Welcoming Colors To Use Inside Your Home

Welcoming Colors To Use Inside Your Home

Colors have a profound effect on our emotions, which is a fact that comes in handy for interior designers. When homeowners want to make their home feel a certain way, designers can look to their color wheel for guidance.

If you’re far from an expert in interior design, certain phrases like “inviting colors” or “welcoming colors” might sound very subjective, and in some ways they are. That said, there’s a selection of colors that commonly have an inviting effect on guests and homeowners alike. Keep reading to discover some of the top welcoming colors to use inside your home.

Make It Warm & Bright

When most people think of welcoming colors, they think of warm colors. Just because a color is vibrant doesn’t mean it’s warm and welcoming, but there are some bright shades that do capture that feeling. For example, there are several inviting, warm shades of yellow worth using at home. These shades include gold, tangerine, and chrome—each of which look as classy as they do friendly. Some warm reds also make a great addition to a cozy living space. Specifically, deep reds such as burgundy, crimson, and scarlet are great go-to options for making homes feel lively and inviting.

Keep It Cool & Neutral

Aside from the warmer options above, there are various cool and neutral colors perfect for creating a friendly home. Specifically, colors such as beige, grey, and white can capture that welcoming feeling. In the case of the color white, specifically creamy white gives a room an attractive look and pleasant atmosphere. If you’re not a fan of those options, consider using some pale blues or earthy greens to breathe new life into any given room of the house. As you can see, quite a few colors can help you create a welcoming home.

Pair Paint & Decor

Remember, don’t just think about these colors in terms of paint—echoing your welcoming paint colors with your décor is immensely useful. For example, you can easily find a cozy African mudcloth pillow cover displaying a creamy white exterior. Thanks to how comfy throw pillows and blankets are, they’re two of the best ways to echo welcoming colors inside your home.

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