape. For a plump look, you can go up to 2 inches larger than the cover size. The number of pillows on your bed is subjective to your preferences, but the bottom line is your pillow selection should pamper and restore you. 

Throw pillows provide an easy and inexpensive way to refresh the look of your bedroom. You can use them to express your taste and completely transform the ambiance of your sanctuary. We have a curated collection of throw pillows according to your taste. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us - drop a message here, email us, or call (972) 332-0110. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest for the latest updates.

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