How to Style A Light Colored Sofa

How to Style A Light Colored Sofa


A lighter colored sofa is the perfect opportunity to get creative with how you decorate and make your space come alive. Because of how light your sofa might be, you may have difficulty figuring out what pillows look best on your sofa or how to pair certain pillows with others. The options are endless! You could pair it with other neutral colored pillows or spice it up and add a few pillows full of colors and beautiful patterns. Here are a few that we suggest you try out!

Nashville Pillow Combo 

This pillow combination is the perfect mix of neutral colors with very simple and beautiful designs. These pillows being on the more neutral side, will look amazing against a lighter colored sofa because of the lighter details in each pillow. The various colors adds great texture and character to your sofa. The dark color of the Zak + Fox Poncho pillow pairs well with both of the other pillow colors, and the contrast of the stripes going in opposite ways will add texture and depth to your sofa you didn’t know you wanted! 



Pillow Combo #12

Having pillows with brighter colors and fun patterns will add so much life to your sofa and house. It’ll feel welcoming and homey, all while remaining stylish with so many great patterns. The Clay McLaurin ‘Miguel’ Designer Pillow is a great darker colored pillow that can serve as a ‘base’ pillow when it comes to the colors of the other pillows in this combo. The beautifully patterned Khotan Pillow adds a fun and refreshing vibe that will look perfect on your sofa during any season. To compliment the Khotan Pillow, add the Vintage Rust and Cream Stripe Designer Pillow



Pillow Combo #7

This pillow combo is an amazing combination of beautiful darker colors with various types of patterns. The light accents in these pillows and different shades and patterns of them will look perfect against your light sofa. The striped pattern against the other pillows in this combo look effortless together, especially with the pop of green that will be sure to stand out against your lighter colored sofa. The plaid pattern on the Ticking Lumbar Pillow adds a level of sophistication your home may be missing! 


Santa Barbara Pillow Combo

If you are looking for light and breezy blues for a coastal decor, this is the perfect combo to use. Our cream colored Caravane in Oasis Pillow Cover pairs perfectly with the contrasting light and dark blues in this combo, as well as the grey/blue tones in the Pom in Byzantine Pillow Cover. 


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