Best Modern Throw Pillows For Adding Class to Your Home

Best Modern Throw Pillows For Adding Class to Your Home

Do not feel overwhelmed while selecting modern throw pillows! We have prepared a list of pillows to help you select the best ones for your home decor. We have selected them based on color palette and patterns, texture, ease of maintenance, style, and versatility. Here is our narrowed-down collection of modern throw pillows to add class to your home.

Montauk Pillow Set

This pillow set has textures, colors, and patterns to evoke a classic style while retaining uniqueness. The Montauk pillow set offers a beautiful color palette, rich textures, different sizes, and more.

We envisioned a different style of pillow set for a sofa, queen-sized, and king-sized bed. Although the sizes vary among the varying styles, the essence remains unchanged.

The larger of the pillows are solid in color but have subtle textures. The patterned ones provide a sense of contrast against the solid white. The colors differ from green to cream. We have also used a blend of yellow and brown and a pattern resembling watercolors for a unique style in the smaller of them.

The secret to a great set is harmony, and we’ve used contrast to create harmony in this set. The pillows may seem jarring initially, but they reflect thoughtful consideration of the modern classic style. Each stands out in its own right, but all combine to balance each other.

We recommend this pillow set in colder seasons and under warm lighting. They exude a sense of comfort and coziness. Durability is high due to the premium materials and expert craftsmanship, so you can expect this set to grace your home with style for a long time.

Newport Pillow Set

The Newport pillow set is one of our best for its versatility, beauty, and practical significance. We offer three options, each tailored to a specific piece of furniture.

This set has a modern, classic style. It has a quirky pillow with floral motifs, subtly patterned large fluffy pillows, a solid-colored lightly embroidered one, and a uniquely textured small one.

The pillows’ size depends on the furniture you’re using them on. So, the set for the king-sized bed is larger than the sofa. Every single one complements the furniture in their way and combines to show a style that blends the different styles harmoniously.

The larger, subtly patterned ones mellow the eye-catching pillow with floral motifs. The solid-colored cover contrasts with the others, while the smaller textured one is perfect for comfort due to its texture and fluffiness. 

This set isn’t limited to its components. Its true beauty lies in how these individual pillows combine to form a set of style and class. 

It looks good in all seasons. It meshes well with the moods and ambiance of most homes. They are made with care and skill, so durability is to be expected.

Gingham Rust Pillow Cover

Versatility is the game's name, and this pillow cover embodies it. The Gingham Rust pillow cover blends seamlessly with others to exude a classic charm. Moreover, it can be used to decorate any furniture. 

The striped patterns and the rusty color complement each other for a modern aesthetic style. It is easy on the eyes and doesn’t overshadow the furniture itself. The texture feels comfortable on the skin. The tactile feedback is exemplary.

This cover complements other complete pillow sets. It doesn’t ruin the cohesive color palette of a good set, rather adds to it. You can use it to support and enhance the beauty of the highlight pieces. You can’t go wrong using it on any occasion or scenario.

There is substantial airflow since it is made of 100% cotton on the front. The linen/cotton blend on the back provides high durability and longevity. It will remain pristine for many years to come.

Its size is perfect for most furniture with various quirks.

Indian Wool Slate

This cover is one of our most unique covers. The Indian Wool Slate pillow cover is a woolen piece handcrafted by masters using 100% naturally dyed wool.

Each cover is unique. Geometric patterns have been blended with the cover to provide a comforting texture. The wool locks on the side of the pillow provide a refreshing quirk.

You should use this wool cover in the winter to enhance the coziness of your home. 

The texture is very comfortable since it is made of wool. The interlocking woolen threads provide a sense of depth in the texture. Some fuzzy strands reflect light beautifully.

This cover has exemplary craftsmanship. The quality of the weaving adds to its durability. It is easy to dry clean. Furthermore, it possesses an invisible zipper closure.

We recommend using this pillow as a centerpiece on your furniture. It will look the best on a sofa or a couch. This cover will highlight and provide an exotic class type to your home.

Belvedere Designer Pillow Cover

We chose the Belvedere pillow cover because of its bedazzling patterns. Interweaving patterns colored burnt orange on a solid white background uniquely appeal to the eyes. 

This pillow cover is meant to be used as the crown jewel of your furniture. It draws your gaze and lulls you into hypnotic admiration. It offers rich colors and refined elegance that enhance the sharpness of the furniture.

It will look best on white furniture in a bright area. Summer or fall is appropriate to use this pillow cover. The bright rays make the cover shine.

The zipper blends seamlessly with the texture. Moreover, the linen offers breathability and good thermoregulation, essential to comfort. It is lightweight and neutralizes bad odor with ease.

More than just what meets the eyes, it is comforting to touch due to having 100% Linen on the front and 80/20 cotton/linen blend on the back. The stitches are expertly done, so it is very durable. You can expect this pillow cover to be styling your home with class for many summers.

Ashley Pillow Set

The Ashley pillow set is a perfect example of a classic modern pillow set. Its color palette, textures, and varying sizes are specifically adapted to the modern home. We provide multiple options for this set for sofas, queen-sized beds, and king-sized beds.

The base of this set is made of two solid white pillows with subtle textures. Their texture is hard to notice visually, but they provide acute tactical feedback. Their solid color makes them versatile since they blend with any other color palette. 

Two striped pillows act as contrasts to the solid white ones. The stripes are white, while the main color is black. The texture is subtle but very comfortable. Their contrast with the white ones brings the set to harmony.

This set has a single pillow that acts as the highlight. It has white circular patterns on a green background. The back is cream-colored like the striped ones. This pattern breaks the balance between the black and the white ones. It offers a distinctive flair to the set.

Moreover, the size of this set varies according to the furniture. The king-sized bed has pillows with larger dimensions compared to the ones with smaller dimensions for the sofas.

This set is very easy to maintain and clean. It is very durable due to expert stitching and premium materials. The Ashley Pillow Set is a classic modern set you can’t miss out on.

Macricio Floral Pillow Cover

Pillows with floral designs have graced this list many times for a reason. Their enchanting beauty demands absolute attention and exudes a soothing vibe. The Macricio Floral pillow cover offers fantastic motifs upon a beautiful base.

The rust-colored floral patterns emerge as a complex tapestry. The branches of the flowers intertwine, and the flowers curve and rotate in a way that makes each section look unique. The greenish base upon which the motifs sprawl blends them wonderfully. The natural combination of the color palette leaves one to awe and marvel at the design.

Moreover, solid beige is used on the back side to balance the chaotically complex tapestry on the front. The seams clearly distinguish the patterns and solid color. Within these seams, there is an invisible zipper.

You should use this pillow cover to achieve a warm, classic look. These patterns complement classic furniture like a sofa. This cover highlights your furniture if you desire a modern, grand, and classical look.

It takes advantage of the exceptionally durable nature of linen, with its front being 100% linen to offer unmatched durability. Surprisingly, it is easy to spot or dry clean. This pillow cover exudes quality and style.

Fall Pillow Set #2

The Fall pillow set #2 is the set that will warm your home with its delightfully warm colors and rich textures. This set blends a comforting touch and elegance, which is the essence of fall.

It features an amazingly patterned pillow with floral motifs, a larger striped one, and a smaller solid-colored one. Rather than the cohesive color palette, the texture is the highlight of this set. 

The visual of the warmly colored floral motifs on the bluish-green blend is not unlike Van Gogh’s Starry Sky. With surprising depth, the swirling patterns draw your attention to the pillow entrancing you. It is the perfect highlight during fall since it exudes coziness due to its wonderfully patterned style.

The other two pillows subtly contrast the eye-catching one. The pure linen on the front side provides depth to the textures. The finishing on this set is magnificently done. 

Each pillow is crafted from premium materials with state-of-the-art processing. A long lifespan is to be expected. They do not easily tear or wear down. 

The textures and the color palette of this set demand warmer lighting. They offer classic softness instead of sharp boldness. This set is a refreshing take on the modern throw pillows for fall.

We have an amazing collection of throw pillows at One Affirmation for the theme you like. You can select your desired throw pillow cover and get hypoallergenic and odorless pillow inserts of the appropriate size. We hope this list has equipped you with knowledge of the cream of the crop. You can experiment with all these pillows and their various colors, textures, and patterns!

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