How to Style a Coffee Table

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Coffee tables can be difficult to style since they should be aesthetically pleasing but also functional.  Here are some tips to make this gathering area interesting with varying elements to fit your space and style.


Ginny's coffee table above features five elements that create visual interest in her living space.  

Stack up books.

Books are a wonderful starting point to create interesting vignettes for your coffee table.  Large, hardcover books work perfect.  Depending on the size of your coffee table, you may need one or more stacks of books.  On the large coffee table pictured, three separate stacks have been used to give balance.

Play with height.

Height is super important when styling your coffee table.  Larger items like the vase centered in the picture can be placed directly on the table top, while smaller objects can be placed on books to create varying heights.

Combine different shapes and textures

Arrange items with different shapes and textures together.  Pair curved items with something straight, shiny pieces with dull, and textured components with smooth.  Remember the pieces you choose should always stay true to the overall style of the room.  

Add a natural element.

Flowers or greenery add life to your space.  Go for a pretty fresh flower arrangement for special occasions.  Succulents are perfect for everyday and require less attention!

Check all angles

Make certain you consider every angle when styling your table.  The coffee table is likely in the middle of your room, so people will see it from all sides.  Keep it interesting, and display some of your gorgeous pieces that will be conversation starters.  

Tell us some of your favorite items to use when styling your coffee table.  Links for decor items below including our pillows used in the photos.  

Cover photo:

Coffee Table

Vintage Blue Stripe Pillow
Aegean Stripe Pillow
White/Blue Floral Pillow
Vintage Rust and Cream Stripe Pillow

In article photo
Dark Grey Stripe Pillow
Vintage Rust and Cream Stripe Pillow
Khotan Designer Cover in Rubia 

-Tovah Mitchell


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