How To Style a Darker Sofa

Having a darker colored sofa in your living space may really darken up the area but also be complimented by lighter accents you have, whether that be pillows or other decor. Dark sofas can also make a statement and be a focus point in your room. You may notice the design and color of the sofa more than you do with a lighter one, just because of how much it may stand out. Here are a few tips on how to style your darker colored sofa. 

Add Pillows With a Pop of Color and Texture 

If you aren’t a fan of colors that really pop or make a statement, the Tan Velvet Pillow is the perfect one to start with. Its neutral color will compliment your darker colored sofa while adding a lighter element that has the beautiful texture of velvet. It’s the perfect pillow to add with your collection of pillows that may have patterns on them. 

A pillow that will also provide you with texture is the Gold Velvet Pillow. This will become a staple piece on your sofa and will brighten up your sofa as well as add a fun element to your space. Add the Olive Green Velvet Pillow instead if you’d like to stick with the darker theme on your sofa rather than a lighter one. 

The Pink Velvet Pillow is the perfect color for those who want to add a chic and sophisticated yet fun vibe to their house. This pillow is a beautiful shade of pink that will go perfectly alongside most dark or lighter pillows, and even those that have patterns on them. Pair them with pillows that may have shades of pink incorporated in them as well. 

Faux leather is a perfect addition to a sofa that is a darker color. It is the perfect texture for those who may want a more subtle staple piece on their sofa. This Faux Leather pillow will go perfectly with most lighter or darker colored pillows that you may already have. 


Stripes Are a Great Addition to Your Sofa

Pillows with stripes on them are the perfect additions to your sofas. Although there are many different variations of stripes that you’ll find when looking at pillows, we have a few that will look perfect with your darker sofa. 

The Vintage Rust Pillow has beautiful thin stripes that are lighter than the rest of the pillow, adding a needed contrast to your darker sofa. This color is the perfect neutral addition you need. The Vega Noir Stripe Pillow is the sophisticated and intricate pillow you will love having in your house. The black and cream stripe pillow is classic and versatile. The variations of patterns and stripes in this pillow will become a show stopping accent on your sofa.  

Following suit with the cream pillow and darker designs, the Vintage Hmong Stripe Pillow is a beautiful pillow that will certainly become one of your favorite pillows. Pair it with any of the pillows we mentioned before, such as the Faux Leather Pillow and watch your space and dark sofa come together instantly. 

The White and Beige Ticking Stripe Pillow may become your favorite pillow to place on your dark sofa. It’s light color and subtle but stunning stripes will compliment your sofa in a beautiful way. It will help lighten up your possible darker decorated room and will look perfect against any solid colored pillows, or if you want to really make a fun statement, pair it with pillows that have intricate and mesmerizing designs which will really add character to your space. 


Brighten Your Darker Sofa With Designs That Make a Statement 

A good designed pillow will stand out on any sofa it is placed on. It adds character and style to your space and will help liven up your sofa. We suggest the Vintage Floral Pillow Cover. This pillows beautiful design is simplistic and perfect. It’s color is gorgeous and will look amazing against your darker sofa. If you’re not a fan of pink shades, try out a similar pillow, the Vintage Floral Pillow Color in Sage Green. The color of the florals and the lighter color of the sage green will look amazing against any darker colored couch. It is a great pop of color for those who may not want to make too big of a statement.

If you want to really make a statement with your pillow choices, you will love the Embroidered Rust Designer Pillow. The rust color in this pillow is beautiful and looks perfect with the embroidered design, which in itself is a conversation piece. If you’re looking to add a fun element that shows you love design and style, the Uroko Ink Designer Pillow is a great option for you. It’s design is beautiful and the perfect modern yet unique pillow you’ll love having on your sofa. 

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