How to Style a Nightstand

How to Style a Nightstand


Last month we shared our tips on how to style a coffee table, so today we thought we would tackle the nightstand.  Bedrooms are often the last rooms to get attention when decorating a home.   Use the following tips to pull together the key elements to make your nightstand functional and stylish.  



I like to start with good lighting.  If your nightstand is large enough, opt for a table lamp to add height.  When choosing a lamp, make sure you consider size.  Your lamp should not take over the entire space.  For a smaller nightstand, consider a wall sconce to add light to your bedside.  


Natural Element

Adding a natural element creates a finished feel to the space.  In the nightstand above, Ginny opted for a shorter, round vase with a couple of stems to complement the colors in the artwork on the nightstand.  Be sure to vary the heights of your lamp and the other components on your nightstand to establish visual interest.  



Artwork is a must!  I love to layer and lean a couple of pieces directly on the nightstand.  When layering, choose pieces of varying sizes.  I like to mix different frame colors in as well.  If your nightstand is smaller, add a piece of art to the wall space just above the nightstand.  



A nightstand is a natural space to add books.  Stack a couple of books together to establish the perfect spot for a small trinket.  If you have nightstands with shelves, books are ideal to layer in your design.  

Little Items

To complete your nightstand, gather a couple of small items.  Little items make a big impact to finish a space.  Add a small decorative piece, trinket dish, or a meaningful item to complete your space! 

Links to the pillows featured are below.

Cover photo:

Mudcloth Pillow Cover  

Green Batik Pillow Cover

Stripe Lumbar 

In article photo:

Embroidered Rust Pillow Cover

-Tovah Mitchell




  • Claire -

    Where are these nightstands from? What is their name?

  • Jenn -

    I love these nightstands so much! Can you share the source?

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