What To Do With Decorative Pillows When You Sleep

Decorative pillows can be great for providing some back support while you’re sitting up in bed or even resting on the couch, but they’re not ideal for sleeping on every night. Some folks toss their throw pillows on the floor when they’re hitting the hay, but there are other options to consider. If you’re trying to figure out what to do with decorative pillows when you sleep, read the helpful guide below.

Supplying Storage

Throwing pillows on the ground while you sleep might seem like a simple solution, but the pillows can accrue damage and dirt while sitting on the floor. On the other hand, you can wind up tripping over a pillow when you wake up in the morning—not exactly an ideal part of one’s morning routine. Don’t worry. The perfect answer is also one that can boost your bedroom’s visual appeal: stylish storage units. This type of décor is welcome anywhere in the house that clutter can collect. So, simply toss your throws into a nearby storage unit before you tuck yourself in at night.

By “storage unit,” we don’t mean a plastic bin like the one you use to store Christmas decorations during less festive months. Theoretically, you can use a plastic bin, but that’ll hurt your bedroom’s aesthetic more than it’ll help. Instead, invest in a nice wooden console or a woven basket—these are the perfect materials for improving storage and aesthetics.

A Simpler Solution

Although beautiful décor moonlighting as a storage unit is a great solution for this particular problem, there’s an even simpler option. Technically, there are two options, each of which is simple because you likely already have them in the bedroom. Not everyone has a reading chair in their bedroom, but if you do, you can place throw pillows on the chair while you sleep. In doing so, you keep the pillows out of your way while making the seat look wonderful and more welcoming in the process.

Our second simple solution involves your closet. Suffice it to say that quite a few people have closets in their bedroom. However, not everyone has enough space in their bedroom closet for more stuff. If you have the space available in your closet, find a spot to place your throws at night. You can set up a nice area on the floor where they won’t get dirty or worn, or you can add a small shelving unit. Either is a viable option, but your choice comes down to what makes the most sense for your bedroom closet layout.

Mission accomplished: you now understand what to do with decorative pillows when you sleep. Accruing a wide selection of vintage throw pillow covers is easy but finding the right way to store them takes more time and consideration. Luckily, as you can see from the methods above, plenty of quick and effective strategies are available and worth trying out at home. Any chance to implement décor that’s both functional and gorgeous is a chance worth taking.

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