Las Vegas Market 2019 - Our Favorite Finds and Tips

My sister and I decided to attend the Las Vegas Market this year for the first time together. Since we started our company in 2015, we always dreamt of going to these types of markets where we could shop for textiles. Well, 4 years later we finally did.

Our goal was to find new fabrics and learn as much as we could about how to go about adding furniture to our shop without having a warehouse (and if that was even possible). Here is what we learned:

1. There are not a ton of textiles at Las Vegas Market. We learned that High Point Market is the place to go to for that. At least that is what one woman told us when we were getting off the shuttle from market to our hotel. She said High Point is the place to go to discover smaller shops with really cool stuff, that haven't been 'discovered' yet.

2. I was surprised to find out that most companies will let you drop ship, some with a buy in amount and some with no buy in amount. They will also let you use their high res images. The question is - how many of them will actually let us open an account with them? To be determined. 

3. Make sure to wear the most comfortable shoes you can find, because we didn't and we learned our lesson. We wanted to look 'nice' and 'official' so we dressed up but man were our feet barking by midday. We both had to stop and sit for awhile because we must have logged at least 5-7 miles the first few hours and my sister wore wedges! NIKES FOR THE WIN NEXT TIME! Or be like Lisa Vanderpump and ride on a scooter:

4. Don't be afraid to find your local rep and ask as many questions as you can. When you walk into a new space, someone at the front entrance scans your badge and 8 times out of 10 a person would magically appear and introduce themselves saying they were our local rep (I have no clue how they knew who we were because this place was packed). The first few times this happened they asked us if we had any questions and we both politely said no. The truth was, we had a million questions but were being a bit shy and didn't want to seem out of place. Finally we asked our very sweet rep from Loloi, "Can you explain the process to us? We are new at this and would like to understand how this works." She couldn't have been more kind and informative. At the end of the day, everyone has to start somewhere and people want to help!

5. Becki Owens is very sweet. We have been following her for sometime now and while stopping by Hudson Valley Lighting we saw a small sign out front that said Becki Owens would be there from 4pm-6pm for a meet and greet. It was around 1pm so we decided to go to the Pavilion for those next few hours and head back to see her before we left. She featured our pillows several times on her blog when we first opened our shop and gave us a lot of traffic early on. We were so happy to meet her and thank her. She was so lovely. We also told her we had no clue what we were doing and she said "No one does!" That made us feel better :)

Here are some of our favorite finds from Las Vegas Market and the items we would love to carry in our shop. We were very selective and only picked out things we loved and would want in our homes. 

And some cool chairs:

And some other cool stuff we loved:

Let us know what you think. Do you love any of these items too? Should we add them to our shop?

Overall we had a blast and can't wait to go back again next year! 

 Thanks for stopping by!  - Ginny + Shari

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