Methods for Stylistically Adding Personality in Your Home

Methods for Stylistically Adding Personality in Your Home

Making your home look nice is sometimes more challenging than we expect. Figuring out the right way to make your home look nice isn’t just tough for newcomers—it’s also quite subjective, to a degree. Thankfully, interior designers have the experience and knowledge to make living spaces and offices alike look beautiful.

When you first learn about interior design methods, it’s easy to lose yourself in what people typically like and not what you like. Interior designers aren’t always trying to strip out personality from your home; they can provide you with a way of bringing your personality out in an aesthetically cohesive, visually interesting way. Below, you’ll find a handful of methods for stylistically adding personality in your home. Use these methods to create an impressive but comfortable living space.

Focusing on Furniture

A great way to put your personality on display is through furniture options. The design of chairs, tables, desks, and couches can convey a bevy of different moods and aesthetics. Buying furniture isn’t something homeowners should do without a plan in mind. Thankfully, imbuing personality in your furniture is a pretty good plan. Whether you want to lean into retro designs or something more modern—or something else entirely—invest in furniture that feels like it belongs in your home, not just a home.

Fabric and Furniture

When you’re trying to add a very distinct personality to any given room, pay close attention to what fabrics you’re using. The right fabric can make any room feel cozier and more welcoming. Furniture such as couches and chairs offers the best way of doing this—find the perfect mixture of visual appeal and comfort. Some of the best fabrics for furniture at home include wool, velvet, linen, and cotton.

Besides a couch or chair’s fabric, think about accessories. Accessories include throw pillows and blankets, which offer both comfort and style. As you can see from our collection of custom designer pillows, this décor comes in various colors, patterns, and textures. Suffice it to say, optimizing your home décor is one of the best methods for stylistically adding personality in your home.

A cozy rug is also a delightful way to add some personality and style to any home. Like pillows and blankets, you can find rugs in various colors, patterns, and materials. Rugs make a particularly nice addition to hardwood floors—acting as a comfortable, stylistically interesting contrast to the smooth, cold texture of the wood.

Color Coordination

Everything in your home has a color—pillows, rugs, doors, walls, shelving units, bananas, everything. When it comes to your designs, every paint and décor color should serve a purpose because colors have a significant effect on emotions. As silly as that might sound to anyone unfamiliar with this concept, it’s true. Interior designers don’t suggest paint colors depending on which one is prettier. Visual appeal is important, but so is the atmosphere your décor creates through attributes such as color.

The Quick Guide To Color Classes

Most people associate bright red with feelings of passion, stimulation, and energy. Orange has similarly positive energy, imbuing your living space with optimism and levity. Another warm color, yellow, is better for adding fun and happiness at home. Don’t read this and think a warm color palette means you can only use three colors. The appearance of red, orange, and yellow can adjust slightly depending on any undertones. For instance, mixing red and white can create pink, but pink has a distinct appearance that sets it apart from the original colors.

White falls under “neutral colors.” Additional neutrals include grey, beige, and black. Although colors like grey and beige aren’t as vibrant as orange or yellow, they will bring warmth to your living space.

If you want to prioritize relaxation and serenity at home, you’ll want to look toward the aptly titled “cool colors.” This category includes green, purple, and blue. Green, much like the grass on the ground and leaves in the trees, symbolizes growth and restoration. Much like the ocean’s rhythmic waves, blue can bring calm and serenity to any living space. Taking the time to focus on what colors you’re displaying at home will help you tailor each room’s atmosphere to your liking.

Adding Attractive Artwork

There is a vast array of artwork homeowners can use to spruce up their living space. Carefully crafted landscapes, stunning portraits, and abstract designs are just a handful of the options you have available. As with paint colors, choosing artwork goes further than picking the most attractive one you see. If you want to add some personality to your home, look for artwork that appeals to your interests. From cultural importance to religious significance, find paintings that mean something to you.

Don’t cover every inch of free wall space with paintings, but strategically placing a few throughout your home is a solid way to make each room pop with personality. Don’t shy away from more personal paintings too. For instance, if you paint, consider painting something specifically for your home. On the other hand, if you have a painter in the family, buy one of their works to celebrate their creativity.

How Hobbies Help

Painting isn’t the only hobby that can help you make good use of your living space. If your big hobby is making, writing about, or simply enjoying movies, posters can make great wall art. Seek out some posters for your favorite movies to make your home stand out in a unique, interesting way. Likewise, if you’re a musician, lining the walls with some awesome guitars creates an intriguing focal point for any room. From sports to carpentry, whatever your hobbies are, look for creative ways to put your personal interests on display for all to see.

Remember, interior designers don’t design homes simply by copying what they see in textbooks—industry experts have found a bevy of methods for making homes look beautiful while letting the homeowner’s personality shine through unobstructed. Finding the right balance can be tough for some homeowners, but with the help of a few industry techniques like the ones above and a professional by your side, finding that balance will be much easier.

Methods for Stylistically Adding Personality in Your Home

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