Pillow Combos For Your Bed


Your bedroom should be a place dedicated to relaxation with a vibe of overall zen. It’s your favorite place to rest at the end of a long day, as well as your most personal space in your house. Having a theme or color scheme is key to making your bed not only look and feel comfortable, but also represent your personal style and aesthetic. That’s where we come into play! Here are some amazing pillow combinations that will allow your bed to really add character to your bedroom and add an elevated level of comfort you’ll enjoy looking at anytime you step into your room. 


Our Nashville Bed Combo 

This bed combo is perfect for a neutral or dark colored room. There are light pillows, more neutral colored pillows and a dark pillow to complete the combo. This pillow combo would look great with a simple white comforter or blanket or with darker room accents. It’s a warm and inviting combo that will really complete your neutral colored and sophisticated room. 



Pillow Combo #18 

This pillow combo will look perfect in a light, airy and bright space. If you love adding simple statements that make a huge visual impact on your room, you will really enjoy having this combo on your bed. Pair it with lighter accents with hints of green and blue and your room will flow together nicely! 


Pillow Combo #3 

The light pillow paired with a darker pillow and pop of green is the perfect, subtle statement that will complete the theme of your room. The darker colors with the mix of patterns adds a fun element to your bed. It’ll pair great with any neutral colored accessories you already have in your room perfectly. 

The Napa Bed Combo

This neutral themed pillow combo is perfect for any minimalist looking for a neutral themed combination that isn’t just a mixture of whites and creams. The flow of the lighter colored pillow to more than pillow, to the pop of green will add a calm and pleasant vibe to your bedroom. It is the perfect pillow combo for warmer months, or all year round for those who love to stick to simplicity.

Williamsburg Bed Combo 

If you’re looking for something that adds a fun, stylish and sophisticated element to your room, this pillow combo is perfect for you. The leather pillow adds a sophistication to your bed and compliments the black patterned pillows and the beautiful blue pillows in this combo. The color contrast and pattern combinations will make your room feel homey and welcoming. You’ll love coming into your room and seeing this combo on your bed. 


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