3 Ways To Style a Lumbar Pillow

Lumbar pillows are comfy and beautiful, whether you set them up on a bed, bench, chair, or couch. However, making the most out of any pillow requires some care and creativity. Let’s discuss three easy but stunning ways to style a lumbar pillow.

Pair It with a Cozy Blanket

As we’ll discuss below, layering pillows on one another can be a fabulous tactic, but some surfaces only need a single extra pillow. If you only have room for one lumbar pillow, there’s another type of décor you can pair it with: a throw blanket. Draping a cozy throw blanket over a lumbar pillow gives your couch a distinct lived-in feel without looking messy or unkempt. Ideally, you’ll want a blanket with a different color or fabric than your pillow. That way, each element can stand out and delightfully accent the other.

Surround It with Other Throw Pillows

One of the best ways to style a lumbar pillow is to layer it with other throw pillows. Some furniture only needs one or two designer pillows. However, layering multiple throw pillows in different sizes on top of one another creates rich visual depth. Don’t choose pillows that all look the same; having variety in the pillow sizes, colors, textures, and patterns is key. If all the pillows in your arrangement look the same, they’ll feel monotonous or dull instead of lively and lavish. Mixing together different throw pillows brings a unique beauty to living spaces—using a long lumbar pillow as the first layer of your pillow arrangement is a great idea.

Bring In an Extra Lumbar Pillow

Instead of combining a lumbar pillow with several additional throw pillows, you can pair it with another lumbar cover. Some homeowners prefer two lumbar pillows instead of a whole pillow bouquet, which is absolutely fine. A couple of lumbar pillows covers plenty of ground and brings a fun contrast to the average pillows on beds, couches, and other seating areas around the house. As with throw pillows, keep size in mind—layer two lumbar pillows on beds or couches to achieve visual depth. On the other hand, if you’re working with a large surface, you can take two 14x36 lumbar pillow covers and lay them beside each other, creating a beautiful horizontal layer in front of couch cushions or bed pillows. Suffice it to say, homeowners can use lumbar pillows in many creative, fulfilling ways.

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