Modern Farmhouse Pillows

The Modern Farmhouse theme is a style so many people love incorporating into their households. It makes your house feel homey, with a modern touch to it. At One Affirmation, we have pillows that will pull together and help emphasize this style into your home. Our Modern Farmhouse Collection features minimalist patters, neutral color schemes, and rustic charm. These pillows will never go out of style. They each have their own character and will fit perfectly wherever you place them in your home. 

Here are a few we know you’ll love to add into your modern farmhouse 

Grey, Black, and Cream Stripe Pillow

This pillow has a beautiful pattern that is a real staple and must-have piece in this collection. Its colors will perfectly go with so many other patterns and colors you may have going on in your home already. It’s a great pillow to keep in your house all throughout the year. It’ll never go out of style! 

Rustic Woven Windowpane Pillow 

This beige and cream colored pillow has a real simple design that will no doubt make a statement in your home. Its rustic design will really tie into your modern farmhouse style you have going on. Pair it with similarly patterned pillows or fun colored pillows to really add depth, texture and style to your home. 

Vintage Green Pillow 

Speaking of fun colored pillows…this vintage green pillow is the perfect pop of subtle color you need in your modern farmhouse. This gorgeous color really brings in the modern vibe to your farmhouse styled home. The delicate stitching and stripes add a vintage touch that will really stand out on your sofa or bed. 

Faux Leather Pillow 

A staple piece in any modern farmhouse should be a faux leather pillow. Our cognac faux leather pillow is the perfect combination of rustic and modern that will really complete your home. It’s color is beautiful and the faux leather will add a beautiful touch of style and sophistication to any room you place it in. Plus, it’ll look perfect alongside any other pillows in our Modern Farmhouse collection

Dundee Designer Pillow In Jet

A modern farmhouse isn’t complete without a pillow with this beautifully handwoven design. It’ll perfectly pair with other patterned pillows, whether that be with stripes or a nice floral design. Add it to a room full of fun colors or with more neutral colors, you’ll love it either way. 


Interested in seeing the remaining pillows in this collection? Make sure to check out the variety we have available for you! 

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