How To Carry a Color Scheme Throughout Your Home

Sticking to a color scheme throughout a house is a great way to create a consistent atmosphere and aesthetic from room to room. That said, homeowners may struggle to use the same color scheme creatively.

There’s no step-by-step list on the subject, but this guide will help you learn the essentials of house-wide color schemes. By reading through this guide on how to carry a color scheme throughout your home, you can find a uniquely personal approach that brings your vision to life.

Know Your Scheme

Before diving into how to carry a color scheme through your home, you have to know what color scheme you want to use. Colors profoundly affect our mood, so choose shades that align with your ideal atmosphere. That might sound obvious, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of, “this shade looks pretty, let’s use it,” instead of considering the larger effect each color can have in any given space.

Some homeowners choose color schemes on a room-by-room basis, but a house-wide scheme will help you achieve better visual flow and cohesion. If every room has a different color scheme, the entire house loses its consistent vision.

Use Your Scheme

Once you know what color scheme you want throughout the house, you can begin echoing various shades from that scheme into your paint choices. You might be wondering, “Doesn’t using the same color scheme make a home look monotonous?” Luckily, that’s not the case if you get creative with your paint and décor choices. Wall and ceiling paint certainly play a key role in echoing color schemes throughout homes, but so does the color of décor, like throw pillows and blankets.

Sticking to one color palette for the whole home might sound creatively restricting, but it’s not. “One color palette” doesn’t mean “one color”—your color palette is your theme. For example, our throw pillow covers (22x22) come in various colors, as well as many shades of those colors. A Blue Indigo Velvet pillow provides a bold, dark blue to living spaces, whereas the Vintage Blue Floral designer pillow offers a lighter, more faded shade of the titular color.

Throw pillows are just one piece of décor you can play with—take the time to really look at what décor you can use to echo a color scheme or, if necessary, what décor you can buy to add a specific shade or pattern.

Another great example of how to introduce diversity into a color scheme is by discussing neutral palettes. When people think about neutral color palettes, they typically think about colors like grey, beige, and white. However, neutral palettes can contain various shades of blue and green too. In other words, color schemes can offer wider design opportunities than you might realize initially. Once you update the property with a coherent color scheme connecting each area, you can have a beautiful home that’s uniquely yours.

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