How To Style Your Sofa


Your living room or family room are usually the main places where you gather with your friends or family. It’s the key spot for a successful movie night or to binge watch your favorite drama series. These rooms may also have become your office during the past few months, and your cozy sofa may be your new desk chair. Because of these factors, having a sofa with comfortable, cute, and inviting pillows will allow you and your family or guests feel at home as well as inspired for those sofa work days. 



To help you create the perfect environment and vibe of your sofas, here is a style guide and some tips on how to style your sofa:


   Look at the Accessories and the Vibe of the Room that You Already Have

Notice the color patterns, themes and styles you’ve already placed in your living room. Do you have a darker theme going on? A light and airy one? Or, fun colors all around? If you notice you have a lot of dark accessories and objects in your space, try adding some fun and bright pillows to your sofa. This may enhance your dark theme you have going on, as well as brighten your space up as well. Try adding some cream or white colored pillows, as well as a more colors that may be on the neutral side. We have many neutral toned colored pillows you will love to add to your space!

If you’re looking to add fun pops of color, whether they be with patterns or more of a simple look, we’ve got you covered. Adding a nice blue, green or even orange pillow may instantly make your space come to life. Try our Blue Indigo Velvet Pillow to add a darker element to your couch as well as the beautiful texture of the velvet. Or, if you’d like to try a nice blue color with a design, we suggest trying our the Blue Batik Designer Pillow It’s pattern will add a wonderful element to your living space, as well as its light and inviting color. 



If you have a few simple pillows already but are looking to spruce things up, a pillow with a fun or simple pattern can do so much for your living space. A pillow with a few stripes on it can be beautifully paired with any type of pillow you may have. It can add a fun element of sophistication to your room that you didn’t know you wanted. Try our Dark Grey Stripe Pillow out! It's dark grey color with light stripes will look perfect with most colors and even with other patterns. It is the perfect addition to any type of living environment you are striving to create. 

If your living room is currently full of lighter colors that reside on the more neutral side, adding a darker colored pillow will help balance everything out. The contrast between dark and light will add a great element to your space. If you’re looking for a nice black pillow, we have many you can choose from! If you’re looking for a darker pop of color, we have some that will make your living room look incredible. 

               Add Layers, Texture and Different Pillow Heights to Your Sofa.

Having the same size and shaped pillows on your sofa looks bland, and it looks like you’re holding back on the potential of how beautiful your sofa could look. Add a longer pillow such as our White + Black Windowpane Pillow or some of our other pillows of the same length to your space to add a fun element to your sofa. If you’re looking for a darker, rust colored pillow, this Rust Farmhouse one will look amazing with other neutral or dark colored pillows. Looking to make a statement? Our Green Velvet Lumbar Pillow will look incredible with any type of pillow you’d like to pair it with. It will instantly give your couch a sophisticated and stylish element it may have been lacking before.  



Faux leather is a great way to add another level of comfort and style to your sofa. It not only feels great, it’ll look great with any pattern and color of pillow. Our Faux Leather Pillow in Cognac is the perfect addition of beautiful texture and color that will make any space come alive. 

If you want a nice pop of color that will be sure to make a statement, try our Rex Pillow Cover in Blush. It’s a perfect color that will pair nicely with darker or lighter pillows. Our Vintage Floral Pillow will also add a light pop of color that’ll complement any shade of pillow you currently have on your sofa. 

    Here are a Few Pillow Combos We Think Will Look Incredible on Your Sofa

The Ashley Pillow Combo has different pillow heights, fun colors and patterns. It is a mix of a pop of color, patterns and neutral colors that will look great in any space. 


Pillow Combo #2 includes the perfect mixture of light and dark with beautiful striped pillows. This pillow combo is a sophisticated set that will add so much character to your sofa.  

Pillow Combo #16 includes a beautiful combination of patterns with a pop of deep color. This would look perfect in an already darker accessorized room, or even a lighter decorated room like in the picture below. The options are endless with this one! 

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