Innovate Your Home- Include Contemporary Styles with Our Exclusive Modern Pillow Covers

Innovate Your Home- Include Contemporary Styles with Our Exclusive Modern Pillow Covers

If you want to revamp your home decor with a contemporary flair, we have an exclusive collection of modern pillow covers for your living spaces. With unique designs ranging from geometric patterns to abstract motifs, our pillows will become the focal point of any room. Our pillow covers are made from high-quality natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and jute and exude luxury and durability. Let’s explore modern pillow covers that will help you innovate your home.

Grain Sack Wide Stripe Pillow Cover | Farmhouse Modern

You can bring a touch of modern sophistication to your home with the Grain Sack Wide Stripe Pillow Cover from One Affirmation. This high-quality pillow cover combines the modern neutral palette of oatmeal cream color and beautiful blue stripes into a subtle yet eye-catching pattern. Custom-made in the USA from a natural linen and cotton blend, the cover has a sleek, subtle texture that pairs effortlessly with any existing aesthetic. 

Mix and match four sizes, ranging from a 12x20 lumbar, perfect for sofa backs, to a generously sized 14x36 rectangular cover ideal as the focal point of your bed or lounge space. With an array of shape and size options, creating a cohesive, collected look that suits your unique style and space is easy. The invisible cream zipper closes smoothly and discreetly, allowing easy insert removal for cleaning or storage.

Simply spot-clean or dry-clean this cover as needed to keep it looking fresh. Attractive, adaptable, and made to last, this pillow cover simplifies updating your home’s style. You can use it to elevate your space in different ways. The versatile blue and cream palette and classic stripe print ensure this pillow will transcend trends and become an excellent addition to your home for years.

Onyx Pillow Cover

Exude bohemian elegance with the striking Onyx Pillow Cover, exclusively from One Affirmation. This graphic, earth-toned beauty features an abstract pattern in rich shades of black, sand, and tan, weaving together in an organic, modern design. 

The versatile pillow cover is available in four sizes, ranging from a 14x20 to an oversized 24x24 square, that makes a dramatic statement atop any bed or lounge. The dimensional pattern and luxurious color palette command attention as the focal point while beautifully complementing existing furnishings and accessories. 

Beyond its bold aesthetic, this cover boasts unbeatable performance and durability courtesy of its InsideOut fabric composition. The soft yet protective indoor-outdoor fabric withstands UV rays, moisture, stains, and everyday wear and tear while feeling plush and cozy. Its fade, mold, mildew, and stain-resistant properties make this pillow suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This pillow cover can easily handle spills, pets, kids, weather, and UV exposure while looking fabulous. The reverse of this pillow cover has a flaxed linen blend that adds to its durability.

The conveniently invisible zipper closure allows easy insert removal for cleaning while giving you a  snag-free experience when displayed. It is easy to clean with soap or bleach to keep it looking vibrant for years. 

Ikara Pillow Cover

The Ikara Pillow Cover brings a modern appeal to your living space with its all-natural, beautifully handcrafted artisanal design. This simple yet statement-making pillow is woven entirely by hand on a wooden loom from pure, organic cotton in creamy ivory. The natural inconsistencies due to its handmade nature give it a unique feel. The backside features a soft linen and cotton blend, completing the organic aesthetic.

It comes in versatile sizes from 14x20, perfect for resting, to 20x20, 22x22, and 24x24 square. You can choose the ideal cover size for the area you are decorating. 

The Ikara Cover offers unmatched durability and longevity courtesy of its hardy, high-quality natural cotton composition. Resistant to damage from weather and sunlight when used outdoors, this cover will last a long time.

Switching out inserts takes seconds without disrupting the fabric’s artisanal beauty, thanks to an easy-to-use invisible zipper closure. To care for this cover, simply spot-clean or dry-clean as needed to maintain its pristine appeal and integrity.

Cameron Boucle Pillow Cover

The Cameron Boucle Pillow Cover will elevate your interiors with its modern and cozy aesthetics. This posh pillow cover brings a contemporary statement with its chunky bouclé weave, achieving an intricate pattern that appears hand-knit. It adds a rich visual detail while providing an excellent texture to your living space.

This cover is crafted from a hardy blend of polyester and acrylic yarns that provides durability to match its refined aesthetics. The sturdy fibers withstand years of everyday use without losing their shape. The invisible zipper closure gives this pillow a seamless look, making adding or removing inserts easy. You can spot-clean the cover with a mild detergent or dry-clean it to maintain its pristine look. It is available in various sizes to suit your needs and design taste. 

This exquisite pillow cover is equally suited to provide a polished touch atop existing furniture or star as the focal point of a space in its own right. However you style it, the Cameron Boucle Pillow Cover provides an instant style upgrade with long-lasting appeal. 

Indian Wool Pillow Cover | Brown + Cream

The exquisite Indian Wool Pillow Cover blends traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetic. This striking pillow is entirely handcrafted using traditional techniques by skilled Indian artisans. Meticulously hand-woven on a loom using 100% pure wool, this cover features an intricate geometric pattern in earthy cream and brown, bringing warmth and dimension to your living area. 

This pillow cover is both a beautiful and functional addition to your decor. The soft wool construction is eye-catching and has a great texture. The durable fiber becomes even softer and more inviting with use. Its reverse side uses a linen and cotton blend that adds to the durability and luxurious feel of the pillow. An invisible zipper seamlessly integrated into a side edge allows easy insert removal without compromising the aesthetic when displayed. You can get this pillow cover in a 14x20 lumbar or a 20x20 square.

Tye Lago Designer Pillow Cover

The gorgeous Tye Lago designer pillow cover from One Affirmation will add a pop of color to your room with its contemporary, vivid style. This seafoam green textile is handprinted, dyed, and finished in 100% linen fiber for a luxurious feel. The intricate, well-detailed pattern will make this cover stand out in your decor.

It has a subtle sea foam green(Tye Lago) color that will add an exciting touch to your design ideas. This beauty has a solid build due to its robust linen front and a linen and cotton blend reverse. Each pillow cover is custom-made to order and brings a slight variation in pattern, which highlights its handmade feel. You can order one in three sizes, 14x20, 20x20, and 22x22 according to your needs. A quick spot clean will help you eliminate minor stains and spills, and an occasional dry clean will keep this cover looking pristine for a long time. It is a comfortable and plush addition to your living space, 

White and Beige Ticking Stripe Pillow Cover

The White and Beige Ticking Stripe Pillow Cover from One Affirmation is minimalistic, bringing a modern vibe to your decor. This subtle yet statement-making pillow cover brings a timeless appeal due to its lovely striped design.

The front of the pillow cover is crafted from a natural blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton, offering incredible durability to match its contemporary good looks. The flip side uses 80% linen and 20% cotton. Its breathable natural fibers provide enduring shape retention and inherent protection against everyday stains.

Whether placing this on a couch or bed, select five different sizes to suit your decorating area. The neutral color palette provides a modern aesthetic to your living space. An invisible zipper closure seamlessly integrates into the fabric, allowing easy insert removal without disrupting the pillow’s artisanal beauty when on display. 

Manhattan Beach Pillow Set

The Manhattan Beach Pillow Set from One Affirmation is a curated set of pillow covers. This set has five pillow covers in three distinctive designs that add dimension, depth, and modern elegance to your room. The five pillows bring an asymmetric arrangement that is very trendy these days.

The two generously sized 22x22 Cream African Mudcloth pillow covers are handcrafted from 100% organic cotton. The neutral cream color is an ideal palette to add contrasting elements to the decor. 

The next cover in the collection is the intricate Green Floral pillow cover. There are two of them in the set. It adds bright hues to the neutral background of the Cream African Mud Cloth cover. A vibrant print in lovely olive green is hand-printed, giving this cover a lovely look. This 100% linen fiber pillow cover is as comfortable and durable as it is beautiful.

The 12x24 Gray Striped pillow cover is a lumbar style cover that adds a monochromatic look to the set. The lumbar pillow is an excellent addition to your living area, bringing aesthetics and comfort. With this mix of textures and styles, this versatile set is a great fit for any decor ideas you may be considering. 

The back of the pillow cover used in the set is a blend of linen and cotton, giving the pillows durability and lovely texture. It is a breathable, hypoallergenic cover that is perfect for relaxing after a long day. Each cover has a hidden zipper enclosure that allows easy insert removal without disrupting the artisanal beauty of the covers. You can simply spot-clean the pillow covers or dry-clean them to maintain their beauty.

Newport Pillow Set

The carefully coordinated decorative Newport pillow set includes various styles for a layered look that brings visual interest and dimension to any living space. The set includes one lumbar pillow, two medium pillows in different designs, and one large pillow for versatile decorating options. These covers come in different sizes to fit a King and Queen bed or sofa.

The Hampton pillow cover infuses a modern look to any space with its casual stripes and soft linen texture. It uses 100% cotton, a fabric choice coveted in the contemporary interior for its lightweight nature. On the reverse, a flaxed linen blend adds durability to the pillow.

Vintage Blue Pillow Cover is a luxurious pillow cover with a 100% heavyweight linen fabric used in its construction. The choice of fabric makes this pillow a  sumptuous addition to your room. It has a solid blue background with a minimalistic horizontal lines pattern that adds to its contemporary feel.

With its unique block printed pattern, the Blue and White Block Floral Print Decorative Pillow Cover included in this set brings a timeless yet modern sophistication. The bold print is sure to add interesting details to any decor theme. This pillow cover uses a cotton and linen blend for its construction, which makes the cover soft and light with a smooth texture. It feels very gentle against the skin and is non-itchy and comfortable.

The Verona designer pillow is crafted from a luxurious blend of 65% cotton and 35% linen. The front of the pillow has a great tactile feel due to its unique texture. It has a beautifully woven detail on the front of the cover. The reverse is a flaxed linen and cotton blend that gives this pillow a sturdy and airy feel. It is an entirely handmade textile with slight irregularities that add to its charm. This lightweight pillow cover will make your living space plush and cozy. 

These pillow covers are easy to maintain. A quick spot clean can help remove mild stains, and you can dry clean them for a thorough cleaning. An invisible zipper keeps inserts secure while allowing quick swaps for storage or cleaning. It also adds to its sleek, modern appearance.

Strategically selected throw pillows instantly elevate any space while reflecting the distinct perspective of its curator. Much more useful than just decorative objects, these pillows provide softness, texture, and visual delight to your living areas. Our premium pillow covers will breathe new life into your home.

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