10 Creative Ways to Store Throw Pillows in Small Spaces - Comprehensive Guide

10 Creative Ways to Store Throw Pillows in Small Spaces - Comprehensive Guide

Throw pillows are go-to decor elements that bring life and coziness to any living area in the blink of an eye. However, when not managed properly, these plush accessories can quickly become cluttered and consume valuable real estate. Keeping throw pillows organized maximizes space and extends their lifespan. It prevents unnecessary wear and tear and keeps the pillows looking fresh. This guide will explore ten creative ways to store throw pillows in small spaces.

Utilize the Ottomans and Poufs

Ottomans and poufs are not only functional pieces of furniture but can be an excellent option to store your throw pillows. Select ottomans with removable lids or storage compartments to install and add more storage space in a limited area. Lift the lid and tuck your pillows inside when not using the pillow.

These versatile pieces can double as extra seating or footrests. The ottomans themselves can become a part of your decor language. They are available in different materials and prints. You can get creative with designs such as tufted or patterned tops to add visual interest to your room.

Invest in a Storage Bench

Storage benches are a versatile addition to any small space. Not only do they provide extra seating, but they also offer ample storage space for throw pillows and other household items. Look for benches with hinged lids or shelves underneath, as they make it easy to access and organize your pillows.

Place a storage bench at the foot of your bed or against a wall in your living room to create a cozy reading nook. You can use the under-seat storage to keep your throw pillows neatly tucked away. Consider benches with upholstery and designs that complement your existing furnishings.

Use Wall-Mounted Baskets

Wall-mounted baskets are a clever way to store throw pillows while keeping them accessible and out of the way. Install a few baskets on the wall at different heights and assign each to a specific type of pillow. You can assign them based on their colors, patterns, or seasons. This solution keeps your pillows organized and creates a visually appealing display.

Search high and low for baskets crafted from organic materials like woven rattan or seagrass for a bohemian flair. If you aim for an industrial chic look, use metal wire baskets.

Repurpose Old Bookshelves

If you have a spare bookshelf or two, consider repurposing them as pillow storage. Arrange your pillows horizontally or vertically on the shelves. It creates a neat and organized display. You can even mix some decorative items or books to add visual interest and create a stylish look.

For a more polished look, choose bookshelves with decorative panels to conceal the back of the shelves. Alternatively, you can get creative and paint or stain the shelves to complement your existing color scheme. Remember that the open bookshelves mean the pillows might be covered in dust. Dust them occasionally to keep them feeling fresh.

Utilize Under-Bed Storage

Having storage space under your bed can be a real feather in your cap when keeping your throw pillows. If you find yourself in a tight spot with insufficient storage in your living area, this can be a great solution. Add sturdy underbed storage containers or bins, and use them to store your throw pillows when not used. It keeps your pillows out of sight but within easy reach when needed.

Don't forget to label each container clearly to identify its contents quickly. It will help you locate the pillow you want without opening every box. Select containers with lids or covers to prevent dust and debris from accumulating on your pillows.

Seal in Vacuum Bags

Vacuum storage bags are designed to compress and condense bulky items. They are ideal options for throw pillows, making them significantly more compact and easy to store. To use this method, place your throw pillows inside the vacuum bag and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air. It causes the bag to shrink and tightly wrap around the pillows.

Vacuum bags are handy for storing seasonal throw pillows or those you don't use regularly. Once compressed, you can easily tuck the bags in a closet, under a bed, or on a high shelf. When you're ready to use the pillows again, open the bag and allow them to regain their original shape and fluffiness. The vacuum seal helps prevent fading, discoloration, and damage to your pillows over time. It also protects it from dust, moisture, and pests.

Add Decorative Crates and Baskets

Decorative crates and baskets can be functional and stylish storage solutions for throw pillows. Look for attractive woven baskets or vintage-inspired crates that complement your decor. You can also repurpose an old family heirloom trunk for storage. You can use them as a centerpiece of your decor theme. They add a rustic charm to your living space.

You can even stack crates or baskets to create a visually exciting display and maximize vertical space. These baskets and trunks protect the pillows inside from dust, so they maintain their look for a long time.

Hide in a Storage Headboard

A storage headboard for your bed is a stylish and functional way to store throw pillows. You can custom design it with compartments for storage. When your pillows are not being used, you can neatly tuck them away.

You can get storage headboards in different designs that suit the theme of your room. From traditional designs to sleek and modern, you can find one that keeps your pillows neatly organized.

Store in Closets

Don't forget about your closet when looking for a creative way to store your throw pillows! If you have a spare corner or shelf in your closet, you can use it as a dedicated throw pillow storage. It is beneficial for seasonal pillows or those you don't use regularly.

You can add fresheners such as cedar to repel moths and keep your pillow fresh for a long time. Opt for sturdy bins or baskets with covers for extra protection.

Invest in Removable Covers and Inserts

One of the best ways to enjoy swapping throw pillows and saving on space is by purchasing throw pillows with removable covers and inserts. Select pillows that are of your ideal size and bye covers accordingly. You can use the pillows with the removable covers, and when done, you can remove the inserts and store the covers. The covers take up very minimal space compared to a pillow.

Not only that, removable covers can be cleaned easily. Remove the cover and sport clean or dry-clean as needed. You can invest in comfortable, fluffy alternative down pillow inserts from One Affirmation. Whether you are looking for cool linen covers for summer or warm wool pillows for winter, we have different colors and materials to suit your needs. Purchase the pillow covers you like and mix and match to create a unique living space.

By implementing these creative storage solutions, you can easily manage your throw pillow collection while maximizing the limited space in your home. Utilize multi-purpose furniture, and get creative with your storage solutions. A little imagination and our helpful, creative ideas enable you to enjoy the cozy comfort of throw pillows without sacrificing precious living space.

One Affirmation has a curated collection of throw pillows that will add to the comfort and aesthetic of your living space. Our pillows combine the finest material with thoughtful design and robust construction. Browse our collection or send a message if you have any questions.

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