Pillow Combos That Are Perfect for Summer Time


Some of the best parts about summer is getting your house prepared to look bright and fun for the summer months ahead of us. Although decorating your house  is refreshing and fun, it can also be difficult, especially when picking out pillows for your sofa or bed to create the right mood and feeling of your space. Luckily, we’re here to help you out! 

Pillows essentially set the whole “vibe” or “mood” for any room. As the season changes, your desires to have certain pillows or blankets out may change to set that mood for whichever season you are in. The pillows you have in your living room want to be inviting and cheerful with a calming presence, while your bedroom pillows may want to be more  relaxing and neutral, yet fun. Especially during the warmer months where light, fun, neutral colors are comforting and make your home feel like the perfect space for summer time. 

Our Montecito Pillow Combo is perfect for your neutral themed bedroom or even a light and airy living space. The contrast of the colors, shapes and patterns effortlessly pull together to make any space you put it in look inviting and calm, perfect for summer. Pair your pillows with your favorite fluffy blankets and your couch or bed will be set for this warm season! 



The Green Batik Designer Pillow is a gorgeous handprinted, dyed, and finished in 100% Linen in a dreamy and fresh sage green color. It’s unique and desirable pattern will add a light pop of color in any room it’s placed in. It’ll look gorgeously paired with a nice neutral colored pillow, or even another pillow with a simple pattern, such as the Aegean Stripe Designer Pillow. This pillow is a neutral color with a geometric design that will look amazing with so many fun and bright colors. Add a little more neutral color to your bed or couch pillow set with the Vintage Rust Pillow. Another great pillow that adds a layer of comfort and style, wherever it’s placed.

If you love a more simple and light look during the warmer months, any pillow combination with white or cream pillows with the addition of a pillow with a pop of color, and adding a striped piece will make your space look sophisticated and stylish. The Blue + Cream Striped Lumbar Pillow is the perfect accent pillow for any bed or couch you’d like to place in on. Pair it with the Green Batik Designer Pillow that was mentioned earlier. The pillows amazing pattern and color will go perfectly with the Blue + Cream Lumbar Pillow, providing the perfect subtle nautical look you may be longing for in the summer. Any of our white or lighter colored pillows will pair perfectly with these two other pillows. Try our Mudcloth Pillow in Cream to finish the look of your perfect summer pillow combination.



The Santa Barbra Pillow Combo will look great in your home anytime of year, but during the summer, the pillows will look like they were meant for your home. The colors of each pillow are the perfect fresh and neutral colors you’ll love to have on your sofa for you and your guests to enjoy, or on your bed for a clean and summery look. The sea foam color of the Tye Designer Pillow will instantly make your room feel like summer. It looks amazing with the rust color of the Vintage Rust Stripe Pillow. Finish off this amazing summer combo with the Caravane Pillow, the pillow that looks like it was made for your house during the summer months. Its neutral color will look stunning with anything it is paired with, but especially the ones mentioned above. 

Looking to create a neutral themed couch in your home? Let us  introduce you to the Santa Monica Pillow Combo. Aka, the combo of your living room dreams. The neutral colors and pop of green will elevate your home and prepare it for the warm months we have coming. Whether you’re decorating your home or beach house, you’ll instantly be filled with joy and calmness when entering the room with these three amazing pillows. 

The Maya Mustard Pillow has a block-printed design that can be paired with anything. Its neutral color is simple, but the pattern adds a unique touch to your couch. Next to the Caravane Pillow, your couch is almost perfect. Its neutral color with beautiful stitching is once again, the perfect pillow for summer time. A summer pillow combo isn’t complete without a pop of color. Blue, yellow, any green color… all look perfect in any room to prepare for summer time. Specifically, this beautifully designed Blue Batik Designer Pillow. Its intricate stitching and design will complete this pillow combo in a way that you’ll fall in love with. 

Already have some pillows you love but want to spruce it up a little? We suggest adding something sophisticated and fun, a great touch for this time of year. The Vintage Rust + Cream Stripe Pillow has indigo and white stripes, adding a great element to your already existing pillow combo you have set up for the summer. 

You can add the Khotan Designer Pillow Cover in Rubia with the Vintage Rust pillow, or add it to any pillow combo you currently have. Its beautiful design will be a staple piece on your couch or bed this summer. Expect conversation about the amazing design on this pillow, as well as how wonderful it looks with your other pillows. It screams fun and stylish, which is a perfect statement to have in your house during the summer time. 

As mentioned before, the Green Batik Designer Pillow Cover is the perfect Sage Green color with an amazing design that will look great in your home. Pair it with plain and neutral colored pillows, or other pillows that have detailed designs on them. You can see some beautiful options that will add the perfect summer element on our website. 

by Sydney Wingfield 

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