The Best Fabrics for Throw Pillows

You can successfully use a variety of fabrics with throw pillows. However, to make the most out of the fabric and the pillow, you should be meticulous with your choice. This quick guide will help you find the best fabrics for throw pillows to put on display.

The best types of throw pillow fabrics are the ones that serve a purpose to your overall interior design choices. It doesn’t matter how nice a pillow is; if it stands out like a sore thumb, it’s going to be a detriment to the room it’s in.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a contrasting element in your pillow fabric, such as black pillows on a beige couch, but that’s because contrast can make pillows and the furniture stand out instead of blending into one another. The difference between this and randomly choosing any throw pillow is that in the former situation, the fabric serves a very specific purpose.

Throw pillow fabrics such as cotton, velvet, wool, faux leather, and linen can all make great additions to the space, depending on what look you’re going for. If you look at our selection of 22x22 throw pillow covers, you’ll see that even pillows of the same fabric and texture can come in a diverse array of colors. Some throw pillows sport solid shades of olive green, blue, and white, while others display unique design patterns to entice guests.

The variety of colors that throw pillows display can have a profound effect on the atmosphere of a room. Colors such as light blue and green can create a relaxing atmosphere when properly used in any given room. Shades of yellow and orange, on the other hand, can make a room feel warmer and more energetic.

You also have to think about how the texture of fabrics will affect a room. For example, cotton is very soft, cool, and simple, while velvet is soft, warm, and stylish. Wool is a much warmer, thicker material that makes a great addition to any room in which someone might want to cozy up on a cold evening.

So what are the best fabrics for throw pillows? To put it simply, cotton, velvet, wool, faux leather, and linen are all suitable choices. However, what makes them great additions to the space you’re decorating is how you use them to enhance your interior design. Whether you want throw pillows that can echo certain design elements in the room (color, pattern, texture) or stand out by introducing a contrasting element to the décor, there are many on the market that will get the job done.

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