Decorating for Christmas - Best Throw Pillow Options for You

Christmas is a time for families to reunite, reconnect, and create happy memories. It ultimately means guests coming over to your home where home decor, especially throw pillows, greatly impact leaving cozy memories. Get ready to sleigh your decor game with the throw pillows that'll bring warmth, cheer, and a hefty dose of holiday spirit. Let’s explore some of the best throw pillow options.

Verona Designer Pillow Cover

Verona Designer Pillow Cover comes in 6 different color options, each made of hand-crafted textiles. The beautiful woven details make it super comfy. 

It comes in over five different sizes, making it an easy option for almost all homes. The front side is made up of a mixture of cotton and linen. They are mixed at 65% and 35%, respectively. The reverse side comprises flax linen fabric, a strong yarn.

Most of its reviews are five stars. It shows the satisfaction of customers who have already used this pillow cover. This pillow cover is long-lasting and can easily be a favorite for all seasons. It can also be used as a perfect item to gift someone.

Vintage Rust Designer Pillow Cover

You can also go to any of the five color options for the Vintage Rust Designer pillow cover in over five sizes. You can easily levitate your home to a cozy winter wonderland with a 100% heavyweight linen design.

It is not just a melody to the eyes but the sensation you get from a 100% heavy-weight linen design in front and Flax Linen and Cotton blend in back. It makes it a delightful experience where you can escape everyday stress and unwind the gust of pure relaxation.

This pillow cover comes with easily available options for cleaning, such as dry and spot cleaning. Also, its super flexible nature makes it a symphony with any internal background.

It is one of the best options to symbolize respect and comfort between friends and families. This pillow cover is a perfect spot to embrace luxury and live the festival simultaneously.

The micro changes in your living space can unleash your creative side and help you enjoy Christmas with various themes in parody. This pillow cover allows you to enjoy the endless possibility of drizzling cheers on Christmas. So, you can use it as a catalyst for a joyous and comfortable holiday season.

Savannah Floral Pillow Cover in Blush

The Savannah Floral pillow cover from One Affirmation adds a touch of soft beauty to any Christmas decor. It features a delicate hand-block printed floral design in soothing blush, tan, and cream hues that emanate vintage charm and grace. The hand-block printed flowers lend an organic feel that complements traditional Christmas elements, helping create a warm, inviting holiday aesthetic for your living spaces.

This pillow is not just an eye candy, but it serves a functional purpose as well. You will find the right fit for your couch or bed, available in 4 sizes: a 14x20 lumbar or a 20x20, 22x22, and 24x24 square. The 100% linen front and the linen and cotton blend on the reverse make this pillow cover breathable and hypoallergenic. You can enjoy this cover without worrying about damaging it. 

The hidden zipper enclosure means you can admire the beauty of this cover without any distractions. It makes adding and removing the inserts a breeze. A quick dab with a moist cloth can handle minor spills and spots. This beautiful yet functional pillow cover creates a stylish, designer look to your rooms.

Blue and White Block Floral Print Decorative Pillow Cover

The bright, cheerful palette of the Blue and White Block Floral decorative pillow cover makes it a festive, versatile addition to holiday home decor. This beautiful decorative pillow cover will add instant color and visual interest to your room. Place a few of these vibrant pillows on your sofa or bed for an easy update that elevates the whole look of a space. 

No matter your Christmas style, the 100% cotton/linen fabrication provides cozy, breathable comfort you can count on to withstand constant seasonal use. This pillow cover is handmade in the USA and features a lovely block-printed blue pattern that pops against a white background. The hidden zipper compartment gives it a smooth, unblemished appearance. 

Apart from its gorgeous look, this pillow cover is a functional accessory. It is available in 4 different sizes to fit your room perfectly. We have carefully selected the material to provide the utmost comfort and durability. Its robust fabric can be simply spot-clean as needed. It will help your pillows maintain their vibrant floral beauty year after year. 

Margot Floral Pillow Cover

The Margot Floral pillow cover from One Affirmation features a gorgeous floral print in a vibrant mustard yellow against a crisp white background. The organic look of the flowers makes a cheerful, vibrant statement perfect for infusing sunny spirit into your Christmas decor. Scatter some bright beauties on your living area for an instant boost of light and airy feel.

The mustard yellow and white pairing adds fresh contrast against the traditional holiday palettes of Christmas decorations. The tiny intricate details attract your attention, while the neutral white base doesn't overwhelm you. The pillow cover uses fabric made by skilled artisans in Thailand. 

The Margot Floral pillow cover brings aesthetics and function to your space. The cover uses 100% cotton for its front and a linen and cotton blend on the reverse. It provides you with lasting comfort and stability. The soft, breathable fibers are a pleasure to touch and feel. It has a hidden zipper enclosure for a harmonious look. 

Its vibrant presence maintains cheer and chases winter’s gloom until spring returns. An artful, uplifting accent for every season, this beautiful pillow cover infuses a burst of color into your living space. 

Amazon Designer Pillow Cover in Burnt Orange

The Amazon Designer pillow cover provides a vibrant pop of rich burnt orange to take your Christmas decor to the next level. The dramatic triangle and arrow design provides a visual impact with its captivating geometric style. The Amazon Designer pillow feels refreshing and cozy thanks to its unique color and pattern. This statement piece will spice up your area and add an attractive detail to any surface.

This contemporary design in burnt orange is custom-made by us. The 100% durable linen construction allows you to use this pillow cover without worrying about wear. The back uses a mix of linen and cotton that adds to its sturdiness. Apart from the added durability, the choice of material gives this pillow cover an incredible tactile sensation. If you spill something on it, you can spot-clean it to restore its vibrant look. 

Trento Designer Pillow Cover

The vivid blocks of color and graphic appeal of the Trento Designer pillow cover from One Affirmation pack a bold, contemporary punch perfect for modern holiday styling. Available in two dramatic colors and prints, this pillow cover is an excellent way to bring color and designer style to your decor themes. 

This throw pillow cover is available in Trento color, with ruby and cream detail, or Trento maroon color with mustard prints. It is available in 4 sizes so you can choose one that is a suitable proportion for your needs. The highly detailed, intricate pattern helps this pillow create a sophisticated and classy look that is a lovely contrast to the traditional red and green color theme of Christmas decorations.  

The cover uses a durable 100% linen for the front and an 80% linen and 20% cotton blend for the reverse side. This blend provides the cover with durability for everyday use and lasting comfort. Cleaning is the last thing you should worry about while enjoying the festivities. You will be glad this cover is easy to spot-clean for spills or stains. 

Introduce an artistic flair to your decor ideas with this striking pillow cover. The burst of colors will bring cheer to your holiday decorations. 

Faux Fur Sherpa Tan Pillow Cover

The Faux Fur Sherpa Tan pillow cover is a versatile decorative piece that adds a luxurious touch to any room's décor. It comes in a classic, timeless square design with a faux fur front and a cotton linen blend back in a warm Irish Cream and tan color palette. The subtle patterns woven with naturally dyed wool create a beautiful textural detail. This lightweight throw pillow cover has an invisible zipper closure and is available in sizes 20x20 and 22x22.

It has a cozy, wooly texture, perfect for the holiday season. After all, Christmas decorations are incomplete without some soft, fluffy fur pillow covers. The neutral tan hue complements and contrasts other pillows and furniture without clashing. 

The pillow cover is the perfect blend of form and function that levels up any space. This handmade pillow cover has a 100% polyester front, and the back uses a fusion of linen and cotton.  With proper care, the high-quality materials guarantee durability for many years of daily use while maintaining their lush appearance and feel. The hidden zipper detail seamlessly blends into the cover for a sleek look. Invite the festive season home with this warm, fluffy pillow cover.

Neutral Pillow Combo #2

The holiday season is a wonderful time to give your home a festive makeover. An easy way to incorporate Christmas decor into any living space is with skillfully designed throw pillows. The Neutral Pillow Combo #2, from One Affirmation, is a  five-pillow collection set. It features soft, earthy tones, providing a soothing, neutral base for colorful Christmas decorations. The textures and patterns of the pillow covers in this set bring depth and visual interest to your living space. 

The 22X22 Luca Noir designer pillow cover in this set features a beautiful white geometric print on a black background. Skilled artisans in India craft this fabric, and the design is then hand-block-printed. This process makes every pillow cover as unique as the falling snow. The 100% linen fiber construction makes this a comfortable and cozy addition to any living area. 

The other cover in the set, a cream 22x22 mud cloth pillow cover, is made with 100% cotton. It brings a beautiful contrast and a distinct feel to the set. This pillow cover has a 4.5-star rating on our website.

The Dash pillow cover in Sand color is a 20x20 pillow cover that stands out in the set due to its unique color and pattern. The gentle, uneven stripe design in a darker color theme gives this pillow a district look. It uses 100% Belgian Linen, a luxurious and dense fabric that invites you to touch and feel its lovely texture. 

Vintage Rust designer pillow cover is a delightful pillow that exudes pure luxury. It uses 100% heavyweight designer linen that is a delight to touch. This lovely pillow cover is available in a 20x20 size in this pillow set and is one of our website's most popular. The distinctive rust color adds a lovely tone to this set. 

Verona designer pillow in a muted olive color is a handcrafted textile pillow cover made with a cotton and linen fiber blend. It makes this pillow an amalgamation of two fine natural fibers, combining the lightness of cotton and the luxury of linen. This pillow cover comes in a lumbar style 14x20 that provides firm support. 

The natural linen and cotton blend that makes up the backside of this pillow cover provides durability to withstand extra use during the holiday season. The hidden zipper cover provides a clean and clutter-free look. Feel free to pile this set on your couch, bed, or any area you fancy. 

When decorating your living space for this season, look no further than throw pillows from One Affirmation for an easy and affordable way to add festive flair. From traditional prints to modern abstract geometrics, we have various pillow options ready to fit your decor aesthetic. Our thoughtfully chosen accent pillows will add color and cozy texture to your living space.

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