Designers We Are Crushing On - Amber Interiors

On our very big list of interior designers we love, Amber Interiors falls on a shorter list in that category. When we first bought our home in August of 2016, I had the daunting task of furnishing everything from scratch (since we were getting rid of my husband's all black everything bachelor furniture finally). My sister told me to follow Amber Interiors on instagram for inspiration, and I was instantly hooked on her bohemian aesthetic. If I could dream up my all time dream living room, kitchen, bedroom, anything really - she created that. I found myself scrolling hours and hours until the wee hours of the night looking at all of the homes she styled. It was that amazing. If you love west coast boho chic style decor (is that a thing?), you will be hooked too. Here are just a few photos of the amazing homes she designed: 

I love the cream colored sofa mixed on top of that gorgeous vintage rug! 

The neutral colors used in this space are just perfection. 

 Dream chairs. Check. 

Definitely tried to find those exact nightstands. 

How cool are these chairs?? 

The colors in this room are so calming and that bunk bed is the cutest! 

I searched high and low for a rug like that and finally found one on etsy (in an 8x10) for our dining room area. This rug is one of my favorites I have seen online. Love those blue colors.

Another dream kitchen. Oh to live in LA and have this kind of space. Last but not least, probably my favorite hallway ever: 

What do you think? Pretty incredible, huh?

Amber Interiors Design Studio is a full-service interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California, founded by Amber Lewis.

They serve clients worldwide with services ranging from interior design, interior architecture to furniture design.

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