Our Top 10 Stunning Designer Throw Pillow Combinations for Every Room

Throw pillows are the cherry on top that sprinkle coziness into your living space. They come in vivid designs, color palettes, and luxurious fabrics to uplift the room's vibe. Here are our ten stunning designer throw pillow combinations for every room.

Laguna Pillow Set

The Laguna pillow set comprises two 22x22 Mallorca pillow covers, one 20 x 20 Green Batik designer pillow cover, one 20x20 Fiona pillow cover, and one Ikara pillow cover in a 14x20 lumbar design.

The Mallorca pillow cover has a beautiful maroon and beige floral pattern on the neutral background. It is crafted using 100% linen fiber.

The Green Batik designer pillow cover included in the set is 100% linen with a design that stands out. It has a lovely hand-dyed sage green color with cream details hand-printed by skilled artisans.

The Fiona pillow cover has a vivid rust stripe that beautifully balances the set. The 100% linen cover can be arranged both horizontally and vertically.

The Ikara pillow is an all-natural hand-crafted cotton pillow cover. The cover has a lovely ivory color that immediately draws your eyes towards it. The pillow comes in a 14X20 lumbar size.

The reverse side of all these pillows features a durable cotton and linen blend. Thoughtful details like the hidden zipper give these pillows a sleek look.

Pillow Combo #4

We have used three popular designs to curate this set for you! It has one each 22x22 Dark Gray Stripe Pillow Cover, 20x20 Cream Mudcloth Pillow Cover, and 12x24 Bourbon Faux Leather Pillow Cover.

The Dark Gray Stripe Pillow cover and Cream Mudcloth Pillow cover are constructed using 100% cotton (mud cloth). The vivid bourbon color of the Bourbon Faux Leather pillow cover provides a vivid contrast to the set. This pillow is a lumbar-style pillow that takes center stage.

All three covers have a linen and cotton blend on the reverse side. The hidden zipper facilitates easy removal of issues for storage or cleaning.

Madrid Pillow Set

The Madrid pillow set consists of two Luca Noir designer linen pillow covers, two Justin pillow covers, and one Vintage Rust designer pillow cover. The Luca Noir designer pillow cover is 100% linen with a unique hand-block print. The white geometric print stands out in all its glory on the black background.

The Justin pillow cover is 100% natural cotton fiber with a classic lined pattern design. The Vintage Rust designer pillow is a lumbar pillow on the set. The heavyweight designer linen is a pleasure to touch.

The back of these pillow covers blends flaxed linen and cotton fibers. The hidden zipper compartment prevents your clothes from getting snagged. It also makes it easy to remove the inserts.

Pillow Combo #5

The Pillow combo #5 consists of the intricate Green Batik Designer Pillow Cover, the Kyoto Designer Pillow Cover in Blue, and the Aegean DEsigner Pillow Cover. These covers are crafted with a 100% linen fiber front and a natural cotton and linen blend back. These breathable pillow covers have an excellent hand feel.

The Green Batik is inspired by the traditional batik method of printing. Every pillow is handprinted, which gives each pillow a unique character. The Kyoto Designer Pillow Cover and Aegean Designer Pillow Cover have a modern geometric print for added visual allure.

Sarah Pillow Set

The Sarah Pillow Set is a curated collection of one 22x22 Bogo X pillow cover, one 22x22 Vega Noir pillow cover, one 20x20 Dash in Jet pillow cover, one 20x20 Cusco Sand pillow cover, and one 14x20 lumbar style Verona Designer pillow cover.

The Bogo X pillow cover features an exquisite design inspired by the Mali Bògòlanfini mud cloth textiles. The cream-colored pattern is hand block printed by skilled artisans in Rajasthan using azo-free dyes. It stands out against the beautiful midnight color of the cover.

The 100% linen Vega Noir pillow cover has a muted monochrome theme. The Dash Pillow Cover in Jet is crafted using 100% Belgian linen for an unmatched luxurious feel.

The sand and white color of the Cusco Pillow Cover balances these vivid covers. The cover is hand-woven with 100% cotton fiber and then hand-dyed. The Verona Designer pillow cover is lumbar in a muted olive green color. This cover is handcrafted with a blend of cotton and linen fibers.

Lindsey Pillow Set

The Lindsey Pillow Set features pillow covers in three sizes to fit your couch, queen, or king-size bed. The first cover in the set is the Cream African Mudcloth pillow cover. This 100% cotton(mud cloth) cover has a distinct texture.

The Valencia Floral pillow cover has a gorgeous floral pattern that stands out in the set. The beige and teal-colored Cordoba designer pillow cover has a unique color pattern. The earthy tone of the Vintage Rust designer pillow cover adds to the stunning color palette of the set. The set includes the Raya Stripe pillow cover as a lumbar pillow. It has a striped pattern on a neutral background that ties the whole set together.

Pillow Combo #15

The Pillow Combo #15 consists of one Clay McLaurin 'Miguel' Designer Pillow Cover, one Trento Pillow Cover, and one Vintage Rust + Cream Stripe Designer Pillow Cover. These pillows are constructed using 100% linen.

The Clay McLaurin Studio Miguel Pillow Cover in Indigo features intricately patterned white details. The Trento Pillow Cover is a designer cover with vivid geometric lines and floral prints. The elegant Vintage Rust Designer Pillow Cover has a classic white stripe on a rust background. This lumbar-style pillow is a comfortable addition to the set.

Phoenix Pillow Set

The Phoenix pillow set includes the gorgeous hand-block printed Luca Noir designer pillow cover. The white geometric pattern on the black background adds a charming contrast to your decor ideas. The Dash pillow cover's pleasing color palette and striped design add subtle detail to your living space.

The Isla Floral designer pillow cover is a riot of colors with vivid hues and floral motifs. Skilled artisans in India handcraft the cover. The beauty of the handcrafted olive green Verona designer pillow cover lies in its simplicity. The Dylan Designer Pillow cover is a 100% heavyweight linen cover. It has an appealing color with a lovely striped finish.

Monterey Pillow Set

The Monterey Pillow Set consists of five pillow covers in four unique designs. It has two 22x22 Cream Mudcloth pillow covers, one 20x20 Florence Designer pillow cover, one 20x20 Luca Noir Designer pillow cover, and one 14x20 lumbar style Verona Designer pillow cover in olive color.

The Cream Mudcloth pillow cover uses authentic 100% cotton(mud cloth) for its construction. The durable cover has a distinct texture. The Florence Designer pillow cover is brown and combines cotton and jute fiber for a long-lasting cover. The cover is highlighted by its dark brown stripes.

The Luca Noir designer pillow cover has a hand-block printed white geometric print on a black background. Similarly, the handcrafted Verona Designer pillow cover is muted olive green. It is included as a lumbar-style cover in the set.

Pillow Combo #9

The Florence Designer pillow of the Pillow Combo #9 has a classic design in a lovely navy color with white stripes. It is complemented by the Trento Designer pillow cover with its flower motifs in vivid shades of ruby, blue, and cream.

The ivory color of the Verona Designer pillow cover in cream is a handcrafted cover with a blend of linen and cotton fiber. The Vintage Rust Stripe pillow cover is a lumbar style cover with a striped design. The warm rust color adds to the design language of the set.

No matter your style, these designer pillow combinations from One Affirmation will give your room a cozy and inviting vibe. We have carefully curated the collection so you can enjoy their beauty effortlessly. Explore our collection of throw pillow sets to provide your room with a lovely ambiance.

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