Best Throw Pillow Sets and Pillow Covers for Your Furniture

Throw pillows have been a tremendous complementing piece of furniture, but have evolved into a more important item that can change the aesthetic of any room, especially in the realm of interior design. A well-chosen set of throw pillows can add texture, and color can add a great amount of personality to your home’s decor!

It can be a very daunting task trying to figure out which throw pillows suit your personal home with so many different options on the internet. In this blog, we will discuss some of the finest throw pillows to include in your home, each including different designs, textures, and great quality, to help assist you in making your perfect purchase!

1. Pomento Designer Pillow Cover

One of our first picks had to be the amazing Pomento Designer Pillow! This pillow has a blue and charcoal hue, making it an amazing pick to accent light-colored furniture. Anything from a grey couch to a light-colored piece of furniture, this pillow with help brighten up a room. Its soft and plush texture adds a touch of luxury to any setting while also showing off its amazing quality.

The design features a beautiful blend of colors and patterns, creating a harmony that complements any furniture in your home. Made from extremely high-quality materials, the Pomento Designer Pillow Cover proves to be both comfortable and durable, ensuring a long-lasting throw pillow that will complement your decor for years to come. 

2. Bogo X Designer Pillow Cover

For those who are seeking a bold touch to their furniture, the Bogo X Designer Pillow Cover is an amazing choice. This eye-catching design and vibrant colors make it a standout piece in any room. The simple but effective pattern pops on this throw pillow. The cover's high-quality fabric and stitching add to its look, making it a durable and stylish addition to the furniture in your house. Embrace the unique look of the Bogo X Designer Pillow Cover, and add it to your decoration.  

3. Indian Wool Pillow Cover | Brown + Cream

The Indian Wool Pillow Cover in Brown + Cream brings a bit of the cultural charm that some may enjoy. Handcrafted with quality materials and a great design, this pillow cover shows off its incredibly intricate patterns and textures, reflecting the amazing Indian craftsmanship.

The warm brown and cream tones create a cozy and inviting environment for relaxing winter evenings. The brown mixed with the white cross hatch designs makes it one of the most unique pillows on this list! Embrace the Indian culture that this pillow displays in your home with this beautifully crafted pillow cover.

4. Alpaca Black Designer Pillow Cover

One of the finest pillows on this list is the classic Alpaca Black Designer Pillow Cover. This Designer Pillow accurately represents how luxury and comfort should feel. Created from designer-level quality materials, the Black Alpaca Pillow cover is extremely soft!

The dark black design adds great contrast to light-colored furniture and adds a level of sophistication to your style. If you love a classic look in a designer pillow that will provide a level of comfort and an even more excellent addition of style to your furniture then the Alpaca Black Designer Pillow Cover will be a great pick for you!

5. Faux Fur Sherpa Tan Pillow Cover

Another amazing option for a designer pillow cover is the Faux Fur Sherpa Tan Pillow Cover. The luxurious pillow cover offers a great amount of comfort, but also a unique style to your furniture. The stylish tan color adds a sense of natural look to your furniture, making it feel rustic and contemporary. If you enjoy a nice rustic look in your living space, along with the quality of a designer pillow cover then the Faux Fur Sherpa Tan Pillow Cover is the perfect choice. 

6. Black and White Ticking Stripe Pillow Cover

For those of you who desire the timeless and extremely classic look, the Black and White Ticking Stripe Pillow Cover will most definitely do the trick! This striped pillow has a very elegant design with bold black stripes and light creamy white accents adding a classy look to your furniture.

Made from high-quality design-worthy materials, this pillow cover will ensure that you have a long-lasting product that will always look great. It will easily blend with many interior designs making it a must-have option for your pillow cover sets!   

7. Diablo Designer Pillow Cover | Blue

If you enjoy a small pop of color in your pillow designs, the Diablo Designer Pillow Cover is an excellent choice. The small stripes of different shades of blue make this pillow a unique and eye-catching piece of your furniture! Its incredibly smooth fabric is a high-quality designer material and will ensure durability for a long time. If you would like to add a touch of dynamism to your furniture or to your living spaces this pillow cover is a great option.

8. Alpaca White Designer Pillow Cover

Much like another great throw pillow chosen for this list, the Alpaca Black Designer Pillow Cover, Alpaca White Cover, is another great designer pillow option. With the same texture as its counterpart, the Alpaca White Cover is a very fluffy and bright, and creamy look. This type of pillow fits well in a very light environment and on light-colored furniture. It will add a very contemporary look to your style but also captures a simplistic design. If you like a simple yet effective design incorporated into your household then the Alpaca Black Designer Pillow Cover is perfect for you!

9. Pillow Combo #4 | 3 Pillow Covers

Unlike some of the others on this list the stunning Pillow Combo #4 | 3 Pillow Covers, is a pillow combo including many different variations of high-quality designer pillows. This combo has three amazing different pillows, the Dark Gray Stripe Pillow Cover, Cream Mudcloth Pillow Cover, and the Bourbon Faux Leather Pillow Cover! These three throw pillows complement each other amazingly despite their large differences. One Affirmation takes the time to create the perfect combination of pillows that will complement each other and your furniture. 

10. Verona Designer Pillow Cover | Olive

The last pillow on this list, but certainly not the least is the soft-colored Verona Designer Pillow Cover | Olive. This is a very soft-colored olive pillow that goes amazingly well with any dark furniture. The dark color pallet of the pillow really complements darker shades well and can be an excellent addition to your home’s interior design. 


In conclusion, the world of interior design and home decorating is a fantastic craft that can require the slightest bit of detail to add character to your living space. Throughout this list of the top 10 designers' throw pillows and throw pillow sets, it is amazing how a great quality throw pillow can take a room's aesthetic, comfort, and character to new heights.

From the intricate embroidery of traditional designs to the amazing contemporary pieces, each pillow conveys a certain feel to its environment. The variety of textures, colors, and materials creates an amazing feel for your interior.

These throw pillows and throw pillow sets are great pieces to consider adding to your furniture, with their amazing designs and quality material that will last for many years, you will not be disappointed with these incredible throw pillows!

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