New Arrivals

New Arrivals


Our New Arrivals are a collection of pillows that are perfect for those looking to spruce up their sofa or bed with a gorgeously designed pillow. These pillows are unique and will be sure to make a statement wherever you decide to place them. Here are a few we know you’ll want to get your hands on! 


Indian Wool Pillow Cover in Slate

The Indian Wool Pillow is beautifully hand-loomed from artisans in India and woven with naturally dyed wool. It’s design is an amazing and intricate geometric pattern with classic stripes that adds detail and texture. You have the option of getting the pillow with its fringe on the right or left side of the pillow, which would add a simple yet creative touch of detail to your bed or sofa. 

Indian Wool Pillow Cover in Brown and Cream

The gorgeous coloring of this pillow will add a sophisticated and mature vibe to your space. It’s beautiful pattern will catch your companies eyes while make you feel cozy and at home when you’re relaxing in bed or on your sofa. Pair it with a pillow with a pop of color or another neutral tone to really compliment the pillow.

Ojai Stripe Designer Pillow Cover 

This woven, multi-width stripe has subtle, tonal variations and a soft, vintage look. Wonderfully appealing and easy to use, this is a classic stripe that coordinates beautifully with other patterns.

Mazan in Abbas Pillow Cover

In the spirit of the source, Mazan is an interpretation of a Persian Mazandaran kilim. This fabric is handwoven from cotton and jute with the same staggered seam throughout and is a beautiful, eclectic addition to any room. 

 Indian Wool Pillow Cover in Slate 

This pillow is naturally dyed and is a gorgeous color to add life to wherever you decide to place it. It’s classic stripes and subtle geometric pattern adds detail and texture, an element that will complete any space it is placed in, and will look perfect with any similar colored or neutral toned pillow. 

Tye Designer Pillow Cover

This pillow is a great grey accent color to add to your house. The pattern on it is unique and comes in various sizes, allowing you to get creative with your collection of pillows. It’s light color will look perfect next to other patterned pillows with more simple designs. Add some contrast to your space and pair it with a darker colored pillow for a look you’ll love.

Check out our new collection of pillows to find the perfect ones for your space! 

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