How To Care for African Mud Cloth

How To Care for African Mud Cloth

African mud cloth is a unique, beautiful fabric. This handwoven textile can add instant class and visual appeal to a home’s décor. However, a certain amount of care goes into properly washing mud cloth. Luckily, learning the ropes of how to care for African mud cloth is fairly simple.

Before washing your mud cloth, be meticulous with your choice of soap or detergent. Avoid using strong cleaning chemicals, which can negatively affect the fabric. Stick to a mild detergent, and just to be safe, test it out with a small piece of fabric beforehand to ensure it’s right for the job.

There are two options to choose from when it comes to washing: with a machine or by hand. Washing the mud cloth by hand is easy as long as you treat the fabric carefully. Always wash it in cold water, not warm. If you notice the water getting dark when you’re washing by hand, don’t worry; that’s a normal occurrence.

For machine washing, be wary of the settings you choose. Always go with cold water and the gentle cycle. Additionally, don’t put your mud cloth in the machine as is. First, put the mud cloth in a lingerie bag, and then put it in the machine. Machine washing does with an extra step of maintenance, which is cleaning out the inside of the machine when the process is over. With a quick rinse, you can wash another batch of clothes in there without any trouble.

After the washing process, you can dry the fabric by hanging it, laying it down flat, or steam ironing it. If you’re going to use a steam iron, be very careful. Only use the iron on the cotton setting to prevent the mud cloth from sustaining any damage.

As you can see, caring for African mud cloth is a very easy process. Now that you know how to maintain this fabric, you can creatively use it in your home décor. Among our selection of vintage pillow covers, we have multiple mud cloth options available that can add a unique texture to any room.

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