Our Favorite Pillow Patterns for Summer

Our Favorite Pillow Patterns for Summer

Having your house feel summery or even beach-like during the summer time is a great way to celebrate the warm and welcomed months. If you’re looking to “summer-up” your home, here are a few of our favorite patterns you will love having in your house. 


Our Green Batik Pillow Cover brings an ocean feel right to your home. This is one of our most versatile pillows to use during summer time to brighten up any room. We love to mix this print with all kinds of colors and styles from our shop. The color is a gorgeous blue/green hue and one of our favorites in the shop. 




The Vintage Floral Pillow Cover in Roux will brighten up your sofa or bed. This lightly roux colored pillow has the perfect summer pattern on it. The handprinted, delicate detail pattern will lighten up any room it is placed in, as well as prepare your household for the remaining warm months ahead. The color of this pillow is the perfect subtle and light pop of rust you’ve been searching for. 


The Maya Mustard Pillow screams summer time. The pattern on this beautiful hand blocked pillow will add a unique touch to wherever it is placed for the summer. It will go perfect with any bright pillows you already have, or compliment and add a needed contrast for the warmer months. If you’re looking to add a more beach like vibe to your house, this pillow will do the job perfectly! 


Looking for a nautical or beach like theme to your house? The Vintage Blue and White Pillow Cover is perfect for you. The stripes on this pillow along with its beautiful blue color will add a touch of summer to the sofa you place it on. It’s unique design will allow you to fulfill your dreams of having your house look summer ready. Pair this pillow with other lighter and more neutral colors to really make the stripes on this pillow pop. 




The Zinnia Designer Pillow Cover in Sand is the perfect summer staple for your home. Add the perfect pop of lighter colored accessories with this amazing pillow. It's pattern is unique and a perfect piece to have out during summer time. It will pair well with any summer-like pillows you may be putting out in your home because of it’s beautiful sand coloring.



The Tye Designer Pillow Cover is a must have piece in your home. It’s gorgeous pattern is unique and a great piece to add to your sofa every summer. Its pop of color is chic and subtle enough to not over shine any other pillows you already have, but will become a conversation piece because of how perfect it is for this time of year. 


Last but not least our Floral Udaipur Pillow Cover goes well with all of these pillows to create a cohesive combo for your sofa or bed. Pair a 22" Udaipur, a 20" Tye, and 12x24 Vintage Green Pillow cover for the perfect set. 

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