Throw Pillow Decorating Tips for Grey Couches

Finding balance in your home decor can be challenging. Thankfully, home decor is far from a new concept—there are many fantastic techniques for tying any room together aesthetically. For instance, a grey couch provides more creative opportunities than you might realize. These throw pillow decorating tips for grey couches will showcase how seemingly simple furniture can become an eye-catching focal point.

Cohesive Contrast

Instead of choosing grey couch throw pillow sets to match, try out a pillow cover with a contrasting color. However, to keep the pillow color from feeling entirely out of place, use a non-grey color that is still within the room’s color scheme. That way, you can create visual contrast while still retaining a cohesive, consistent color palette.

If you have light blue or white drapes, use throw pillows that have one or both of those colors. Cohesive contrast is a great way to make the pillow pop without looking overpowering—extremely vibrant orange pillows on a grey couch might not be the most attractive way to create visual contrast.

Creative Freedom

Luckily, as you can see from our sofa pillow covers (22x22), accent pillows come in various patterns. As a result, you have a nice level of creative freedom when finding the perfect set for your sofa. Although cohesive contrast is aesthetically pleasing, don’t be afraid to choose throw pillows with grey on them. If your color palette includes grey, black, and white, use a throw that combines those colors. As long as you have a contrasting element in the cover design somewhere, pillows can tie into the couch beautifully without blending in entirely.

Unique Considerations

As it goes with so many decor decisions, how you use these tips ultimately comes down to personal preference. How subtly do you want those pillows to pop? Which color in your room’s palette can use some extra boosting?

These unique factors in any given room play a large role in finding the best decor for grey couches. To put it simply—stick within your color palette, but choose a cover that stands out. It can be a tricky balance to strike, but when you succeed, the results are well worth the effort. With these helpful throw pillow decorating tips for grey couches, striking that balance should be much easier.

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