Best Throw Pillow Designs for Fall Season - Ultimate List

The fall season, known for its warmth and coziness, is finally knocking on the door. It's an exciting time to transform your space to the changing color and the season's crisp air. You can infuse fall in your home decor by updating your throw pillows. This simple change can greatly enhance the overall ambiance of your living space.

Finding the perfect combination of designed pillows that reflect the fall season might be daunting. To make it easy for you to keep up with your updates on throw pillows, we have curated the ultimate list of the best throw pillow designs for the fall season. Let's dive into the list to find pillow designs for fall!

Rustic charm

What’s a better way to celebrate the fall season than with the rustic charm of nature? You can bring a cozy vibe into your home with throw pillows that feature earthy tones that nature showcases during fall. It is all about celebrating the unrefined beauty of elements that can be explored in the fall. 

Rust Velvet Pillow Cover and Vintage Rust Designer Pillow Cover capture the essence of fall with its rich, warm, and luxurious tone. These pieces not only add texture but also bring an authentic rustic touch to your decor. When you place this pillow on a sofa or bed, it instantly elevates the cozy factor in your home.

Warm Colors

Nothing says fall quite like warm, rich colors. When searching for throw pillows, look for hues that mimic the changing leaves. Warm colors capture the spirit of fall with their deep oranges, golden yellows, and muted browns. These colors will instantly add a touch of autumnal warmth to any room. 

Rust Orange Designer Pillow Cover perfectly embraces the color palette that adds warmth and comfort to any space. Its rich orange hue creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your decor. It evokes the feeling of fall’s adventure and warmth.

Plaid patterns

The fall season and plaid pattern go hand in hand and amplify the feeling of comfort and coziness. Plaid patterns are a classic charm that resonates with the aesthetics of this season. They can also be paired easily with other fall-themed decor elements.

Nepal Plaid Pillow Cover and White and Beige Plaid Pillow Cover are classic yet versatile designs that make it the perfect choice for your fall-inspired decor. They bridge the gap between rustic and classic elegance. They can transform your living space into a cozy haven, complementing a farmhouse-inspired living room and a more formal, traditional space.

Embroidered Details

For a touch of artistry, consider throwing pillows with nature-inspired embroidery. The embroidered pattern makes a raised texture that adds depth and enhances the tactile experience of your decor. Embroidery is a centuries-old craft that can stand the test of time and always stays in style.

The  Embroidered Rust Designer Pillow Cover showcases the artistry of fall in its embroidery and your love for the season. The intricate detailing on this pillow transforms them into unique and cherished art pieces.

Nature-Inspired Prints

Fall-themed decor items often feature patterns and motifs inspired by nature. Opt for pillows with leaves, pumpkins, or woodland creatures. These patterns not only captivate the beauty of the fall but also bring a touch of rustic charm.

Savannah Floral Pillow Cover | Blush and Vintage Rust Floral Pillow Cover has floral and leaves prints that resemble the fall vibe. The floral prints in the solid rustic color embrace the artistry of nature. These pieces make your home a reflection of the ever-changing beauty of the season.

These pillow covers link your interior decor to the changing beauty of the outdoor environment of the fall season. It's the perfect choice for those who want to create a tranquil fall oasis in their home. Such designed pillows can add a touch of freshness and make your space as enchanting as the fall season itself.

Cozy texture

As the weather cools, it's time to introduce some luxurious textures to stay warm and cozy. You can look for a pillow cover made from fabrics like velvet or faux fur that is a delight to touch and adds luxury to your decor. They impart tactile comfort for you to sink in and relax.

Fall is the time to wrap yourself in cozy blankets and sip hot chocolate. So, it is very important to have that tactile factor in the designs of throw pillows for that warm sensory experience. Knit pillows, faux fur, and velvet are excellent choices for adding depth and warmth to your decor.

Truffle Velvet Pillow Cover and Faux Fur Sherpa Tan Pillow Cover add warmth and create a sense of indulgence. Their softerness and luxurious texture are irresistible. They're perfect for snuggling up on chilly fall evenings. Indian Wool Pillow Cover | Brown + Cream features a subtle geometric pattern with class stripes to add depth and texture. The carefully hand-crafted woven pattern contrasts greatly with other fall decorative items. 

Mix and Match

You don't have to be afraid to mix and match different pillow designs to create a layered and visually appealing look. Combine plaid pillows with solid-colored ones, or pair nature-inspired prints with faux fur accents. The key is to find a harmonious balance that suits your style.

Fall Throw Pillow Set # 1 combines beautiful throw pillows curated for your convenience. We have brought a cohesive color palette, rich textures, and varying sizes in this combination that suits the fall season perfectly. It has both the element of warmth and elegance.

In this throw pillow set, the pillow with bold pattern served as a centerpiece anchoring the designs. The delightful pattern is brought to light by mixing and matching different patterns with solid colors. Also, the colors of the different pillows complement each other, bringing that feeling of ease.

Why Choose the Best Pillow Designs for the Fall Season?

You might wonder if it's a hassle to go through trouble selecting the perfect throw pillow for autumn, maybe thinking of them as just another decorative fluff. But when nature transforms into exquisite art outside, these throw pillows are like the magic wand of interior design.

The change in season will affect you and make you feel the urge to make your living space cozier and more inviting. Imagine curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of cocoa, surrounded by pillows that evoke the beauty of autumn. Isn't it tempting? So, choosing the right throw pillow is important in creating a space that uplifts your mood and ambiance.

When the temperature gets cooler in the fall and the air outside turns chilly, we all seek extra warmth and comfort indoors. The feel of sinking into a soft, velvety throw pillow on a chilly evening can be very appealing. The best pillow designs for fall are visually appealing and physically inviting.

The versatility of throw pillow covers can give joys of decorating. You can easily switch them out with the changing seasons, adding freshness to your space. So you can enjoy the fall in budget-friendly haul of your decor.

A well-chosen throw pillow ties your decor together. Throw them in with a chunky blanket, candles, and other fall decorative items on the bed or sofa. They create a seamless and warm aesthetic in your space. So, remember you are not just decorating but also building experiences.

How to Choose the Best Pillow Designs for Fall

The color palette for fall is all about earthy tones and warm colors. The fall colors are deep reds, rich oranges, golden yellows, and muted browns. Mixing and matching these various colors can create a harmonious palette that resonates with the season.

Consider the size and positioning of your pillows. Large throw pillows can add visual interest to your sofa, while smaller ones can be placed on chairs and beds. You can experiment with different sizes and arrangements to determine your best choice.

Ensure with the fact that the throw pillow design that you chose is not only aesthetically pleasing but also equally comfortable. Comfort accounts, too. You must check the quality of materials, including the full, to ensure they provide the support and coziness you desire.

You can also include a unique touch to your fall decor with custom and personalized pillows. Consider adding monograms, meaningful quotes, or dates that hold significance to you and your family. These personal touches make your home feel more special during this season.

Be mindful of your budget. While choosing fall pillow designs, look for durability and ease of care. Since they are used indoors throughout the season, they can withstand frequent use and are easy to clean.

There is no better time than fall to refresh your living space with throw pillows for the cozy and colorful time of year. It is a delightful way to welcome change and transition into your home. The right choice of pattern, color, and combination of pillow design can impart warmth, comfort, and style. So get creative with your choices that reflect your style and embrace the beauty of the fall.


Among the array of designs and options in One Affirmation’s collection of throw pillows, we have brought together this list of pillow designs that you can shop here. Now you can decorate your home into a haven of fall, warm and cozy yet stylish space with this throw pillow design.

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