10 Rustic Pillow Covers You'll Love - Our Complete Selection

Home decor that lacks personality is a common problem. This artistic ailment leaves many staring at uninspired rooms that require vibrancy and warmth. Rust-style pillow covers can completely overhaul your home’s aesthetic. It can be hard to choose good ones from our collection. Here are our top ten picks for the best rust-style pillow covers.

Dia Rust Floral Pillow Cover

The Dia Rust Floral pillow cover features an expansive floral pattern nearly covering the entire front side. This cover offers limitless comfort with linen and cotton.

The rust background leaches through the floral patterns and captures the entire pillow. The background overwhelms the patterns in this cover, unlike other covers. The rich and overpowering rust color forces warmth in your home.

We used premium materials while making this cover. Its manufacturing process will retain the natural characteristics of the fabric and prepare it for sewing.

Its texture is incredibly soft and cozy. The linen fabric makes it breathable and has good thermoregulation. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. This cover features an awesome style, comfort, and extra benefits.

Vintage Rust Designer Pillow Cover

The Vintage Rust designer pillow cover features a rust-colored base with a few inconspicuous patterns. The rust and the patterns make it extremely versatile. It looks good in broad daylight or a dark study room. It provides great comfort both in summer and winter. The rusty style separates it from other vintage pillows.

The embroidered patterns blend well with the rusty theme. The texture offers good tactile feedback. The front is 100% heavyweight linen, with a flaxed linen/cotton blend on the back. The linen provides it with impressive breathability and thermoregulation.

The vintage rust cover has various options, ranging from a 24x24 square cover to a giant 14x36 lumbar cover. These choices allow you to play with them however you like while retaining the vintage style.

Rust Linen Pillow Cover

The Rust Linen pillow cover is a comfy and stylish cover crafted from pure and natural linen. The solid rust color starkly contrasts other entries in this list. It is such an overpowering color that it can only be the elegant highlight of your furniture.

The natural linen imbues the pillow with desirable breathability and softness. This characteristic allows air and moisture to pass through easily. It is very durable due to its premium fabric and high-quality processing. Expert artisans make it with years of experience.

The pillow features an invisible zipper. It has been seamlessly integrated into the pillow cover. It allows you to insert pillow inserts easily. Cleaning this cover is incredibly easy. You can dry or spot-clean it. Due to its breathability, it doesn’t retain much dust or other dirt particles, so cleaning is convenient.

Embroidered Rust Designer Pillow Cover

The Embroidered Rust designer pillow cover consists of large, overpowering patterns adorned on a cream base that can easily grab attention. The geometrical patterns make the cover look like a delicate art piece. The contrast between the cream and the rust highlights the patterns. It is textured beautifully with interweaving fabrics.

The highlight of this cover is the depth of the texture and the patterns. It creates an alluring look that will complement the style of your home. It features an invisible zipper in cream. You can use it without any hassle. This cover blends seamlessly with the overarching design of the cover.

It is available in multiple sizes for great versatility. Its dimensions range from 14x20 lumbar to 22x22 squares. You can find a suitable one for any occasion.

Rust Velvet Pillow Cover

The Rust Velvet pillow cover is a solid piece of rusty vibes. The front displays a completely solid rust color, and the back is cream. The solid color exudes an unfiltered class. It is an exceptionally bold piece. This pillow can’t be ignored even when placed in a large collection.

The contrast between the rust and the cream highlights each color separately. The rust looks even rustier, and the cream looks even creamier. The rich velvet and cotton offer comfort and coziness. The texture is extremely soft to the touch due to the velvet.

Each thread of this cover is handwoven with passion by an expert. This process offers it a unique artistic beauty. It is incredibly easy to maintain, too. The premium materials offer shocking durability. You can expect this pillow cover to grace your home with its timeless elegance for years.

Rust Orange Designer Pillow Cover

The Rust Orange designer pillow cover is a cover that takes the best aspects of the Rush Velvet pillow cover, adds its charms, and presents a wonderful style. The light motifs adorning the pillow accentuate the grandiose rust.

At first glance, this cover may look like a copy of the Rush Velvet cover, but it couldn’t be more different. The patterns and motifs mellow out the powerful rusty vibes. This balance offers a subdued aesthetic that works well with any other combination or set. It doesn’t invite all the attention on itself but rather disperses it.

The linen used in this cover makes it soft and comfortable. It also makes it a high-end product. This cover boasts optimum breathability and durability. It is versatile, and we recommend this cover for any season. The premium fabrics and the design keep it cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Gingham Rust Pillow Cover

The Gingham Rust pillow cover is a soft and cozy cover with a checkered pattern of rust. The base of the pillow’s front is white and covered with rusty stripes. It is one of the most unique covers in our whole collection. This type of aesthetic is incredibly rare and fiercely competed for.

The stripes and the base offer a subdued contrast, but the colors are subdued, too. Every element of this pillow is kept in balance by another one. The back side is cream-colored. The transition between the front and the back is jarring and serves as a contrast method. The texture feels good to the touch. You can spot or dry-clean this cover with ease.

Rustic Woven Windowpane Pillow Cover

The Rustic Woven Windowpane pillow cover is the only cover in our list that doesn’t overwhelmingly use rust. Instead, it uses rust in its vertical patterns.

The pillow’s colors are very beautiful. It is a very light mixture of yellow, orange, and brown. The rust colors add a burst of elegance to the patterns.

We recommend using this versatile cover any time of the year. The lighter tones help it in the brighter seasons, like spring and summer. The rusty look makes it suitable for darker seasons like fall and winter.

We made it easy for you to clean and take care of this cover. It will look pristine and as good as new if you just spot or dry clean it. Children and adults alike can revel in its comfort without feeling any apprehension.

Vintage Floral Pillow Cover

The Vintage Floral pillow cover in rust is a gorgeous hand-painted piece of our collection. The light-colored motifs and patterns pop out of the rusty background.

It blends nostalgia with modern style. It combines contemporary fashion with timeless elegance. The hand-printed patterns are the highlights of this cover. Each cover is slightly different due to the hand-printed nature. You get to use a unique piece to style your home.

We have used exquisite materials while creating this cover. The linen offers tons of breathability and durability. Those factors greatly increase the quality of life while using a pillow. The flaxed linen/cotton blend on the back offers a good blend of durability and comfort.

Rust Farmhouse Windowpane Pillow Cover

The Rust Farmhouse Windowpane pillow cover shares some similarities and stark differences with the Rustic Woven Windowpane pillow cover. The base of the front side is rust-colored, while the patterns are brightly colored.

The rusty vibes of this cover aren’t suffocating or overpowering. They provide comfort and warmth. The color palette makes this cover more suitable for, but not limited to, darker seasons like winter.

The front is made of cotton, rayon, linen, and polyester. This combination offers a large degree of versatility. The back is made of a flaxed linen blend. The premium materials provide great breathability to the cover, one of the major factors determining comfort and durability. This cover features an invisible zipper that blends into one of the edges of the pillow. It makes inserting pillow inserts trivial.

These rust-style covers will brighten up your home. You can use multiple of them for a personalized style. Whether you're looking for something textured, floral, or traditional in rust hues, we have a pillow cover to suit your style.

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