How to Mold Your Space - The Finest Couch Pillow Sets and Throw Pillow Sets for a Home Makeover

How to Mold Your Space -  The Finest Couch Pillow Sets and Throw Pillow Sets for a Home Makeover

Pillows are the ubiquitous choice to accentuate your home’s beauty. But the various structures, styles, and colors can be confusing. We’ll provide an easy way to use the couch and throw pillow sets to style your furniture and home. Let’s get started!

Know the Basics of Style

Match Colors

Color is the most eye-catching part of your pillows. The colors of the sets must suit the furniture. You need to have a good sense of color mixing and matching so that you’ll be able to modify our advice to suit your own unique needs!

Contrast will serve as one of your most powerful tools that can be used to achieve the look you’re going for. If your room and furniture look neutral or grayed out, use popping colors like white, green, blue, or other bright colors to contrast them with the backdrop.

You need to consider the color blend, too. If you are not going for an avant-garde style, its color has to blend in and accentuate the story you want to tell through your room and furniture. For example, consider using colors like navy blue, sandy neutrals, and soft yellow to compliment a room with a beachy vibe. 

Monochromatic solid colors are popular in modern-styled pillow sets like the Montecito Pillow Set. They are mainly used where they shouldn’t pop out. This guide will make heavy use of them.

Layer pillows

Layering must be considered when using more than a single pillow, which is to say, always. It is the technique of arranging multiple pillows on the same furniture.

Before layering your pillows, you should accurately grasp the style you’re going for and the furniture's dimensions. You would want to layer them differently for a king-sized bed than a twin bed. It is also especially recommended that layering be done according to their dimensions.

Select its size according to your furniture for a basic guideline. Select large ones like those in the Pillow Combo #5 for beds, large sofas, etc. Meanwhile, smaller ones like those in the Santa Barbara Pillow Combo are more suitable for smaller sofas, couches, benches, and other miscellaneous furniture.

A classic advice regarding layering is to put larger ones on the bottom and smaller ones on top. You can also accentuate them for style and comfort by throwing in a lumbar support pillow or a rectangular one.

Use Patterns

Patterns and texture take the pillow design to a new dimension, literally. They help your pillows pop out. Patterns are roughly divided into two types: Organic and Geometric patterns.

As the name suggests, organic patterns are those patterns that are derived from nature and the world around us. Some common motifs are a decorative design that forms a floral pattern. You can see the organic patterns with floral motifs in two pillows in the Sierra Pillow Set.

Geometric patterns are made from shapes that seem far more grounded than organic patterns. They are made of straight lines, sharp angles, and perfectly drawn shapes. They are used far more in modern styles compared to classical styles. Modern pillow sets such as the Seattle Pillow Set use geometric patterns heavily.

There is one more hidden pattern, not really a pattern, which is just a solid block of color aptly named ‘solid’. Pillow sets like the Malibu Pillow Set are mainly used if the situation calls for neither organic nor geometric patterns. You can also use them to balance different patterns or sneakily complement furniture, as they are not eye-catching.

Generally, you should have at least one pillow set with the following pattern: one solid, one small print, and one large print because they are extremely useful and versatile. The Montauk Pillow Set pillow set is a good embodiment of this principle.

Arrange Couch Pillow Sets

Arranging couch pillow sets is not very difficult if you have kept our advice on basic styles in mind. Let’s explore some methods we think are good for arranging them on selected couches.

Style a Lounge Couch

Lounge couches differ from traditional couches because they are more elongated. They look like a bed-sofa hybrid. Unlike sofas, they lack armrests and a complete head, so they need meticulous arrangement.

You should use large pillows as a base for the layering and top them off with smaller ones like the Sierra Pillow Set. Generally, they should only be on one side of the lounge couch, the side containing the head. You can start by tilting the larger ones on the head and then layering. 

We advise leaving one or two smaller throw pillows on the lounge couch as an accessory, but it doesn’t matter. Regarding color schemes, you can use the info we gave on colors and your instincts. You should add flair to our advice to achieve your stylish method.

Decorate Sectional Couches

Sectional couches include single to multi-seater couches arranged in a way as to form an L or a U-shape. Styling this couch is only tricky because of the corners. Otherwise, it follows similar principles. The colors, texture, and patterns should be considered according to the basic style guide and your inclinations. The Santa Cruz Pillow Set would look good on any sectional.

A classic advice is to first arrange them on the ends of this type of couch. Two of them will be okay on each end. Then, you can use different-sized ones to layer them by putting the smaller one on top of the larger one. Put three or four small ones on the corners and sprinkle some on the main body.

Style a Couch Bed

The couch bed is a unique invention of the modern apartment lifestyle. It is designed to function as a beautiful couch and a comfy bed. Such a unique design needs a unique way of arranging pillows that balances comfort and style.

You should use large decorative pillows on the side and small comfortable ones in the middle where you would sleep. Rectangular ones are highly recommended for headrests. It is better to put them only on the side of the headrest. Solid-colored ones with no glaring texture and embroideries are preferred. The Amy Pillow Set I set is compatible with our advice.

Beautify a Nugget Couch

It has been gaining popularity as a small yet comfortable place of leisure for kids. You should not think too much about arranging pillows on this couch since kids will play with them anyway, but keep our advice in mind.

You can use two large ones as a base for the children to rest their heads on. And throw in some smaller pillows for your kids to play with. You should use a smaller set with a color palette suiting the couch.

Elevate Futons

Futons are modern couches that are light and sometimes function as beds. They have a distinctive look compared to traditional couches. 

You can use 2 or 3 pillows of the same size except a single one, which should be rectangular to sleep on. Choose a solid color to blend well with the modern style of the couch. Check the Seattle Pillow Set set out.

Arrange Throw Pillow Sets

Use on Couch

A classic method is to use either 3 or 4 pillows. If you use four of them, use two pairs with different colors. One of the pairs should be larger, while the other pair should be smaller, like in the Santa Monica Pillow Set set. Then, put the larger ones with the same pattern at the back and the smaller ones on the front. 

If you use three or fewer, you can use ones with unique textures and patterns. Make sure that their color schemes are similar so they blend well with each other.

Change them according to your mood or, more classically, the seasons and the weather. Consider changing them according to seasons if you do not want that much of a hassle while maintaining style.

In the summer, when the sun is shining and hot and bright, consider using bright colors like yellow, white, light blue, etc. We recommend the Pillow Combo #6

You can use more neutral and gray colors in winter while following a monochromatic color scheme. You should vary the patterns. Consider using sets with tons of embroidery. Texture plays an important role here, as softness is preferred. You could use the Pillow Combo # 16, which you can cuddle with and look good in.

Style a Sofa

Consider using chopped pillows to look professional. It is better to vary their heights. A common method to arrange them is to put a large one on the sofa and a smaller one in front of the previous one. Then, you can use the rectangular pillow on the forefront. 

You can use a set of sizes, colors, and patterns for a classic sofa. The large-scale patterns should be evenly distributed so that a specific portion of the furniture doesn’t needlessly pop out. This distribution maintains the symmetry, too. The textured pillows, which a visitor will likely notice carrying significant allure, should be placed on opposing ends to maintain symmetry.

Sometimes, you want to overwhelm the sofa. In the vein of the saying, quantity has a quality of its own, you can use a large pillow set on a single sofa. You should maintain a monochromatic color scheme. It is better if they are on the neutral side. 

Elevate your Bed

You can style your bed in any way you want. Just keep in mind the features of your bed and select and arrange the pillows according to it.

For a basic arrangement, you should layer the pillows with the larger one on the bottom and the smaller one on the top. Classically, however, you can tilt those at the back and add another layer of fluffy ones at a lower height.

If you like to have many pillows on your bed, you can layer them on top of each other. It is better to stick to monochromatic schemes or paired-down color schemes. You can also add some with textures having peculiar designs. Mix and match small and big ones. 

Another simple method is to stack the pillows on top of each other. Use two of them to cover your bed and two of them on top. We recommended using a monochromatic color scheme.

The size of your bed is one of the most important factors you need to consider before starting to style your bed, as it affects the quantity you can use. Many only look good on larger beds.

You should use large sets compatible with the large area for a king-sized bed. You can be generous in their use. You can choose between double or triple layering for a classic look in this bed type. Decorated double or triple layering can also be used with an additional lumbar pillow. 

It is generally the same for queen-sized beds, but we advise you to tone down the size and quantity of pillows. As for normal-sized beds, you can use the classic single stack, where you place two of them and then an additional two on top of the bottom ones.

The presence and properties, if present, of the bed’s headboard are variable to consider. If there is no headboard, then you won’t be able to tilt the ones at the back. When using throw pillows, you must complement their color and patterns. Regarding it, you can trust your instincts along with the basic styling advice. Don’t worry too much about the headboard, but keep it in your mind.

Highlight your Outdoor Seating Area

You should use comfortable and durable throw pillows to style outdoor seating areas as they are exposed to the elements. Opt for bright colors like yellow or green to match the outdoor setting. You can also choose embroidered ones like the Pillow Combo #14 for your outdoor seating area.

Decorate Miscellaneous Things

There are many more pieces of furniture and places apart from what we’ve mentioned. Select the color palette according to our guide and prioritize comfort in benches, chairs, recliners, etc. You can opt for either a modern or a classic look. It depends on the furniture. 

We hope you found our guide as a solid starting point to give your home a complete makeover. We recommend you pursue your preferences while keeping the basic ideas in mind. The principles of color matching, sizes, etc, are universal and help you style your furniture with couch throw pillow sets. You can mold your space with our collection at One Affirmation right now!

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