African Juju Hat | Cream Set of 3

One Affirmation - Cream Juju Hat - Small, Medium, Large

$ 580.00

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Authentic cream African juju hat. 

The Juju hat is a symbol of prosperity and divinity in Bamileke culture. Bird feathers are used to create this gorgeous headdress, used by the Bamileke tribe because symbolically the flight allows them to soar to the heavens. Worn to perform an annual dance celebrating the kingdom's prosperity.

Hang this piece above the fireplace, bed or console table to make a beautiful statement. Cluster a few juju hats together of different sizes to create your own custom art wall.

Set of 3 included in price:

Cream :  29- 31"  Diameter
Cream:   20 - 22" Diameter
Cream:  16-18"    Diameter

Hanging loop string attached to hang.

Juju hats will stick out about 8-10" from the wall once hung.

If interested in different sizes or additional colors, please message us.

This item ships directly from our artisan in Cameroon within 3-5 days and takes 5 days maximum to arrive once shipped. 

Please include your phone number in the notes at checkout, as we cannot ship it without that information.