Mixing and Matching - Creating Cohesive Looks with Different Throw Pillow Styles

Throw pillows are an affordable and easy way to add personality, color, pattern, and texture to your living spaces. Getting the hang of mixing and matching different throw pillow styles lets you put together an eye-catching room. Here are some tricks to help you mix and match throw pillows to create a cohesive and stylish look for your living area.

Follow the Rule of Three

You can create a harmonious look in your room with the right formula. The rule of three is a helpful guide that makes mixing and matching throw pillows a breeze. Here is how you can use the rule of three to your advantage and save time when decorating your room.

Select Three Colors According to Your Room

Decide on a color theme that you want your pillow selection to follow. A good rule of thumb is to use three colors derived from the paint scheme in the room. For inspiration, you can look at wall colors, rugs, bedding, or curtains. You can select at least one shade from the room's palette to anchor the pillows into the overall design. It helps you create a cohesive design that is pleasing to the eyes.

Limiting your pillows to three colors prevents them from looking disjointed or chaotic. One color can be neutral, like white, cream, or gray, to provide a calming foundation. You can select monochromatic pillows like the Verona in White or the Rough 'N Rowdy in Pumice as your base.

The second color can be your primary color that draws inspiration from the existing color palette of your room. For example, if you have vivid red curtains and rugs in your room, you can complement them with the Vintage Rust and Cream Stripe or Sedona Woven covers.

The third color can be the accent piece that adds vibrancy to your room. You can go wild here and choose a burst of floral beauty like the Valencia Floral or a rust-colored pillow like the Rust Orange. These covers highlight your eye for detail and create a coordinated yet visually exciting arrangement.

Pick Three Patterns

Mix and match pillows in three varied patterns, each with at least one of the three colors you have chosen previously. Select a pillow cover with the largest and boldest pattern, such as the large floral Trento Designer or the detailed Noir Saffron, as your lead pattern. You can also opt for a geometric print like the Tye Lago.

Choose Three Pattern Sizes

Your pillow mix should incorporate up to three complementary patterns in varying scales. The largest pattern can serve as your pattern to make a bold statement. You can use the Kyoto in blue for a geometric look or the Nisa Floral cover for a nature-inspired motif.

Layer in a medium-scale supporting pattern like stripes or plaid, then finish with a subtle tone-on-tone or textured solid. The third pattern should be subtle, like a tonal embroidery or textured solid. Pillows like the Nepal Plaid and Ricardo can help you achieve your desired look. When selecting patterns, distinguish between geometric and organic for visual contrast.

Mix and Match Textures

While color and pattern build the foundation, texture unites the elements to create an eye-catching design. For a refined look, combine linen pillows like the Luca Noir with a velvety solid pillow like the Paprika Velvet. Most designers recommend including at least one heavily textured piece, like faux fur, in each pillow grouping to balance it with a smoother patterned or solid companion.

Play With Different Sizes

Pillow sizes make a huge difference when arranging the pillows for a visual effect. If your pillow is too large or small compared to the surface you place it on, your decor idea can look out of proportion. Your pillows must be of the appropriate size according to the furniture.

When styling your sofa or your bed, start with the large pillow on the outside. Go for a large 24X24 cover or a size that matches the furniture. Work your way inside with smaller pillows with sizes ranging from 22x22 and 18x18 for square pillows. You can also spice things up with a rectangular pillow or end with a lumbar pillow in the center. If you want a custom size, we can accommodate that as well. This way, the final product will have a more polished, unified, and symmetrical appearance. Take your time to play with different proportions and combinations to find out what works for your decor idea. It prevents the pillows from looking monotonous and static.

Decide on the Number of Pillows

The number of throw pillows in a space depends on the room's purpose, the size of the furniture pieces, and whether you prefer a more traditional or modern aesthetic. Balance the pillows to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere without overwhelming the space. Too many pillows in the sitting area tend to look cluttered and become impractical.

If you are decorating couches and sofas, you can choose between three or five pillows, depending on their size. The number of pillows in bedrooms can be more generous since bed surfaces provide plenty of real estate. You can layer pillows to create a cascading effect, where the largest pillows go on the headboard, and smaller pillows are added.

When deciding on pillow quantities, determine if you want a more traditional or modern look. Even numbers like two, four, or six pillows convey a sense of symmetry and balance that aligns with conventional design. In contrast, odd number groupings like three or five pillows per area create a more contemporary arrangement.

Pay Attention to the Seasons and Festivals

Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to refresh your decor ideas for the seasons and festivals. It also makes your living area comfortable.

Lighten your pillow for spring and summer, and mix light patterns and floral motifs in calming color options. Incorporate lightweight linen and cotton pillows that are naturally hypoallergenic and regulate temperature. It keeps the ambiance of our room fresh and breezy.

Fall and winter seasons mean it's time to swap the breezy linen and cotton for dense fabric like velvet and faux fur. Introduce patterns and colors that will remind you of the changing season. You can also shape up your holiday decor with the right pillow combination. For example, dark-colored pillows like the Alpaca Black would be apt for Halloween, and orange pillows like the Amazon in Burnt Orange can symbolize the fall season and Thanksgiving. A mix of red and green pillows, like the Tuscany and Vintage Green, can convey the spirit of Christmas. The options are endless, and you can customize them to your heart's content.

Break the Mold

Don't be afraid to break some "rules" to suit your style. Design principles are meant to be sources of inspiration, not barriers to creative expression. Once you understand how the different pillow elements work together, you can mindfully blend them uniquely.

Play with layers, sizes, and color themes to create a room that is uniquely yours. By artistically combining clashing shades, you can make an eclectic vibe. After all, decorating is a form of personal expression, so go ahead and give it your unique spin.

Pillow mixing combines colors, patterns, textures, and shapes to forge creative, cohesive looks. Select pieces that complement one another to establish a consistent aesthetic look. Visit our online store to browse our carefully curated collection of throw pillows made of different materials, color themes, and designs.

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