How To Achieve a Modern Farmhouse Look

Modern farmhouse style is what it sounds like—a delightful mash-up of modern design with a lived-in farmhouse aesthetic and atmosphere. The modern farmhouse style is gaining lots of traction and for a good reason. With this style, you can give your home personality, a unique appearance, and a relaxing atmosphere, all of which are great attributes for any living space. If you’re new to the subject, read the guide below to learn how to achieve a modern farmhouse look beautifully.

Weave Natural Elements Throughout

A key element of the modern farmhouse style is natural décor. Wooden walls or tables make great additions to this design style, offering both functionality and visual appeal. Natural décor, such as wood and plants, has a reputation for making living spaces feel calmer and more serene. Metal décor can also bring an industrial element to your home that meshes perfectly with natural details.

Due to its connection to mechanical devices, some might assume metal doesn’t mix with organic elements at all, but the opposite is true. For instance, setting up your plants in a metal vase creates a brilliant visual contrast. The way cold, strong metal balances with the softer, warmer organic décor pieces showcases one of the top reasons modern farmhouse is such a beloved aesthetic.

Prioritize Weathered Décor

Not only should you include nature in your modern farmhouse layout, but you should also have weathered décor. When you’re learning how to achieve a modern farmhouse look, understanding the power of vintage décor is a crucial takeaway. If everything looks too sleek or new, you won’t quite attain that modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Piles of books with worn covers or weathered wooden tables are two examples of the multitudinous ways you can make this design work. Likewise, when you’re putting flowers into a metal vase, choose a vase with a worn, rustic, and lived-in quality. Of course, you don’t want décor that’s broken or rusty, but you want materials that wear their age on their sleeve, so to speak. Think “vintage,” not “garbage.”

Don’t Forget the Neutral Colors

Bright orange, red, and yellow are fun, energetic colors, but they don’t mix well with a modern farmhouse style. As you can see from our modern farmhouse pillow covers, this design style calls for the use of some nifty neutrals. Throughout your wall paint and décor choices, stick to earthy beiges, creamy whites, and classy grays. These colors bring a warm, welcoming feeling to your home without being too overpowering like vibrant reds and yellows can be.

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you can’t play with contrast. White vases on beige tables or black cabinets against white walls are just a few fun methods for creatively contrasting neutrals. Many people associate the term “farmhouse” with the red color that these structures typically display. But in the modern farmhouse style, neutral colors reign supreme.

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