Our Best Throw Pillows for the Spring Season - Complete List

Spring is a time for light colors and freshness. Finding pillows with a dashing style and cool comfort can make it difficult to overhaul your home style. You need matching pillows to complement the fresh lighting and cool ambiance. Here are our best picks for the spring season.

Georgia Pillow Cover

The Georgia pillow cover uniquely combines bright colors and soothing texture. The bright colors with the rusty patterns are wholly suited to the adequate sunlight of the spring.

The darker geometric patterns offer contrast to the bright base. Such a blend provides a striking visual depth to the color palette. The texture offers good tactile feedback and aesthetics. It is 100% cotton on the front and has a linen/cotton blend on the back.

The premium fabric offers good breathability and durability. It is complemented further by expert craftsmanship for a long lifespan.

Kyoto Designer Pillow Cover

The Kyoto designer pillow cover is a wonderful mix of bold patterns contrasting sharply with the base. The modern geometric patterns are the highlights of this pillow.

The patterns in faded black pop out from the cream-colored base. The design is eye-catching due to the contrast. This cover uses the bright lighting of this season to amplify the contrast further. The back side adds to the effect with its solid-cream design.

We offer multiple-sized covers due to this design’s versatility. It meshes well with any existing pillow collection. The high-quality fabric provides commendable durability and longevity.

Belvedere Designer Pillow Cover in Burnt Orange

The Belvedere Designer pillow cover in burnt orange features a bold color palette that complements the typical lighting of the spring. The striking patterns offer visual depth to the cream base.

The texture is mild and assumes a supportive role in the impressive color palette. The geometric style of the patterns directs the pillow’s aesthetic towards modern design. The cream-colored back offers a base for the bold front to show off its colors and patterns.

The front is made of 100% linen. The fabric imbues the pillow cover with breathability and odor resistance. It is very durable due to the premium materials and stitching.

Fiona Rust Striped Pillow Cover

The Fiona Rust Striped pillow cover depends upon the lighting and style of the surroundings to provide it with its style. The neutral style offers extreme versatility and adaptability. It is perfect to use the natural beauty of the spring.

The lack of a solid-colored base and the choice of linen as the main fabric allow you to take advantage of this season's fresh and ambient lighting. The rust and beige stripes imbue the cover with a unique personality that peeks through its borrowed style.

This cover features an invisible zipper that seamlessly blends with the adaptable style. It is straightforward to spot or dry clean.

Margot Floral Pillow Cover

The Margot Floral pillow cover offers floral patterns that pop out from a bright background. It defines the whole cover with this season’s lighting. The cover boasts an impressive style with unrelenting durability thanks to the premium materials and craftsmanship of the artisans in Thailand.

This cover makes excessive use of floral designs to overpower you. The mustard, white,
and cream on the back make the flowers erupt from the background.

It utilizes the freshness of the spring as a backdrop for the unique patterns. This style offers incredible versatility. This cover looks great as the crown jewel of any throw pillow combination.

Rex Pillow Cover

The Rex pillow cover is a hand-woven and hand-dyed masterpiece that elegantly combines vintage and designer styles for an avant-garde design. It features an innovative weaving of premium fabrics.

The color palette is reminiscent of nature and wilderness. It augments the freshness of the spring. The harshness and coziness of the winter are replaced by vibrant softness and brightness. This pillow captures the essence of spring styles.

The green base complements the natural lighting and ambiance of the spring. The white patch-like patterns grab your attention and focus on this colorful piece. It offers you a worthy cause and an innovative design.

This pillow’s story offers just as much as the unique style. It is the product of a life-long mission to preserve handloom weaving and its intricacies. It employs and empowers women and aging weavers.

Raya Pillow Cover

The Raya pillow cover features limitless comfort and an interesting blend of colors. This intricate hand-woven tapestry is constructed on a traditional loom. The patterns are delicate and crafted with great attention to detail. They add character to the soft and creamy base. This whole pillow emanates character and individuality.

You should use this pillow if you want it to stand out among its peers. This season, it is a bold statement that prefers light and bright colors. The texture imbues a new dimension to the colors and patterns. The patterns are crafted with the texture and the weave of the fabric. This synergy adds depth to the design.

It is crafted with premium materials that provide great durability. If you properly care for it, it will grace your home for a long time.

Palermo Designer Pillow Cover

The Palermo Designer pillow cover is a bold, modern fashion statement. It adds spice to your pillow collection for this season. The grayish base strikingly delineates a color palette different from the commonly used bright colors. Despite its differences, it blends wonderfully with the spring lighting.

The rectangular patterns are interesting additions to the solid-colored base. They introduce disharmony into the style. The patterns are raised a bit. This design provides depth to the pattern on another level to the texture. The combination of the patterns and non-standard color palette just works this season.

The texture complements the style. It takes a back seat and lets the style occupy the spotlight. The cream-colored back elevates the front design to a new level. Linen offers good odor resistance, and it's easy to maintain. We recommend dry cleaning, and machine washing is harsh on the fabric.

Lily Floral Cover

The Lily Floral cover is a jumble of white patterns on a coral base. It offers a surprisingly receptive texture. The style is bright and bold, a standard style in this season.

The patterns and the base color provide great contrast that helps to create highlights. The cream-colored back helps the elements in the front pop out from the flat surface.

It features an invisible zipper that is durable and non-disruptive. The front is 100% cotton, and the back is a linen/cotton blend. The premium materials are turned into this wonderful pillow by skilled artisans in Thailand.

Kidara Blue

The Kidara Blue is a pillow that lets the color palette take the stage with all other elements in the supporting role. It features a rare batik style that excessively uses blue. This cover completely depends upon its main color to complement the natural spring lighting.

The dotted cream-colored patterns provide visual interest to the solid-blue batik style. The back helps create contrast with its cream color for a feast for the eyes. The front is 100% linen, and the back is a linen/cotton blend. It has good durability. The premium materials and expert stitching further amplify it.

Our versatile throw pillows will completely overhaul your spring aesthetic. Each of them can set the style of your home for this season. Use them with care and a good fashion sense for maximum effect. Whether you need a bright or a bold pillow, we have one to suit your needs.

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