Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving Season - Best Throw Pillow Options

Autumn brings with it the season of festivals. The lush and vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold serve as a reminder that Thanksgiving is near. A simple and effective way to infuse your decor with the warmth and joy of this festival is by using throw pillows.

When selecting throw pillows for Thanksgiving, consider the colors, patterns, and designs that capture the season's essence. Here are some of our best throw pillow options for the Thanksgiving season.

Vintage Rust Designer Pillow Cover

The Vintage Rust designer pillow is an excellent addition to your Thanksgiving-themed decor. The earthy tone of this pillow will bring warmth to your room that is perfect for the autumn season. Whether you want a modern feel or a traditional design, this cover is an ideal fit. 

The front of this pillow cover uses 100% heavyweight linen, and the back is a blend of flax linen and cotton. Linen is a sumptuous material with great texture. It is a mixture of form and function, both comfortable and durable. With rustic design and outstanding craftsmanship, these pillow covers will elevate any room you place them in. 

Dylan Designer Pillow Cover

The beautiful Dylan designer pillow cover will bring the colors of fall right into your living space. It is a luxurious, durable pillow cover with a 100% heavyweight front, flaxed linen, and cotton blend reverse. Combining these materials makes this a stylish yet practical choice for your needs.

The rich brown color of this cover will remind you of the changing leaves of the fall season. Bring the colors of the autumn indoors with this beautiful pillow cover. It is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. And if you get some spots in it, you can clean it easily with a moist cloth. This pillow cover is a lovely addition to your home decor. 

Vintage Rust Floral Pillow Cover

This gorgeous hand-printed pillow cover will evoke the memories of falling leaves and crisp autumn every time you look at it. The craftsmanship of this pillow cover is evident in its detail. The hand-printed design on the linen front showcases fall's intricate and captivating beauty in its glorious colors.

The front of the Vintage Rust Floral pillow is 100% linen, and the back is a linen/cotton blend. Linen is a durable fiber known for its breathability and hypoallergenic properties. Just spot-clean it to remove any minor stains. It makes it an excellent choice for relaxing and lounging. 

Trento Designer Pillow Cover

The Trento designer pillow cover, as the name suggests, is a designer pillow cover made with 100% linen. Linen is a versatile fabric that provides a luxurious texture that is a comfortable addition to any surface. 

The beautiful color scheme of ruby, blue, and cream will surely remind you of the burst of colors outdoors. It has a beautiful flower motif makes this pillow cover stand out and shine. The hidden zipper gives this pillow a streamlined look. This cover is easy to spot-clean, so you can use these pillow covers without worrying. 

Gold Velvet Pillow Cover

This lovely Gold velvet pillow cover complements Thanksgiving decorations perfectly by mimicking the beautiful gold foliage of the autumn. The plush cotton velvet adds warmth to your living space. Its plush texture is ideal for relaxing after a long day. 

The reverse of the pillow is a blend of 80% linen and 20% cotton. It makes the pillow breathable and adds durability as well. The invisible zipper is another beautiful detail that makes the pillow cover look classy. You can spot-clean these pillow covers to keep them looking new. 

Faux Fur Sherpa Tan Pillow Cover

The fluffy softness of our Faux Fur Sherpa Tan pillow cover will add a touch of luxury and comfort to your Thanksgiving decor. This faux fur pillow's warmth is welcoming when returning from the crisp outdoors. 

The front of the pillow is 100% polyester, and the back is a cotton and linen blend. These materials are naturally hypoallergenic, so you can enjoy this cover without worrying about allergies. The invisible zipper gives it a clean appearance, making adding or removing inserts easy. This cover can be spot-cleaned to maintain its pristine appearance.  

Pillow sets can be a great choice if you prefer to save yourself the time and hassle of matching individual pillow covers. Our pillow sets are curated so you can avoid the frustration of finding perfect matches for your decor. The pillow covers included in these sets help you create a cohesive look for your living space. 

Pillow Combo #5

Pillow combo #5 is a pillow set with three carefully curated pillow covers that perfectly complement each other. The Green Batik Designer Pillow Cover features an intricate print. It is an excellent contrast to the autumn-themed hues used in your Thanksgiving decor. The beautiful pattern and the lovely color add details to your living space. This pillow cover is 100% linen front, which makes it stylish and comfortable.

The Kyoto Designer Pillow Cover in blue will remind you of the clear blue skies of the autumn season. It adds a splash of color to your decoration. It has a lovely design that is sure to turn heads. This pillow cover is made with 100% linen and has a great tactile feel. 

The third pillow on this set, the Aegean Designer pillow cover, has a delicate geometrical pattern that adds lovely detail to your themed decor. The material used in this beautiful pillow cover is 100% linen fiber. It makes it a comfortable addition to your living space.  

These pillows are not only pleasant to look at but durable as well. The back of this pillow uses a natural cotton and linen blend.  It gives these pillow covers a breathable quality. They have hidden zipper compartments that give them a streamlined look. They will be a great addition to your decor this Thanksgiving. 

Madrid Pillow Set

The Madrid pillow set is a collection of three beautiful pillow covers. It consists of two Luca Noir designer linen pillow covers, two Justin pillow covers made with 100% cotton fibers, and one Vintage Rust designer pillow cover in heavyweight designer linen. These pillow covers are carefully selected to add a touch of style to your living area.  

The Luca Noir designer pillow cover is a lovely hand-block-printed designer cover. The white geometric print on the black background highlights this pillow cover. Made with 100% linen fabric, they are a comfortable pillow cover with a great tactile feel. 

The Justin pillow cover has a classic lined pattern that always stays in style. Using 100% natural cotton fibers makes these pillow covers breathable and hypoallergenic. 

The Vintage Rust designer pillow uses heavyweight designer linen in its construction. This lumbar pillow is ideal for getting well-deserved rest after a tiring day. 

The back of the pillow cover blends flaxed linen and cotton fibers. This blend provides the strength and durability of linen with the softness and comfort of cotton. It makes these pillow covers both practical and functional. The hidden zipper enclosure makes it easy to remove the inserts for storage or cleaning. 

With its unique yet coordinated color palette, different sizes, and textures, this pillow set is an excellent addition to any room. 

Laguna Pillow Set

The Laguna pillow set is a carefully curated set of five distinct pillows in three unique designs. It brings a sophisticated and aesthetic appeal to your decor. The pillow set consists of two 22” x 22” Mallorca pillow covers, one 20” x 20” Green Batik designer pillow cover, one 20”x 20” Fiona pillow cover, and one 14”x 20” lumbar Ikara pillow cover.

The Mallorca pillow cover has an exquisite design crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The beautiful maroon and beige floral motifs on the muted background go well with any decor theme, whether modern or traditional. This 100% linen fiber cover is durable, hypoallergenic, and comfortable. 

The Green Batik designer pillow cover is a gorgeous hand-printed, hand-dyed pillow with a unique design. The sage green cover with cream details adds a touch of sophistication to your holiday decor. This durable and comfortable designer pillow cover uses 100% linen fiber in its construction. It is a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your living space.

With its unique rust-colored stripe, the Fiona pillow cover is a versatile cover that suits a variety of design themes. This pillow cover combines style, comfort, and durability. 

The Ikara pillow stands out in this collection due to its simple yet warm and inviting color. The all-natural hand-crafted cotton pillow cover comes in a solid ivory color. It brings a bohemian vibe to your decoration. It is a lumbar-style pillow that offers excellent support. It makes it an ideal pillow to rest upon. 

The reverse side of these pillows uses a natural cotton and linen blend. The hidden zipper gives these pillow covers a streamlined look. The combination of lovely colors, patterns, and textures helps you create an inviting and visually captivating living space. 

Cardiff Pillow Set

The Cardiff pillow set is a harmonious blend of style and substance that is carefully curated to bring a touch of sophistication to your living space. The set includes two 22”x 22” Cream Mudcloth pillow covers, one 20"x 20" Vintage Blue Floral pillow cover, one 20”x 20” Amazon designer pillow cover, and one 14”x 20” lumber Florence designer pillow cover. 

The  Cream Mudcloth pillow covers are made from 100% cotton(mud cloth), giving them a distinct texture.  The cream-colored plain pillow cover brings a timeless aesthetic to your decor. They are a cozy and comfortable addition to your room. 

The Vintage Blue Floral pillow cover uses 100% linen fiber. The floral pattern on this pillow cover creates a delightful visual contrast. It will effortlessly enhance the overall appeal of your design theme. 

The Amazon iDesigner Pillow Cover has a unique and custom-made triangle arrow design. This designer pillow cover is constructed from 100% linen and adds an artistic touch to the set. 

The Florence Designer Pillow Cover comes in a beautiful navy color. The material used in its construction is a unique blend of 60% cotton and 40% jute. It adds a rich texture and a great tactile feel to your living space.  It is a lumbar pillow that offers excellent support. 

The back of these pillows uses a natural blend of linen and cotton fiber. It adds to the durability of the pillow covers. The hidden zipper is a great touch that adds to its visual appeal. This pillow set's outstanding craftsmanship and unique materials will help you create a welcoming and stylish holiday-themed decor. 

The Advantage of Decorating with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are versatile decor items that are a great way of adding details to a space. You can use them to make your living space comfortable and attractive. 

Mix and Match

Throws pillows come in a plethora of colors, sizes, and materials. You can choose the ones that fit your decor theme and mix and match to get the desired outcome. It is an easy way to infuse the room with your unique style. Whether you want to highlight a particular room aspect or create a balanced look, the right throw pillow can help you achieve that. They are the right accessory to add comfort, charm, and style to your living area.


Throw pillows are an affordable way of changing the look of your room. You can easily swap out the covers and get a new look effortlessly. It helps you achieve your desired theme without costly modifications. You can use these versatile accessories to change the theme of the room as per your desire. 


The throw pillow covers can be easily swapped as per your decor requirements. You can change them to update your decor with minimal effort and expense. This flexibility ensures that you can adjust the decor as per your needs. It is a quick and affordable way to refresh the feel of your living space. 

You can choose these beautiful throw pillows to decorate your home for the Thanksgiving season. It is a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere for your family and friends. Whether you prefer warm autumn colors, rustic themes, or a mix of everything, we have you covered. You can consider our carefully selected pillow covers and sets to infuse your home with the holiday spirit.

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